Do You Have This Sticker?

A McHenry County early voter got this "I Voted Today!" sticker.

A McHenry County early voter got this “I Voted Today!” sticker.

Found this at the Nunda Township food giveaway last Friday.

It was worn by probably the oldest woman in the room.

Early voting continues today, but, let me warn you that at some polling places–especially Huntley’s–voters continue to have to be very persistent if they want to vote for Donald Trump.

Pushing the screen for Trump has resulted in Clinton getting a vote, as you can see from the Huntley Neighbors’ screen shots below:




Do You Have This Sticker? — 3 Comments

  1. this is so despicable !

    just think of someone very elderly going and using these reject machines if that is really the case!, ???

    they might not even notice this !

    and then their vote is not really whom they wanted there is something to be SAID FOR OLD SCHOOL PAPER AND PUNCH! IT!…

  2. There have been a number of reported instances of such instances on the blog, yet the County Clerk denied there was a problem.

    The County Clerk needs a way to record and track problrms, both at polling booths and at the County Clerks office.

    Rach reported incident should be assigned an incident number that is both provided to the person that reports the incident, and tracked until closure by the County Clerks office.

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