GOP Robo-Calls to Correct Lie that Jack Franks Is a Republican

The following robo-call from the McHenry County Republican Party went broadly across McHenry County Sunday afternoon.

It was to correct the Lying Jack Franks mailing sent by an Illinois Realtors PAC.

The voice was of GOP Chairman Sandra Salgado.

Sandra Salgado

Sandra Salgado

Are you sick and tired of lying politicians?This is Sandra Salgado Chairman of the McHenry County Republican Party calling you with an urgent message.

You may have received a deceptive and inflammatory mailing that said Democrat Jack Franks is running as a Republican for County Board Chair.

You need to know that Michael Walkup is the only Republican Candidate for County Board Chairman.

We cannot allow Jack Franks and Mike Madigan in McHenry County.

Vote for Republican Michael Walkup for County Board Chairman.

At the end, in another voice, was the statement of who paid for the ad, “Paid for by Republican Central Committee of McHenry County.”

The call is obviously in response to the Lying Jack Franks mailing made by the Illinois Realtors’ Political Action Committee.

No worry.

The Realtors said they were sorry.


GOP Robo-Calls to Correct Lie that Jack Franks Is a Republican — 11 Comments

  1. Mike Walkup needed to have
    that done !

    Thank you Sandra Delgado &
    Mchenry County GOP.

    The sleazy reptile has been trying
    To mislead voters this whole election
    Cycle (and longer).

  2. In theory, agree Alabama, but
    In reality, people don’t belly
    Up to the responsibility bar
    Very often anymore.

    They probably laughed and even
    Made jokes.

  3. On Dan Proft’s and Joe Walsh’s shows on AM 560 Steve Reich, a fire-breathing Republican and conservative if there ever was one, is running commercials constantly underscoring what a good guy Jack Franks is and that he, Steve Reich, is just like him.

    Mike Walkup ran as a very liberal Democrat until he needed a government paycheck(a Paper Dust Allergy Disability Claim, Really?)

    Jack Franks remains as havung been the most conservative Democrat in the Illinois Legislature.

  4. This is the same Jack Franks whose campaign puts his signs by Republicans including Donald Trump, and not Democrats including Hillary Clinton, even though he was elected as a Hillary Clinton delegate for the 14th Congressional district to the Democratic National Convention in the March 15, 2016 primary election.

  5. Mike Walkups disability arises from chemicals in paper causing asthma problems and impacts him when he is around large quantities of paper in a confined area.

    He explained that in a comment in a post on the blog.

    He said it is not an allergy.

    It is due to sensitivity to chemicals.

  6. Chemicals in paper?

    The same paper all of us use?

    Sounds like a sleazy trial lawyer scam to me.

    Bankrupt Social Security by granting everyone who has contact with paper a Disability Check paid by the Taxpayers.

    Sensitivity indeed,

  7. Walkup does not get a Social Security disability check.

    It is from a private insurance company.

  8. Cal, Thank you for the clarification.

    Still sounds like a scam to me.

    Now Walkup claims to be an organic farmer.

    Allergic to paper?

    He was a lawyer for years before that.

    No paper in that trade?

  9. Charles Nelson,
    ‘SLEAZY LAWYER SCAM’ comment
    After this topic has been addressed
    By Cal, Mark & myself in the

    To be EXPLAINED ?

    OR is this sleazy game playing by
    One of JACKO’S MINIONS ?

    I Put below post on blog
    3 DAYS AGO
    “@ Charles Nelson, what DISABILITY gig ?
    Mike Walkup has explained this himself
    On the blog.
    It is a policy Mike paid for himself.
    You are throwing out misdirecting untruths.
    Will post the link to Mike’s statement on
    This issue in a bit.”

    Here is the SECOND followup post to
    THe one above

    Below is from a thread posted on
    5-5-16 titled ‘Walkup Comments
    On Chemical Sensitivities’.
    “The addition of the chemical sensitivity
    to photocopy paper on top of the fibromyalgia
    made it impossible to continue. I receive
    disability benefits from a private insurance policy
    that I had paid for over a couple of decades of my
    Private insurance policy, Mike W paid for himself.”

  10. Obviously during his many years as a personal Injury Lawyer Walkup never touched paper.

    As a PI lawyer, I am sure Mr. Walkup was exposed to the ins and outs of fake insurance claims.

    Paper Allergy Disability indeed.

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