Problems at Prairie Isle Golf Club

A Friend of McHenry County Blog reports problems in Nunda Township at the precinct that votes at Prairie Isle Golf Club.

People lined up to vote in Nunda Township's Precinct 1.

People lined up to vote in Nunda Township’s Precinct 1.

Accompanying the photo was the following:

Inadequately trained election judges and malfunctioning equipment causing stagnant lines and voter chaos in Nunda 1.

Over 60 minutes at 6 am.


Problems at Prairie Isle Golf Club — 4 Comments

  1. I wonder if McHenry County Blog will contain a more comprehensive and specific reporting of voting problems than will be available through the County Clerk’s office.

  2. Like a petition to Terminate CC current office holder!

    I think this says all there is to say about her incompetence!

  3. Yup – computer voting is definately an improvement.

    Makes me yearn for the days of hanging chads.

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