McHenry County College Set for No Real Estate Tax Increase Next Year

While county government cut its tax levy last year by eliminating a $3 million levy on Valley Hi, it had increased its tax take most years aiming at new construction.

Spoiler alert:

the County Board is planning to put the tax levy higher than it was two years ago.

The proposal to be voted upon next Tuesday night is $79,344,078, up from the approximately $76 million for this year’s taxes.

They are also not planning to kill the Valley Hi tax by levying nothing for that enterprise, which has over $40 million in the bank.

MCC, on the other hand, by keeping its tax levy constant, actually cut the tax burden on current taxpayers each year.

That’s because the new construction each year brought down MCC’s tax rate.

Here are the figures being proposed at next week’s College Board meeting:

McHenry County College's proposed Property Tax levy for next year's bills.

McHenry County College’s proposed Property Tax levy for next year’s bills.

This will be the fourth year for a flat levy.

It has not increased since Chris Jenner, Tom Wilbeck and Molly Walsh were elected to the Board.

Those three, along with the sitting Ron Parrish, comprised the tax fighting Trustees.


McHenry County College Set for No Real Estate Tax Increase Next Year — 6 Comments

  1. he Regular Board meeting will be held November 17, 2016 on the MCC campus, Building A, Board Room (Room A217), 8900 US Highway 14, Crystal Lake, IL at 6:30PM.

    Board Agenda and Board Packet for the meeting are available online. > scroll to the bottom of the page > About MCC > Board of Trustees > scroll down page > 11/17/16 Regular

    That location also contains taped video of the Regular Board meetings and the Committee of the Whole meetings.

    Votes are not taken at the Committee of the Whole meetings.

    Both are open to the public.

  2. McHenry County College Board of Trustees

    Mike Smith, Chair, Lakewood, term ends 2021.

    Linda Liddell, Vice-Chair, Crystal Lake, term ends 2017.

    Christ Jenner, Secretary, Cary, term ends 2019.

    Cynthia Kisser, Wonder Lake, term ends 2017.

    Ronald Parish, Woodstock, term ends 2021.

    Karen Tirio, Woodstock, term ends 2019.

    Molly Walsh, Crystal Lake, term ends 2019.

    Colin Worden, Student Trustee, Lake in the Hills, term ends April 2017.

  3. She was not there when the tax levy freeze started, but has certainly helped continue it.

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