Route 14 BP Gas Station Sold Cigarettes to Minor, 33 Others Establishments Did Not

A press release from the Crystal Lake Police Department:

Crystal Lake Police Conduct Tobacco Compliance Checks

Lots of people smoke in their cars.

Lots of people smoke in their cars.

On November 9th , 2016, Crystal Lake Police Officers conducted the first round of Tobacco Compliance Checks within the City limits.

A total of 34 businesses within the City that hold valid licenses to sell tobacco products were checked and of them 33 were found to be in compliance.

One business failed the checks, selling packaged cigarettes to an underage minor, a violation of local ordinance, and was subsequently cited.

Business cited:

  • Crystal Lake BP, 281 W. Virginia Street, Crystal Lake.

Operating under a State funded grant, the Illinois Liquor Commission has been the lead agency in developing strategies that reduce illegal tobacco sales to minors.

Crystal Lake Police will continue the campaign throughout 2016/2017 in an effort to stop illegal tobacco and e-cigarette product sales to minors by the implementation and expansion of community-based programs, utilizing retail education, enforcement and public awareness.

The case will be heard at an Adjudication Hearing to be conducted at the Crystal Lake City Hall on Friday, December  9th , 2016.


Route 14 BP Gas Station Sold Cigarettes to Minor, 33 Others Establishments Did Not — 9 Comments

  1. A bankrupt State finds the money to skulk around 34 small business, in order to trap them into a punitive fine.

    More shrewd Illinois Public Policy, courtesy of that mob of elected chimps in Springfield.

  2. “elected chimps in Springfield” What does that say about the voters?

    Voters approved the McHenry County senior tax.

    Voters approved school bond after school bond.

    Voters approved the 1970 Constitution pension yoke!

    Voters approved the Alg. LITH Fire tax increase.

    Voters approved the Valley Hi tax.

    Voters have no idea what they are voting for or against most of the time!!

  3. Questioning is right on this.

    I just heard from two voters.

    One was very upset because he couldn’t find a place to write in Bernie Sanders; and both were totally dismayed that none of the people listed on their ballots were familiar names.

    They had been seeing countless signs from other counties and had no clue who these unknows were!!!!!!!

  4. All they had to do was ask an election judge, don’t seem to smart…unknowns….no effort!

  5. Hey Cindy and Questioning what do your comments have to do with the post?

    We should all be glad that our tax dollars are at work catching such viscous criminals that lead our youth astray and lead them into a life of crime and degradation….

    I can sleep well tonight knowing that there is one less criminal cigarette seller out there

  6. Criminal cigarette seller. Lol

    It’s only illegal until the government can tax it or figure out how to make money on it.

    See the lottery or more recently the $350 fine in CL for marijuana possession.

    Just a cash cow.

    Just wait, the state will make weed legal for the sole purpose of taxing it.

  7. Apparently Bill, you don’t get that this is a non-issue.

    We (Questioning and I) are just conversing on what we see.

    I see you think it is a really important issue, too!

    Makes you look like a real hypocrite to call us out and then use sarcasm to make your own point.

    Alienate your friends much?

  8. I am going to take Bill’s comment as ‘tongue in cheek’.

    Re: “All they had to do was ask an election judge,”

    An election judge is not even permitted to tell people who the write-ins are – all an election judge is permitted to state:

    “The sample ballots and the names of write-ins are posted on the wall.” or something to that effect.

  9. Yeah Ok, what these places did was wrong …but the cops deliberately use older-looking kids as pigeons for these revenue-generating sting operations which are truly entrapments in my book!

    The ‘buyers’ are primarily, if not exclusively, delinquents who the cops entice into these rotten ‘stings’ with promises of going easy or dropping other charges on them.

    Quite a rotten racket.

    Nygren actually commenced started this type of scam long ago when he misruled over the CLPD.

    Why aren’t these cops staging stings on illegal alien drug pushers????

    Their lame answer:

    “Too much Paperwork”

    “It’s not politically correct.”

    “Too dangerous … I’d rather bust a gas station”

    “There’;s no $ in that!”

    “What, me actually protect the kids???!”

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