Gasser Declares Property Tax State of Emergency

Andrew Gasser has declared a “Property Tax State of Emergency” in McHenry County.  He will be holding a constituent outreach forum on Friday, December 2nd, at
Gasser has stated this is the first of a series of forums on property taxes in McHenry County and how we can combat them.  He is asking that you email him at [email protected] so a head count can be taken.

While Gasser has not filed for Highway Commissioner he has walked precincts collecting signatures and has also produced a walk card.

Interestingly, on Gasser’s facebook page where he has created an event, Bob Miller has indicated that he will attending the event as well.  This should make for very interesting political theater as Miller and his two son in laws crashed Gasser’s precinct walk event.


Gasser Declares Property Tax State of Emergency — 10 Comments

  1. I would like to attend.

    There are many novel ideas which we can apply to halt the death spiral of higher tax rates and lower property values .

  2. One of the biggest changes that could be made going forward at the local level is to force collective bargaining reform at the local property taxing districts.

    – Create a board policy that a collective bargaining change document must be presented to taxpayers before the agreement is voted on by the board and union.

    A collective bargaining change document indicates the changes in the collective bargaining agreement.

    For instance, strike through for deletions and underline text for additions.

    – Create a board policy that taxpayers are allowed to review collective bargaining agreements (2 week period?), before the agreement is voted on by the board and union.

    – Create a board policy that taxpayers are allowed to vote on collective bargaining agreements before the agreement is considered approved.

    This would be a third vote. Currently only two votes are needed to approve the agreement, that being the board and the union rank and file members.

    Currently union rank and file members vote to approve a collective bargaining agreement, but rank and file taxpayers are not allowed to vote on the agreement, event though the agreement is largely funded through property taxes paid by rank and file taxpayers.

    – Create a board policy that a taxpayer representative be on the negotiating committee in addition to board members and the union.

    – Create a board policy that pension and retiree healthcare funding must be a consideration in collective bargaining negotiations, irregardless if the primary funding for those programs comes from the state on behalf of the local property taxing district (as in the case of school districts).

    – etc.


    But the water is already over the dam.

    As high as property taxes are now, they would be much higher in many property taxing districts if pensions and retiree healthcare was adequately funded.

  3. Public service’s should never have been allowed to unionize to begin
    with as this very act works against the financial good of the property taxpayer.

    We now see the inevitable result of this as more people are forced to leave
    the county and state so as to maintain financially solvent, and they are
    taking their wealth with them further contributing to the financial instability
    of the county and state.

  4. Cal, I believe you and others have made a identity mistake.

    I was Bob, son and son in law.

  5. Andrew Gasser is so refreshing.

    Here he is trying to inform and educate his constituency.

    Have we seen any other politicians at any level attempt this is recent memory?

    For too long so much political talent was told to “wait their turn”.

    This is changing.

    Look at all the people filing for office.

    Gasser is not alone in changing the status quo.

    There are others who are putting referendums on the ballot like Paul Serwatka.

    Can anyone deny his positive influence in the Village of Lakewood?

    Andrew, you were truly a rock (Diane and yourself) on the county board over the last two years.

    You were the only one who spoke out on pensions.

    You consistently reminded your colleagues about our property tax issue.

    You consistently fought for those with no voice on the Non-Dedicated Roads issue.

    This is not new for you.

    Many of us who have loved ones with special needs will never forget your efforts with the Mental Health Board.

    I find it interesting that Bob Miller is following Andrew Gasser around to his events.

    So here is to the crazy ones.

    While Paul Serwatka will beat whomever his opponent is like a drum, Andrew Gasser is going to get freight trained like a snowman built on the tracks.

    Personally Andrew (and I know you will see this) I would much rather see you stay on the county board and battle for lower taxes with and against Jack Franks.

  6. I would love to see someone get the Miller clan out of there, but I don’t think Gasser is the right guy for the job.

    Among other things, the Highway Commissioner actually has to know how to repair roads, put down salt and plow snow.

    It really isn’t as simple as it sounds if you are starting from a point of zero experience.

    Perhaps a retired IDOT or municipal employee could be recruited to run.

  7. I guess this means that the monthly meeting of the Tea Party from Outer Space is cancelled.

  8. How many pseudonyms does Michael Walkup post under on this site?

    I rarely read the comments section, but can obviously see that “Michael Walkup” and “The Lorax” and a variation of “mike in crystal lake” are all written by the same person.

    Really, if you’re going to troll a message board in this fashion, shouldn’t you make some attempt to obscure your identity?

    The long posts of single sentences with no conceptual transitions in between are obvious.

    Any teacher who has graded more than a couple of assignments can pick this out immediately.

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