Message of the Day – A Tombstone

Here’s a message that arrived in my email about coverage of the Presidential campaign:

Tomestone for the mailstream media.

Tombstone for the mailstream media.


Message of the Day – A Tombstone — 35 Comments

  1. A bit premature, howevevr the enemy of the citizenry is, unfortunately, still with us.


  2. I have been telling you for a long time to turn off your teevees.

    There is no such thing as reincarnation.

    The fate of liars depends on the people that are lied to getting smart.

    Do not look for a savior and put your hopes in ANYONE!

    You alone hold the keys to how your destiny plays out and who you trust.

    You have the power to shut down every liar.

    Cal’s picture is right.

    Only really stupid sleeping people pay for their own demise.

    Stop supporting anyone and anything that feeds you cyanide.

    JEsus gave you the power to bind demons and trample the scorpions.

    Get behind me, Satan!

  3. I find it odd that you always have something nasty to say while you have a screen name that is widely known to be the code that stands for child porn.

  4. The Reverend Cindy preaching from the pulpit, can’t flow with a little sarcasm in a comment.


    So if you get no news from the tube, how do you keep up on what’s happening?

  5. They keep trying for a comeback with news of a poplar vote recount !

    Not only are they the most bias media ever these days they are poor Losers !

    And need to get over it!

    Try turning to truth honesty and being Ethical!

    Or just quit and give us all a break!

  6. I have to say that the NWH has been an incredibly biased newspaper over the years.

    This is just more of it but still very sickening to see on such a grand scale.

  7. The Nob?

    I count you as a person whose heart is in the right place.

    So, do NOT snipe at me with your condescending remarks.

    How can you be so naive as to ask how would I get my news if I don’t have a teevee?

    Do you not understand that EVERYTHING on teevee is propaganda and lies?

    There is NO NEWS on any tv! (Plus you are paying for your own brainwashing.)

    Pray for discernment and truth and you will be amazed at what crosses your path.

  8. EVERTHING, is a nonsense blank statement and false.

    So where do you get your info, enlighten us on the best place to get the truth?

  9. The nob?

    I said nothing false.

    You just refuse to understand.

    Literally EVERYTHING!

    There is NO truth on any tv.

    There is a war going on for your soul.

    You are coming down on the wrong side if you believe in the brainwashing.

    Check out Cal’s message of the day for today.

    I already told you where to get your truth. Seek God. He will show you the truth.

    I told you to pray for discernment and truth.

    How brainwashed are you, that you cannot accept what was told to you; but, like a little child, you whine and accuse?

  10. Don’t you guys get it?

    You need to turn off the TV, turn on the computer and only look up these fantastic links that Cindy posts here.

    If it’s on the Internet it must be true!

  11. I don’t post many links, CP; precisely because of nitwits like you that are selling their souls to Satan.

    There are none so blind as those who will not see.

    Count yourself in there if you are not actually in reality just a troll.

    Name one thing that you have gleaned from teevee.

    Nothing but lies!

    Your whole worldview is skewed because you have been digesting their lies.

    If you want to survive, you must fight back in this war.

  12. Here’s a few for you with the child porn screen name (which I would ditch immediately, if I were you!)
    Get a real education
    And for those who can stomach the corruption and filth
    Now tell me how you are so smart from watching teevee that you have never even heard of any of these horrific things that go on while you are so busy watching Dancing With the Stars.

  13. Comet Pizza?

    You are a total fool to pay for the corruption that Xfinity/Comcast purveys.

    When Cal gets around to moderating my last post, you will see the links I posted.

    You forced me to languish in moderation once again because you are so obtuse!

  14. For all of those bashing Cindy here is a little truth:

    Cindy is 100% right when she says, you will find truth when you seek God and discernment.

    Now if anyone wants to say this statement is not true, Bring it on, I dare you to say that you won’t find the truth in God’s Word.

  15. Not arguing that. But I’ve met dozens of people in the jail ministry who turned people off Jesus with their self-righteous, holier than though, obnoxious preaching.

    It gets very old and does not lead people to Christ.

  16. CP that is because they preach and not talk.

    I do agree that when you preach you turn off people.

    Also you are right when you say people do not lead people to Christ, God does.

  17. Cindy:

    John 15:18

    If the world hates you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you.

    Hosea 4:6

    My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.

  18. Molly?

    Thank you, for your inspirational words.

    I already got the message from God that I am done here. Matthew 7:6.

    I got the clear message that whoever it was that He wanted to hear, has gotten it.

    And so, I move on.

    Matthew 10:14. MArk 6:11.

    Being a soldier in His army may seem perplexing at times, but I trust Him completely.

  19. I think that is good message for you Cindy.

    I had to do the same with some people I know.

    The matrix is beyond most people’s comprehension and purposely so.

    It is what it is, just keep planting seeds gently.

  20. My spelling skill peaked in 8th grade.

    That was a long time ago.

  21. Oh, Cal! Why did you CHANGE it? Your joke is no good now. You have killed the paronomasia.

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