Jack Franks’ Tax Cutting Plan

Jack Franks

Jack Franks

Here is what his web site promises:

“Join me in sending a message to McHenry County leaders in support of this 10% cut.

“And know that I will introduce this plan on my first day as your new McHenry County Board Chairman.”

“– Jack Franks”

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Be still my heart.


Jack Franks’ Tax Cutting Plan — 42 Comments

  1. Seems at least a bit more promising than the recent tax-hike approved by a solid majority of self-purported republicans on our county board…

    I’ve been hearing an awful lot of hard-talk in recent years, from this 100% Republican board (and the MCGOP that supports and promotes most of them), about fiscal responsibility, etc…

    And once again, they’ve proven themselves to be nothing but talkers.

    MCGOP, and even local the Tea Party, urged us to support and vote for a bunch of these mush-ball phonies.

    Both organizations should be ashamed of themselves and perhaps do a little soul-searching as to what they are really doing, why they are doing it and perhaps a look at how it’s working out for us all.

    I say we give Jack a chance .

    Worst case scenario, he ends up lying to us just like the Republicans…

    On the other hand… Maybe, just maybe HE actually does more than just talk..

  2. And Thank You, Jack Franks, for your leadership in ending the IMRF pensions for County Board members.

    David Steiper and Andrew Gasser really shed light on this issue a couple years back when other “republicans’ were silent (and of course reaping the benefits)

    Andrew, later, took aim at this abuse of tax-dollars only to be lambasted by his “fellow-republicans” who wanted no part of ending these pensions…

    Thankfully, Jack Franks took up the mantle and saw to it that the job got done!

  3. Wasn’t his promise to actually cut our tax bill by 10% on his first day?

    Not just to “introduce” his plan to cut taxes.

    Sounds like he’s already going back on his promise just like every politician out there does.

  4. Is Paul Serwatka positioning himself in a favorable light to get a future ‘appointment’ by Jack Franks?

    Remember Bartman.

  5. Mr. Franks’s first day as McHenry County Board Chair will be next Monday, December 5, 2016.

    The McHenry County Board has a scheduled Organizational Meeting on Monday December 5, 2016 at 9AM.

    The oath of office will be administered to the newly elected County Board members in Districts 1 – 6.

    And presumably the oath of office will also be administered to Jack Franks as the first voter elected McHenry County Board Chair.

    The organizational meeting is scheduled to be held at the County Board Room in the Administration Building at the McHenry County Government Center complex, 667 Ware Road, Woodstock.

    The Northwest Herald will probably be there.

    The Northwest Herald has not bothered to report the Northwest Herald reported on June 6, 2014 that Jack Franks promised he would not run for McHenry County Board Chair in 2016.

    The Northwest Herald did not report the Northwest Herald reported on September 20, 1998 and November 4, 1998 that Jack Franks said he was limiting himself to 3 terms (6 years) as State Representative.

    The Northwest Herald did publish a letter to the editor reminding readers of at least some of those facts.


    One only has to look at the list of contributors to the Supporters of Jack D Franks PAC over the last year to realize that Jack Franks was not a candidate for McHenry County Board Chair simply to lower McHenry County property taxes.

  6. I go along with Paul.

    There are a lot of phonies on the board.

    Give Franks a chance because there is no other choice anyway.

  7. Lot’s of talk locally about tax relief, then the Waltzing comes on and little will get done actually.

    We need the people who supported the three referendums on who actually gets a say in tax rates and levies, and the voters who overwhelmingly voted to change the failed system we have now, to get a binding referendum for the whole county.

    Get our local State Rep’s on passing legislation that allows for that change.

    Let us be the testing ground for voter control over taxation.

    Put a 2/3 vote for any changes, increase or decrease, so the as the wind blows nonsense stops.

    State and Fed wide binding referendums would work as the next step in the process.

  8. You can bet that the gas bag known as gasser will be in leaugue with good ole “Jacko”.

    The gas bag known as gasser is a known Franks supporter.

    Just ask the Republicans in leadership what they think of gas bag gasser.

    Gas bag gasser is all about himself and is going after the Miller family.

    The gasser who is also a gas bag will be a double dipping fat ass sitting in mommy’s basement.

    Andrew Gasser is the most dangerous person in local politics.

    Do not trust him and his lies.


    The gas bag known as gasser is a liar and a cheater.

  9. 10% tax cut is not even close to enough to stem the tide of people
    and businesses from fleeing the SANCTUARY state of Illinois.
    25% tax cut would be more realistic for people and business to remain.
    Therefor, the Great Exodus from Illinois shall continue.
    Happy holidays, everyone.

  10. Once we see a legitimate acknowledgement of the McHenry County tax Rate Crisis, and serious spending cuts are enacted, our local property values (now seriously depressed relative to the rest of Illinois and America) may stabilize and begin to slowly rebound.

    The two components of tax Rate are : public spending, and taxable property value.

    When spending recedes, and property values begin to climb, the tax Rate trend will indicate reversal.

    Reversal will indicate a positive store of value in undervalued real estate (if trend continues).

    Buyers will be attracted to McHenry County, if confident that reasonable spending will be achieved and maintained.

    Higher property values engender lower tax rates which engender higher property values (so long as spending is kept in check as property values rise).

  11. Dirty Gasser: speaking for myself, it is impossible for me to take any of your posts seriously because of your childish rhetoric.

    Perhaps you have legitimate points to make about Mr. Gasser but your kindergarten style approach ruins your credibility (IMHO).

    I do not think your posts are doing the Miller Family any favors.

    Regarding the Miller family and Algonquin Township, I have some observations and comments.

    I have visited Algonquin Township off and on and I feel that this huge compound is overkill for the services that it provides and the overlap with local municipalities.

    When I have visited the administration office, (where Anna May is often seated), the office space is much larger than needed for the number of office workers.

    It also appears that the office workers are often chatting with each other, including Ms. Miller.

    They are not on the phone.

    They are not on their computers.

    Perhaps there is not enough work to keep them busy?

    I am sure that Ms. Miller is doing a great job but the pay for her position (at taxpayer expense) is simply way beyond what a similar position would pay in the private sector!

    Could her job be reduced to a part time position could she provide administrative support to the other departments and not be dedicated to the road commissioner?

    I’m sure Bob Miller would object, but I wonder if many of the administrative tasks that he delegates to his wife, he could accomplish on his own and improve his own productivity?

    Many fast-paced small businesses do not employ administrative help.

    Owners and key employees have the computer skills to accomplish these tasks themselves, reduce their costs, and improve productivity.

    By comparison, the City of Crystal Lake has significantly pared down its workforce and when you visit City Hall, these employees are busy-busy-busy.

    Even though the City’s workforce has been streamlined, the City of Crystal Lake still provides excellent service.

    And finally, in McHenry County, where many residents are struggling, pay is stagnant, and growth is deflating, it is simply sickening to see a family take advantage of taxpayers by hiring their family at pay levels that are not warranted and way beyond what Mr. Miller’s wife and son-in-laws could expect to be paid in the private sector.

    I have heard the reasons why Bob Miller has chosen to hire his family rather than hire local residents.

    I would like to suggest to him that there is plenty of local talent that would like to have a crack at these plum jobs and in the case of Anna May, I bet there are people who would take her position for much lower pay.

    If he wants to hire his family, he should start his own business.

    If he can’t take the warranted personal attacks regarding his habit of employing family members, he should hire outside of his family, plain and simple.

  12. As to nepotism hiring, the County can take the lead by
    1. Publishing a hiring protocol:

    Minimum job posting requirements (such as posting on typical online job-posting site)and minimum time availability for interviews (not a short-term posting and out).

    2. Posting procedures for Municipalities, Townships and County to withdraw indemnification for individual elected officials who choose to violate the agreed hiring protocols in favor of hiring related or ‘friendly’ job candidates, especially in violation of Federal Anti-Discrimination Hiring practices.

    One such Federal requirement is that job applicants not be discriminated against ion the basis of DNA; this would describe discrimination against applicants who do not share DNA (are not related to) with the person making hiring decisions.

    When individual elected officials realize they may have personal civil liability for patronage hiring (overlooking more qualified candidates), the practice may be less prevalent.

  13. And he forgot to add “know when I cash those checks of mine” i’ll be thinking of you all!


  14. @ Questioning –
    “Is Paul Serwatka positioning himself in a favorable light to get a future ‘appointment’ by Jack Franks?”

    Perhaps the more appropriate question is: “Are the Republican tax-hikers – that our GOP and Local Tea Party supported – positioning themselves for something?”

    I am looking for nothing other than honestly and accountability in from my government. I am pointing out the contradiction and hypocrisy in the local “republicans” and even worse “conservatives”.

    They talk “lower taxes” then raise them. They talk “smaller government” than grow it… They talk of how bad the “democrats are… But, themselves, demonstrate self-serving motives and in-accountability.

    There are but a few (very few) who are sincere.

  15. All the talk from local republicans about pension reform…

    But, in the end, it was Jack Franks, a Democrat, who caused the end of IMRF pensions for our county board…

    Not because of local Republican influence… but, DESPITE it!!

  16. Funny how Paul Serwatka praises Jack Franks for County Board elected officials getting rid of around a $3500-$4000 pension a year but it is ok for Jack Franks to make $55,000 a year with a 3% increase every year til he dies.

    Talking to County Board officials that is what they would have made in pensions.

    Whether you agree with them or not Jack Franks in 20 yrs will be making over $110,000 a year for his pension yet Paul Serwatka praises him!


    He will alone will be making more than all the county board members combined!

    I wonder if that is honest and accountable?!

    Keep backing Jack Paul!

    How many unfunded mandates did Jack Franks vote for?

    How about the teachers pensions that Jack decided not to fund back in 2005 and 2006.

    How many billions did that cost the taxpayers!

  17. Jack Franks’ picture is in the Michael Madigan movie at the 20:02 mark.

    No mention of Jack in the movie though.


    On November 8, 2016 Michael Madigan was re-elected to his 24th term in the Illinois General Assembly.

    After completing his 24th term, Michael Madigan will have been a State Representative for 48 years.

    Michael Madigan began providing election assistance to Jack Franks in January 1998, during Mr. Franks’ initial candidacy for State Representative.

  18. Paul,

    Don’t listen to anonymous bomb throwers.

    Thanks for your refreshing leadership and willingness to try work with Franks.

    What’s the saying about flies and honey?

  19. Questions, you ASS-ume way to much, and have no bases for your rock throwing at Paul.

    Would you copy and paste here Paul’s words that said he supported Jack getting a state pension or a IMRF pension now that he is county chair?

    Rather Paul is disappointed that our so called local Rep’s are acting more like Dem’s than what a Rep is suppose to stand for.

    It wasn’t Paul who voted to give the new Chair IMRF, it was the fake Rep’s on the County Board.

    You also are ASS-uming Jack will be chair for more than two terms needed to get a IMRF pension.

    For a while now people seem more than ever the need to vent, throw rocks even if they throw them without due cause and pick the wrong target.

    No where have I ever seen a word printed that Paul is for more Gov expense, yet many on the county board have voted for just that.

  20. @ NOB, The County Board Chair cannot receive a pension at all because the Board voted not to give that position one!

    Go read the minutes!

  21. I back mine up with facts as well!

    Smaller Government does not necessarily entail reducing elected officials!

    Smaller Government means mostly lower staff or reducing size of government not elected officials!

  22. Questioning, I am not posting to defend Jack.

    He actually seems more than capable of doing that for himself.

    I am merely pointing out the sheer hypocrisy of our local republicans and purported conservatives.

    I have watched, for 5-years, as local Republicans have demonized Jack and other democrats.. only to watch these local republicans dump all over us and support the very policies and programs that they pretend to oppose.

    The truth, that none of them talk about as they stand around at their events, eating meatballs off sticks and complaining about democrats, is most of these republicans and purported conservatives NEED a boogeyman, such as Jack, to take attention away from their own misdoings.

    As long as there is a “Jack Franks” to point fingers at, they can continue to bilk unsuspecting tax-payers and evade the issues that are crushing families in our county, all while pointing fingers at the boogeyman!

    Heck, our own local GOP has attacked Andrew Gasser and myself, both, for nothing more than trying to enact the very policies they they themselves talk about in public… (But, as Hillary has made clear. they each have public views and private views – and our tax-bills are quite indicative of their private views) The only difference is there are a few of us who actually mean what we say and are willing to roll up our sleeves and get dirty doing it – but, for some reason, the local republicans hate us for it… go figure!

    In working toward the few things I have actually accomplished – and the few things I’m still working to accomplish, nearly all of the animosity I have met, all the obstacles I have faced, all the adversaries I have fought, were local Republicans!

    But, getting back to your comment about Jack’s legislative pension, I do NOT condone legislative pensions for ANY legislator.

    In my state rep campaign I was first to announce that I would refuse the legislative pension AND health benefits… (health benefits are also worth scrutinizing for our county board)

    If Jack, was alone in receiving his legislative pension, I could see your point.

    If only democrats were receiving legislative pensions I could see your point.

    But; Tryon, Wheeler, Althoff, Mcconnaughay and scores of other republican legislators will also be receiving the same pension you are criticizing Jack for.

    Therefore, I don’t understand the merits of your argument in singling out Jack receiving a legislative pension.

  23. Because Jack went after the county board’s pension and you praised him for it!

    Your words on this thread!

    That alone is hypocrisy is it not?

    To praise someone for doing something but then is doing it himself!

    The other Representatives at least did not say you are bad county board for taking a pension but it is ok that I do.

    You praised Jack Franks in your earlier post for getting rid of IMRF but failed to rip into him for his!

    I am not saying what the Republican Party does or does not do for you or Mr. Gasser.

    If you disagree with them then that is your prerogative.

    Jack Franks said he is going to lower the budget 10%.

    So lets see what he does.

  24. His campaign logo indicated that he was going to cut property taxes 10%.

    I contend most people thought he was talking about their tax bill, not just the county’s 10% share.

    If the latter, why wasn’t his slogan “Cut 1%,” instand of Cut 10%?”

  25. I recall questioning deposed County Board mannequin “Sweet” Sue Draffkorn about the IRMF scam a few years back … she put her index finger up to her smiling mouth and shushed me with “Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

    Now you know why I could never vote for the likes of her again …. and apparently quite a few others were fed up with her, too, as she got beat so bad by Ms. Bates and Col. Wilcox.

    But Sue is a determined parasite ….. I heard she’s running for Nunda Township Superviser!
    I realize these human blood ticks feel the need to feed on the poor taxpayer, but really!

    After she got dislodged from her sweet County Board gig does she have to IMMEDIATELY try and re-pierce her sharp, blood-sucking proboscis into the taxpayers’ flesh? Has she no shame??

    Can’t she sit out at least one election cycle and give us a break???

    Now, I’m not stating this pix is Sue Draffkorn herself, but her ilk generally!


  26. Cal, maybe you would comment on Question’s statement that the county chair position is not eligible for a IMRF pension, which I believe it is?
    Jack would be quite disingenuous if he does, but Jack is the King of Waltzing waffle dudes so who can say for sure.

  27. Paul and Nob: Re: “without due cause and pick the wrong target.”

    You both tend to generalize with your comments by denigrating everyone who has run for office with an “R” behind their name (exception – Gasser).

    In the case of ‘Nob’ he has even stated he does not vote in primaries.

    If so, he is one of the people responsible for the terrible candidates we get to choose from in the General.

    As both of you appear to ‘target’ the County Board more then any other governmental unit, I make the following observation:

    Not long ago there was only person with an “R” behind their name voting consistently against the County Budget.

    This year I do believe there were 7.

    For many years Paul, the Nob and most voters were reaping the benefits (services etc.) of elected officials “kicking the ball down the road” by voting for increases in government spending AND even guaranteeing public sector pensions while increasing taxes.

    Few paid attention because we had a growing economy.

    Now you paint everyone with an ‘R’ behind their name with the same brush.

    I ask you, why should Board members not take the easy road and vote for the tax increase because people like you do not recognize those who are actually fighting for the taxpayers?

    Quit painting everyone with the same brush!

    It took many years to create the Illinois hell hole and that fire will not be put out over night.

    There is only one party in this area that has even a remote chance to work for candidates who will work for the taxpayers and it sure as hell is not the party of the little liar Jack Franks.

    I personally find it reprehensible that either one of you support this guy!!

    Start recruiting solid conservative candidates for next year and the year after.

    Denigrating everyone in the County who runs with an ‘R’ behind their name for ANY office (committeeman to governor) is not the answer.

    You are both becoming ‘useful tools’ for the little liar.

    I can hardly wait to watch the ‘boot licking’ by a majority of the County Board.

    Why shouldn’t they?

  28. Questioning, on the contrary, it is your GOP that paints all R’s with the same brush.

    And now, the local Tea Party is following suit.

    I have always, only, supported candidates that I truly believe stood for what they spoke.

    MCGOP and the Local Tea Party supported every R candidate running.

    Both organizations urged me to support the candidates who recently voted to hike our taxes $2+ MILLION DOLLARS, to continue levying for the grossly over-funded valley-hi and to approve a contract for the county administrator that none have ever even seen…

    That tells me one thing about both of these organizations:
    Neither of these organizations stand for anything other than power and control…

    Power and Control brought to you by the letter R…

    Letters mean nothing to me. Words mean little more.

    I stand for people who stand for something and are willing to actually do something about it!

  29. Question, you are confused on who you are talking about.
    I never said I didn’t vote in the primaries, in fact I voted in the Rep primary because of our local candidates mostly.
    I did not vote for Chair, I under voted, as both are self serving and didn’t deserve my vote.
    Pinching my nose and voting is no longer a option for me.
    Yes there are a couple, not 7, board members who deserve some respect for their commitment to cutting taxes.
    Five of your 7, if my guess is correct on who they are, have voted for deals that very well could or could have made make taxes raise if they were in the majority.
    Do better research friend, take better notes, or copy and paste to a file when you have something you want to use as rocks.
    Your using at least a 4″ brush yourself.
    The subject of most of Cal’s blog is about the county board and chair, therefore my comments would have to be about the so called Rep’s that sit on the board, as would Paul’s
    Seems we are the only one’s ready to really fix our local problems.
    Did you want to read my rant again about voting on taxes and levies?
    Be glad to oblige pal.

  30. I hear that Mike W., Jack’s opponent for chair, has files for a Township Supervisors J O B.
    Probably a IMRF position!
    Will he pass on the pension?
    Will he quit the County board he was just reelected to?
    Double dip on health care?
    No putting words in his mouth like my Pal, asking questions voters are sure to wonder about?

  31. Speaking of Rep’s, those who voted for Trump because of partisan nonsense, happy he’s apparently participating in Nepotism?
    Just wondering!

  32. Story in the NWH today: McHenry County lawmakers to unveil effort to fight attempts at lame-duck tax increase.

    Jack and Dave Mc. attempt to stop lame duck legislation.

    IMO, while better than nothing doesn’t go far enough at controlling taxation.

  33. Paul we r soon to have some council openings would you consider running so we can get this town cleaned up with your diligence on lowering costs we can use downsizing term limits .

    We really need new caring personnel for us tax payers on our board and get rid of the excess personnel that are detrimental to us all and our town

    You can even use my address as your permanent residence!

  34. Keep pushing for our voting on taxes and levies Paul.

    I believe that is key to big change in gov budgeting.

  35. Two local lawmakers – one Democrat and one Republican – will unveil their effort Tuesday to fight any attempt at raising taxes during the lame-duck session of the General Assembly.

    There is just no end to this guys antics…! he just does not get it!…

    State Reps. David McSweeney, R-Barrington Hills, and Jack Franks, D-Marengo, will hold a joint news conference at noon in Springfield to discuss bills they’ve filed to stave off any tax-hike attempt in the last days of session in January. With a six-month stopgap budget set to expire at year’s end, the two lawmakers and others are worried that an attempt to pass a “grand compromise” budget that would include a tax increase could come in January, when the odds of passage will be greater.

    McSweeney’s House Resolution 1494 seeks to put lawmakers on record as opposing a tax increase, while Franks, through House Joint Resolution Constitutional Amendment 62, is trying to put a constitutional amendment to Illinois voters that would keep the threshold to approve tax increases at a three-fifths supermajority until the new General Assembly is seated.

  36. 99th Illinois General Assembly

    House Resolution 1503

    House Sponsors: Jack Franks and Dave McSweeney

    “Whereas, in the interest of transparency and accountability, it is not desirable that any income tax increase be enacted by the State of Illinois in a post-election “lame duck” special session of the General Assembly; and

    Whereas, any increase in the State’s income tax rates would be harmful to families and job creators; and

    Whereas, significant State policies, especially tax policies, should be set by those with the most recent ties to the votes of the people;

    the persons who set the policy should be persons who have passed the test of accountability to the voters; and

    Whereas, the 99th General Assembly will soon enter a “lame duck” period of time;

    the period will start on January 1, 2017, and will end at midday on January 11, 2017, which is when the 100th General Assembly will be sworn into office;

    therefore, be it Resolved,

    by the House of Representatives of the ninety-ninth General Assembly of the State of Illinois, that we oppose the consideration or passage of any income tax increase on the people of Illinois during any “lame duck” special session that may be called to meet on or after January 1, 2017 at any time prior to January 11, 2017;

    and be it further resolved,

    that suitable copies of this resolution should be delivered to the Governor of Illinois, the Speaker of the Illinois House of Representatives, and the President of the Illinois Senate.


    Better wording would be prior to midday January 11, 2017?


    No word from Jack Franks about unfunded mandate benefit hikes for which he voted, which increase government costs, and thus at some point cause hiked taxes, service cuts, scaling back hiked benefits, etc.

    Jack Franks has been very quite about his votes for unfunded mandates over his 18 year legislative career as a State Representative.

    Even though Jack Franks was on the Local Government Consolidate and UNFUNDED MANDATE Task Force that was created in 2015 by the Governor’s Office.

  37. The short description for HR 1503 (99th General Assembly) is: Lame Duck – No Income Tax.

    The resolution was introduced Monday November 28, 2016.

    On November 29 there was a Motion filed to suspend Rule 21 in the State Government Administration Committee.

    What’s Rule 21 in the State Government Administration Committee?

  38. Recap on current status of Lame Duck Tax Hike reform legislation in the 99th General Assembly.


    House Resolution 1494 (HR 1494):

    November 18, 2016 – Filed with the Clerk by Dave McSweeney.

    November 28, 2016 – Assigned to the State Government Administration Committee (Dave McSweeney is a member, Jack Franks is the Chair).

    November 29, 2016 – Motion filed to Suspend Rule 21 by Barabara Flynn Currie prevailed.

    November 30, 2016 – Recommends be Adopted by State Government Administration Committee passed 13-0.

    November 30, 2016 – Resolution Adopted. 87 Yeas, 12 Nays, 0 Present Votes, lots not voting, some Excused absences. Michael Madigan voted Nay.


    House Resolution 1503 (HR 1593):

    November 28, 2016 – Introduced by Jack Franks.

    November 28, 2016 – Assigned to State Government Administration Committee (Jack Franks is the Chair of the Committee).

    November 29, 2016 – Motion to Suspend Rule 21 by Barbara Flynn Currie prevailed.

    The Resolution was not adopted.


    House Joint Resolution Constitutional Amendment 62 (HJRCA 62):

    November 21, 2016 – Filed with the Clerk by Jack Franks

    November 28, 2016 – Assigned to State Government Administration Committee (Jack Franks is the Chair of the Committee).

    November 30, 2016 – Passed the State Government Administration Committee with a 13 – 0 vote.

    December 1, 2016 – Passed the House. 84 Yeas, 18 Nays, 2 Present, several Not Voting, several Excused Absences. No Vote (did not vote) by Michael Madigan.


    As with many other things in the Illinois General Assembly, one can only speculate what this is all about.

    Many things cannot be taken at face value in the Illinois General Assembly.

    If this was a legitimate effort to save taxpayers money, why did Michael Madigan allow it out of the House Rules committee, and why was the legislation introduced so late into the two year 99th General Assembly.

    Michael Madigan is now talking about a Rauner Tax Hike (blame Rauner for a tax hike).

    Even though Michael Madigan for years has been saying the state needs more revenue.

    Could this be an effort for certain legislators to say we did everything we could to prevent a Rauner Tax hike, or to make a Rauner tax hike as difficult as possible.

    House Resolutions are not House Bills.

    Resolutions are non-binding.

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