Arrest of Former IEA District 155 Teachers Union President for Inappropriate Actions with Girls Makes Chicago TV

Watching the TV news between five and six thirty I found stories on Justin Hubly’s arrest on five channels.

Missing from the reports is that fellow Crystal Lake Central High School employees tipped off the police, as the Crystal Lake Department’s press release reveals.

WGN-TV aired a story on Justin Hubly's arrest.

WGN-TV aired a story on Justin Hubly’s arrest.

WLS-TV had a story on the arrest of Justin Hubly, Crystal Lake High School Coral Director's arrest.

WLS-TV had a story on the arrest of Justin Hubly, Crystal Lake High School Coral Director’s arrest.

Former teachers union President Justin Hubly's arrest was featured on WBBM-TV.

Former teachers union President Justin Hubly’s arrest was featured on WBBM-TV.

WMAQ-TV had a short piece on Justin Hubly's arrest for inappropriate actions with teenage girls on its Six O'Clock show.

WMAQ-TV had a short piece on Justin Hubly’s arrest for inappropriate actions with teenage girls on its Six O’Clock show.

Channel Seven had a picture of Hubly’s home at 746 Point Drive in Crystal Lake.

746 Point Drive, Crystal Lake, where Justin Hubly lives.

746 Point Drive, Crystal Lake, where Justin Hubly lives.

Residents interviewed by various television stations all said that the court system should determine whether Hubly is guilty or not.

Where Justin Hubly lives.

Where Justin Hubly lives.

Fox News ran a story at nine.

Fox News Channel 12 ran a story about Justin Hubly's arrest with a reporter standing in the snow.

Fox News Channel 12 ran a story about Justin Hubly’s arrest with a reporter standing outside in the snow.


Arrest of Former IEA District 155 Teachers Union President for Inappropriate Actions with Girls Makes Chicago TV — 40 Comments

  1. Open the Books

    Justin M Hubly

    Crystal Lake High School District 155 (CHSD 155)

    2015 – $109,834

    2014 – $104,550

    2013 – $101,542

    2012 – $092,382

    2011 – $094,668

    2010 – $087,930

    2009 – $079,132

    2008 – $078,688

    2007 – $061,059

    2006 – $056,908

    2005 – $051,249

    source: Open the Books Widget.

    Note: Open the Books obtains its figures from the Teachers Retirement System of Illinois (TRS) pension system, not the school district.

    Thus, the figures are “pensionable income.”

    Pensionable income is typically greater than income reported by the school district on its website.


    In some cases, there is additional income that is non pensionable.

    For example, some school districts are now awarding but not clearly disclosing “post retirement bonuses.”

    Post retirement bonuses are not pensionable and typically is not clearly disclosed by the school district on its website.

    A watchdog, taxpayer, or citizen would typically have to submit a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to the school district requesting the year, contact name, title, and post retirement bonus (and / or any other non pensionable income) awarded to any employees.

  2. Crystal Lake has a history of Hands on Education . . .

    Check out District 47.

  3. Being Union President has nothing to do with it.

    This guy is just another teacher with a sex related issue, a pervert who likes young kids.

    The need for the media to add in being union president has what value?

    Union rules say nothing about perverts, just get what you can in benefits.

  4. Crystal Lake High School District 155 Press Release

    D155 School Board Approves Teachers’ Contract

    January 7, 2016

    by Shannon Podzimek

    “‘District 155 has one of the highest quality teaching staffs in the State of Illinois.

    Inspiring, empowering, and nurturing our students is our top priority and our passion.

    We are especially proud of the collaborative nature of these negotiations, and we are pleased that this agreement will allow us to continue impacting our students with the highest caliber staff each and everyday,’ said Justing Hubly, D155 Education Association President.”

  5. Typo.

    The press release had his name spelled correctly as Justin Hubly.

  6. Illinois is overrun with all manner of lowlife, from the classroom
    to the statehouse.

    The only hope of escaping is to escape … to another state.

  7. I could be wrong but I’d be shocked if at least one teacher didn’t have an inkling of what was occurring.

  8. CP you have to remember “Birds of a Feather Flock together” . . .
    there is more that one teacher

  9. Honest Abe is probably on to something here.

    Think of al the perverts and Satanists in government.

    They ALL came out of Illinois.

  10. Cindy, were you working in a school that used performance pay?

  11. The school web page for this guy shows he had the first three periods off and that last two periods plus off for lunch.

    Not a bad schedule.

  12. Teachers are mandated reporters which means if they fail to report suspected child abuse, they can charged with a criminal misdemeanor.

    That has happened in Illinois.

    In the Michael Vucic educator misconduct case at Gavin South Middle School in Gavin School District 37 in Ingleside (Lake County), April Courtney, John Keehan, and Michael Lanners all were charged with a criminal misdemeanor relating to failure to report.

    On July 21, 2015, April Courtney was sentenced to 30 days in jail and a one year conditional discharge.

    On November 2, 2015, John Keehan entered a negotiated plea of guilty and received a one year conditional discharge sentence, was fined $2,100, and was to donate $500 to two social service agencies.

    On January 8, 2016, Michael Lanners was found not guilty, even though he saw a videotape of the sexual abuse and did not report it.

    Mr. Lanners, who was teaching at another school district when he became aware of the abuse, did not know the student in his teaching capacity, but rather on a social level.

    The educator must know the child in, “an official or professional capacity” under the state’s Abused and Neglected Child Reporting Act.

    Michael Vucic was sentenced to 50 years in prison on November 5, 2015 for predatory criminal sexual assault.

    One victim was under the age of 13 at the time of the incidents.

    Another victim was age 14 at the time of the incidents.


    If a teacher or anyone suspects educator misconduct, they should call the police first.

    The police are better trained to conduct a criminal investigation than a school district.

    This investigation seems to have started when the police received a tip from a CHSD 155 staff member.

  13. Back in the 90’s we suggested children go straight to the Police Department, bypass the Principals Office.

    Crystal Lake’s Schools has a history of Hands on Education.

  14. I would hope a thorough investigation into who knew what takes place.

  15. Here is how the Crystal Lake High School District 155 teacher union is affiliated at the local, regional, state, and national levels.


    School District level: High School District 155 Education Association, IEA-NEA

    Regional: IEA Region 23, 2250 Point Blvd, Elgin (NW corner of Randall & I-90).

    State: Illinois Education Association (IEA)

    National: National Education Association (NEA)


    There are about 382 teachers in CHSD 155.

    All those teachers are required by state law to pay a minimum of the forced fee (fair share / agency fee) to the teacher union.

    Some states and the Federal government (for employees in a Federal labor union) have no such requirement.


    CHSD conists of Cary Grove High School (Cary & Fox River Grove), Crystal Lake Central High School, Crystal Lake South High School, & Prairie Ridge High School.


    About 53 Supervisory employees in CHSD are not eligible to join the teacher union including:

    – Superintendent

    – Assistant Superintendents (3)

    – Principals (4)

    – Assistant Principals (4)

    – Student Deans (8)

    – General Administrators / General Supervisors (3)

    – Department Chairs (28)

    – Chief School Business Official (1)

    – Assistant Director of Special Education (1)


    In general Department Chairs sometimes / often have teaching duties.

    But for a ballpark:

    382 teachers

    53 supervisory employees

    435 teachers & supervisor employees.

    12% of the 435 are supervisory.


    There are about 130,000 IEA members.

    That includes 29,500 Education Support Professionals (ESP), Higher Education (community college, university), 10,000 Retired, and Students (college students can be members).

    There are about 3,000,000 NEA members.


    Other unions in CHSD 155 are:

    – Community High Education Support Staff (CHESS), IEA-NEA. CHESS falls under the category of ESP.

    – Teamsters Local 731 (bus drivers)


    Given the labor unions, administration, school board policy & elected members, state law & politicians, federal law & politicians, school districts are a very political, bureaucratic, and complicated entity to understand.

    In most communities, they are the largest employer or one of the largest employers.

    The bigger the district, the more difficult to navigate.


    Educator misconduct is a problem nationwide.

    At the local level a school district could enact a policy stating no intimate contact is allowed between an employee and a student, irregardless of the student’s age.

    But that quickly gets to be a complicated human resources issue, because what exactly does that mean, a teacher cannot hug a student ever for any reason, etc.

    Is the teacher grooming the student or supporting the student, etc.

    Who exactly decides if the contact was intimate in nature or not.

    What is the appeals process.

    Are we creating a bigger problem than we are solving.

    etc. etc. etc.


    Educator misconduct and human trafficking are both issues that tend to fly under the radar.

  16. Sometimes reports are scoffed at or ignored like the recent tragedy involving the bus driver who was reported by students to be driving dangerously prior to the deadly incident.

  17. Mark, I have a question regarding the Teacher’s Union.

    Who pays the officers of the Union, all the way to the top of the IEA?

    If it is from dues of the teachers, is it a percentage of their pay . . . that has to be given?

    Could this be why the Union negotiates the raises, etc. for the teachers?

  18. Teacher union dues fund teacher union expenditures including union staff & officer salaries.

    The union sets the dues to its members.

    Some school districts “release” the local school district teacher union President from some or all of their teaching duties.

    That is basically the equivalent of the school district “picking up” some or all of the salary of the local school district teacher union President.

    So when the union negotiates collective bargaining raises, they are in effect bringing home the bacon, proving their value, to members.

    The unions are well aware of overall compensation for its members and overall funding for education.

    That’s why they are networked at the local, regional, state, and Federal levels.

    Overall compensation:

    – current pay.

    – current benefits.

    – pension.

    – retiree healthcare.

    Plus, the union fights for better working conditions, such as a remodeled or new building, which leads to their support of school district referendums.

    At the state level the union fought for legislative pension and retiree healthcare benefit hikes, and more funding for public education.

    At the Federal level the union fights for more funding for public education.

    There is a myriad of other legislation for which the union advocates, through in-house and contracted lobbyists.

  19. Thank You Mark, and to think 80% of the real estate taxes go to education.

    Time to stop Common Core (Communist Core) and save the taxpayers some money.

  20. 80% would be high, usually it’s around 60% or so of property taxes are for public education.

    But add to that state income taxes and other state revenues which fund General State Aid (GSA) and categorical aid for transportation, special education, etc.

    Add to that state income taxes and other state revenues for the state contribution to the TRS (teacher and administrator) pension fund.

    Add to that Federal income taxes and other Federal revenues for Federal funding to local school districts.

    Add to that funding for Regional Office of Education, Illinois State Board of Education, and US Department of Education.

    Lot of funding from a lot of sources going to a lot of destinations for public education.

  21. Thank you again Mark.

    President Elect Trump has appointed a really good gal, for the Department of Education.

    Karen Lewis, Chicago Public School Union President said, “This is going to be a nightmare”

    Well I guess when you drain the Swamp, the monsters will come out and her nightmares will begin.

    I hope this Pandora’s Box is opened.

  22. Damon Malone was a Teachers Aide, assistant football coach, and volunteer in the high school theatre department in Johnsburg Unit School District 12 in 2015.

    He resigned when an investigation began regarding sexual misconduct.

    He plead guilty in May 2016 in McHenry County and is now serving a 7 year prison sentence.


    Chicago Tribune

    Ex-Johnsburg High Staffer Pleads Guilty to Sex Abuse, Battery Against Students

    by Amanda Marrazzo

  23. A former Crystal Lake South High School Choir Direct was convicted of aggravated criminal sexual abuse of a minor in 2015 for abuse that occurred when he later taught at Chicago Christian High School in Palos Heights.

    He was known first as Kenneth Haug then as Kenneth Whitney while at Crystal Lake South High School.

    Kenneth Haug took his wife’s last name of Whitney, then when the allegations surfaced, changed his last name to Martin.

    He is now known as Kenneth Martin.

    He is currently in prison after having received a 3 year prison sentence in 2015.


    Northwest Herald

    Former CL Teacher Accused of Sex With Student

    April 4, 2013

    by Chelsea McDougall

  24. Regarding the Andrew J Loef case, a McHenry High School District 156 Teacher’s Aide arrested in 2014 for a sexual encounter with a female student:


    Northwest Herald

    Former McHenry School District 156 Teacher’s Aide Gets 180 Days in Jail on Sex Assault Charges

    December 2, 2017

    by Katie Smith


    Per the article he will be required to register as a sex offender on the Illinois State Police Sex Offender Registry.


    His professional educator license should be revoked by the Illinois State Board of Education Educator Quality Division.

  25. An update on Justin Hubly pay in CHSD 155, per Open the Books widget.

    2016 – $118,439

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