Walkup Reacts to Attempted Franks Power Grab

After receiving the email from incoming McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks in which he is trying to assume the power to designate and appoint committees, the Republican he beat in the November election, Mike Walkup, sent the following email to incoming County Board members:

Mike Walkup

Mike Walkup

You should have received an email from Chairman Elect Jack Franks relative to committee assignments.

Please be advised that currently, Mr. Franks has no authority as he has not yet been sworn in as Chairman.

Secondly, our procedures for committees and committee assignments have been set by Board Rules and can only be changed by Board action.

The Chairman has no authority in this area under the current Rules.

I am therefore advising all members to not respond to Mr. Franks’ request at this time and allow the normal committee assignment process to proceed at the time of the Organizational Meeting on December 5th.

Could you please contact the other present and new Board Members in your district to this effect?


Walkup Reacts to Attempted Franks Power Grab — 11 Comments

  1. Why don’t we see what the list of proposed committees are before Mr. Walkup tries to usurp power from an office the voters clearly stated they didn’t want him to have?


  2. Cannot help but notice the very different approaches of the little liar versus Paul Serwatka.



    The two posts are a great example of the ‘me / myself / I’ dictatorial approach of a little wanna be dictator versus a ‘ I work for the taxpayer not myself’ approach to political office.

    I pray the County Board shuts down the ‘little liar’ before he screws up this County even worse then it is.

  3. ‘The end is near’.

    Must be.

    Walkup posted something I agree with!

  4. I say we see what positions Franks appoints each member to and give him a chance. Also, I like his ideas of increasing efficiency of the board. Many of his solutions are revenue neutral and will save money long term.

    Walkup lost by 20,000 votes, he is not the chairman and in no position to dictate terms. He is also trying to defer attention from his attempt to take multiple taxpayer jobs. We can’t afford Walkup.

  5. What does Mike Walkup care?

    He’s resigning from the County Board to run for Nunda Township Supervisor, isn’t he?

    Because the statute explicitly forbids County Board Members from being Township Supervisors at the same time…

  6. Wow, that looks like another stupid Open Meetings Act violation.

  7. @Moderate First what Michael Walkup is saying that there are procedures in place of how the committees are put in place.

    Jack Franks has no authority to appoint anyone to committee chairs, committees themselves or change committees.

    As Mr. Walkup said there are procedures and if you are supporting Jack Franks in this endeavor then I would question what Jack Franks is offering you!

    So is changing all that transparent?

    Jack goes in says this this and this without going through the County Board to change their own rules.

    Sounds like a dictator.

    If you read the letter closely that Jack Franks sent out to county board members that Cal put on here you will also see that he wants board members to be able to come sit on a committee and vote if someone is missing.

    Really someone that has no idea what is going on in the committee gets to sit in and vote on something?

    Could be for Transportation or Finance.

    Someone gets sick the day before or a family emergency so lets pick someone to go vote on the committee.

    Can you say load the vote!

    Though Jack Franks won the election only 1 Democrat won a board seat out of 12 that ran.

    Whether you believe there are D’s under R can be argued but the districts spoke volumes as well.

  8. “As Mr. Walkup said there are procedures and if you are supporting Jack Franks in this endeavor then I would question what Jack Franks is offering you! So is changing all that transparent?”

    Woah, slow down there hurling accusations of lack of transparency.

    Somebody first needs to address that email chains like Walkup used are Open Meetings Act violations.

    Just because back room deals have moved out of smoke-filled rooms and into electronic communications doesn’t make them any less illegal.

    When Jack finds a plaintiff (and he has an army of mindless supporters who will do it), sues the county, and the county settles for $25k+ like it did with Local 150, is Mike going to foot the bill?

  9. Walkup looks like a sore loser who went from losing an election to openly obstructing the guy that beat him, to then trying to run for another post and paycheck.

    And that’s only the last three days!

    Pretty impressive for a guy who claims disability


    Actually, only Township TRUSTEES are barred from simultaneously holding County Board seats; the Township Supervisor is NOT barred.

    So the Township Supervisor/County Board Member can double-dip as BOTH all he or she wants!

    Gee, thanks, Illinois…

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