Support for Non-Incumbents in McHenry Republican Caucus

It’s tonight at 7 at the VFW and it has generated at least four letters to the Northwest Herald.

Some criticize the Republican Party for holding a caucus instead of a primary election.

Others, like the one below, written by Ned Neuman, criticize the bulk of the incumbent McHenry Township officials for being appointed, not elected.

Neuman has given permission for his letter to be published.  (If those on the other side wish to have their letters publishes here, send them and give permission.)

To the Editor:

The overwhelming majority of the slate of McHenry Township First candidates who desire to be the Republican Party candidates on the ballot for next April’s McHenry Township election are incumbent office holders who are in their positions as incumbents because they were appointed, rather than elected.

They understood the system well but overplayed their hand for many years in an ongoing resignation and appointment charade that subverted democracy.

Six of the eight supposedly elected officials on the McHenry Township Board were not elected to their positions.

They were appointed.

They run the township government as if it was a private club.

It’s no more complicated than that.

Steve Koerber

Steve Koerber

We need new people.

I’m supporting the slate that includes Steve Koerber for Highway Commissioner and even anti-township activist Bob Anderson as a Trustee.

f you are a registered voter in McHenry Township and you didn’t vote in another party’s primary in the last twelve months, you are eligible to vote in the Republican Party caucus on Tuesday evening, December 6, at 7 PM at the McHenry VFW.

I have known Steve Koerber and Bob Anderson for over forty years.

Bob Anderson

Bob Anderson

They are bright and decent men who aspire to be elected to public office to pursue a transparent agenda.

They are part of the group of McHenry Township Fresh candidates which I support.

The incumbents are possibly all decent people. I simply don’t like the way they got there.

All politics are local.

You clearly should attend your local party caucus.

Ned Neumann


Support for Non-Incumbents in McHenry Republican Caucus — 2 Comments

  1. Bob Anderson and his green party people don’t have a clue.

    Bob, not only do you suck cutting hair, u suck at everything else.

    Ned, your not far behind with your puppet regime of Steve Koerber.

    He couldn’t shine Condons shoes….

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