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A message from State Senator Karen McConnaughay:

Legislative Update From Veto Session Week 2

Having just wrapped up the second week of veto session, I can report that there was a lot of action in Springfield this week.

An important proposal was approved by the General Assembly that I introduced in response to the findings of Governor Rauner’s state task force to review Illinois’ criminal justice system. As a member of the task force, I learned that often offenders leave Illinois correctional facilities without any official identification. My proposal will ensure low-level offenders receive an ID upon release. Providing these men and women with an ID card is a simple, but crucial, step that will help them secure employment, a residential lease and even phone service—and have a true opportunity at a fresh start.

You may have heard that this week the General Assembly advanced a controversial energy bill, Senate Bill 2814, that now heads to the Governor. Governor Rauner has indicated he will sign the proposal into law.

Karen McConnaughay in Senate

Karen McConnaughay in Senate Energy and Public Utilities Committee.

There were too many unknowns for me to support this proposal.

We don’t know how significantly this legislation will impact employers’ bottom line, which is a critical concern at a time when Illinois is seeking to attract employers, not drive them away.

Our energy companies operate—and profit—in a free market here in Illinois, and I trust in that system.

Specifically, the legislation directs more than $2 billion in lucrative subsidies over the next decade to a company with a healthy bottom line.

ComEd and Ameren customers will see rate increases, projected to average 25 cents/month and 12 cents/month, respectively, for residential customers.

Senate roll call on the Com Ed rate hike bill, compliments of McHenry County Blog.

Senate roll call on the Com Ed rate hike bill, compliments of McHenry County Blog.  Note that State Senator Pam Althoff voted for the bill, while the other two State Senators with parts of McHenry County–Karen McConnaughay and Dan McConchie–voted “No.”

Among other changes, the measure requires new efficiency mandates and establishes new renewable power program goals in Illinois. You can find more details about this energy plan on my website.

This proposal is an expensive distraction from the critical policy and budget issues that should have dominated the last few days of the fall veto session.

Our focus should be on passing a balanced budget accompanied by structural reforms that will keep employers in Illinois.

Legislative leaders will continue working with the Governor over the next several weeks, in the hopes that a compromise will be made on a balanced budget and those important reforms necessary to boost the economy and bring stability back to Illinois. I’ll keep you posted on their progress.

As always, if you would like more information or to contact me, please visit my legislative website.


Karen McConnaughay
State Senator for the 33rd District

McConnaughay’s bill prohibiting county board chair from serving simultaneously as a county board member heads to Governor

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Budget negotiations to continue

The Governor and leaders met four times this week in Springfield to attempt to negotiate a balanced budget with structural reforms. The legislative leaders will continue to meet in the coming weeks. Read more.

House falls short in attempt to override “auto voter registration” bill veto

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  1. Oh, did the blog mysteriously “lose” my comment?

    How fortunate that I saved a copy:


    One-time Rauner insider Karen McConnaughay, long since cast out of the Rauner inner circle, now votes against what the Governor so clearly wants?

    Can she now expect a Rauner-backed Republican Primary challenger in her legislative district next time around, like Brucie did to Republican Senator Sam McCann for the sin of standing up to him..?

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