Nunda Township Lowers Tax Levy by 5%

That’s the word from a Friend of McHenry County Blog.

5% equals $53,000.

Trustee Mike Shorten advocated a 10% cut, but couldn’t get a second for his motion.


Nunda Township Lowers Tax Levy by 5% — 7 Comments

  1. Axiously awaiting April when township budgets are under review; let’s see where the cuts are coming from.

  2. Proud of local transparent township government stepping up and making cuts… unlike gas bag gasser and his tea party extremests on the county board who raise taxes. Gasbag gasser needs to go on a diet and cut out the cheeseburgers and start telling the truth.

    Ever notice how gasser who is a gas bag always talks a good game but never helps anyone or has anything to show for himeslf?

    The gasser who is a gas bag has never achieved anything in life now wants to be the highway commissioner of the most populated township in McHenry County?

    The gas bag that is definately a gasser is an unqualified mess who is only good at smelling up the board room and eating cheeseburgers.


  3. Can’t help but wonder if townships could have easily cut their levies years ago, but now that people are on to them (and their ridiculous salaries, war chests, and compounds), they are fearing for their existence and just NOW trying to appease their fed-up constituents.

    This is especially true for townships that overlap municipalities, like Algonquin Township!!!

    Why do we need a full time road commissioner for a township that is mainly within the boundaries of several towns?

    Seems like Algonquin Township Road Commissioner is more of a part-time gig to take care of rural roads.

    (We all know that the supervisor job at all of the Townships is a part-time commitment.)

    Just asking.

    Thanks for shedding light on all these points, Dirty Gasser, especially the transparency comment – too funny!

  4. Algonquin Township runs the best highway district in Illinois Michelle!!!1

    It is the most transparent township in McHenry County!

    and look at all the wonderful services the township gives us:

    computer services
    senior services
    public aide

    While the gass bag known as gasser makes meaningless motions on the county board Algonquin Township leads the way!

    Gasbag gasser is a tax hiker and a good ole boy who lives in his mommies basement.

    Nunda, McHenry, and Algonquin all cut taxes and the county board, which gasser who is a gas bag, raised taxes.

    Truth hurts gas bagger gasser.

  5. Dirty Gasser must be hwy commissioner Bob Miller. Illiterate is as illiterate does.

    In Nunda, the township guys all made sure they got their raises, while cutting salary of one (that they must be trying a force quit) and lowering Township Trustees rate per diem.

    Hat township smells of cronyism

  6. I appeared at the Nunda meeting and asked them to cut 11%.

    Mike Shorten had a detailed proposal with all of the cuts identified that would have amounted to 10% but was ignored.

    The Township Supervisor’s office spends $180,000 per year and last year gave out $18,000 in aid, mostly one time emergency assistance to a couple of dozen people.

    While one might question the need for this type of assistance given that we have other state and federal programs today which didn’t exist when the townships were given this function, why does it cost $180K to do that, plus sign payroll checks for the Road Commissioner which are prepared by ADT?

    What else does the Supervisor do to justify a $75,000 salary besides watch the paint fade?

  7. He apparently fails at filing the right paperwork for candidacy!

    And did so for the other cronies he filled out forms and got signatures for.

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