Nunda Township GOP Challenges Tuesday at 1:30

The challenges to those seeking to run in the February Republican Primary Election will reportedly be on Tuesday at 1:30 at the Nunda Township Hall.

Former Crystal Lalke Mayor Bob Wagner, former Judge John Condon and Mike Shorten will hear the Jennings challenge.

Former Assistant State’s Attorney David Stone will replace one of those three on the other challenges.

Ordinarily, the Supervisor, Clerk and Senior Trustee are on the deciding panel.

Because many of those normally set to be on the Board are being challenged, they are disqualified.

In addition, Clerk Angela Koscavage passed a petition of a challenger, so she cannot serve.

Chief Judge Michael Sullivan has been approached for guidance.


Nunda Township GOP Challenges Tuesday at 1:30 — 2 Comments

  1. David Stone is one of the most respectable attorneys in McHenry County

    He is not pawn to any one.

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