Fox River Grove Holds the Line on Taxes

A message from the Village of Fox River Grove:

Village Board Holds the Line on Village Property Taxes: No Increase

Fox River Grove property owners should expect to pay the same amount in taxes to the Village during calendar year 2017.

At its December 1st Board Meeting, the Village Board made a recommendation to abate a portion ($6,137) of a General Obligation bond, offsetting its 2016 property tax levy inflationary adjustment.

Robert Nunamaker

Robert Nunamaker

Village President Robert J. Nunamaker stated,

“The decision to recommend the abatement of a portion of this bond demonstrates the Board’s commitment to doing more with less and giving Village residents a break on their tax bill.

“The decision not to increase the overall Village portion of the tax burden on residents is indicative of the continuous effort the trustees and staff have put forth to control spending.”

This cost conscious approach to providing services to residents is demonstrated by the Village’s flat spending levels in the General Fund over the past several fiscal years.

The operating expenses ($2,048,252) in the FY 2016/17 Budget are $18,232 lower than the operating expenses ($2,066,484) in FY 2013/14.

Further property tax relief is scheduled in 2019 when the Village will retire its only outstanding general obligation bond.

A resident with a home valued at $200,000 can anticipate an annual property tax savings of $63, a 12% reduction on the Village portion of the bill.

The Village portion represents about 6%25; of the overall property tax bill in Fox River Grove, while the other 94% of the bill is in the control of other taxing bodies (schools 68%;, county 8%;, Fire District 6%;, etc.).

The Board will vote on the Village property tax levy ordinance and abatement ordinance at its next meeting on December 15th.


Fox River Grove Holds the Line on Taxes — 1 Comment

  1. As I stated at the December 1st FRG village board meeting it is time to hold the line on the property tax levy.

    It is time to listen to the residents when they vote “no confidence” in the board, in a non-binding referendum by about a 20-1 vote ratio, to bring future property tax increases to referendum.

    The message could not be more clear.

    What happened at that Dec. 1st meeting was that, by a 4-1 vote, the board RAISED the village property tax rate in taking the 0.7% CPI increase and then abated it.

    It’s a small increase but it is an increase and shows just how tone deaf the board is when it comes to property taxes. The posting on the village website gives the impression we have held the line on taxes.

    We did not, we only postponed for a year or perhaps two.

    Tom Anderson
    Village of Fox River Grove

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