Lombard Passes Library Bond Referendum

Drawing of the proposed Lombard library.

Drawing of the proposed Lombard library.

The voters of Lombard passed a $22.3 million bond issue $53-47% in the November election to build a new library.

Crystal Lakers were asked to approve a $30.1 million proposal.

It lost 55-45%

The owner of a $200,000 home in Lombard would pay about $144 a year for twenty years.  The average home there is worth $242,600, according to Zillow.

The owner of a $200,000 home in Crystal Lake would pay $132 per year. The average home in town is worth $195,400, according to Zillow, down from $245 in March of 2007.

The Lombard library was built 40 years ago with an addition constructed in 1978.

In 2004 a $23.5 million bond referendum in Lombard was defeat by 56%-44%.


Lombard Passes Library Bond Referendum — 2 Comments

  1. There is an article from a Mr. Wilson in the NWH today mind you, you cannot comment on this story surprise!

    and its been removed from any FB page as well.

    But I have to laugh when a citizen finds out what has been going on, and then becomes another victim in the courtroom, of our CLCC meeting…

    join the concerned citizens who have been thru it before… as we have been thru it…

    I can’t seem to paste the article its called “Questionable Contributions” related to the Library and banks.

  2. Wonder what would happen if voters were given an option.

    Option A: $144 a year for 20 years on a $200K home (if that’s even true, many times that is the beginning price).

    Option B: Your choice (mix and match) of Starbucks, Amazon, Red Box, Borders, and Netflix gift cards (there should be a volume discount for buying millions of dollars of gift cards all at once).

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