Only One Has Filed for MCC Board — 10 Comments

  1. They have til Monday to turn in paperwork for schools I believe.

    Hope it won’t be flooded with people who think voting ‘yes’ for everything lunatic Liddell & Co. dreams up is being a ‘good trustee’.

    It’s widely publicized that we’re in a Property Tax State of Emergency-in this State and our County in particular.

    MCC shouldn’t be talking expansion in this economic climate. Unless it’s manufacturing, in my humble opinion.

    The little manufacturing we have left in this county doesn’t have enough competent entry-level workers or above.

    Concentrating on non-university bound youth and residents is precisely the kind of thing community colleges are for, yet MCC wants to be everything to everybody!

    They fancy themselves a mini-University.

    It isn’t~and that’s not their role.

    It’s also not serving (or saving) the community in which they collect taxes.

  2. Any non-contributory ‘development’, even if non-residential, only exacerbates our property tax rate crisis.

    When a property is developed, it requires some sort of public service provision.

    Maybe more police, maybe another stoplight or increased fire&rescue capacity or maybe just a higher annual liability insurance premium…but whatever the additional cost is, it must be paid for by the property taxes of existing property tax payers.

    Levy is the numerator, taxable property value is the divisor.

    If the levy rises but the TAXABLE property value does not, the tax rate rises.

  3. Maybe Linda is running because she doesn’t agree with Karen Tirio and the position she takes on the board.

  4. I heard one guy running is a former Professor of Economics.

    I signed his petition.

    He is a conservative.

    There is no way that spending tricks will get past him.

    Gonna be a new day on the board if he is elected.

  5. I think Stand4Truth is right:

    Linda Liddel is running because she disagrees with positions taken by Karen Tirio.

    For example, Liddel repeatedly voted for the maximum tax increase possible, while Karen has voted to hold the line and has sought reductions.

    Liddel voted for every big building project, including the original $400 million, 40-year, we’re-going-to-grow-3%-every-year plan, and the we-need-a-giant-health-club plan. Karen was against those plans.

    Yes, I would say there is a significant disagreement between the two.

    Liddel thinks her job is to represent the College administration; Karen thinks her job is to represent the taxpayers.

  6. The Board should be representing the Tax payers.

    They should be ensuring every dollar is well spent and Levy’s are not increased just because you can.

  7. You signed ‘some guys petition’.

    You don’t even know his name?

    Yeah, you’re a real informed and intelligent voter.

    Jenner and Tirio are the two rock solid Conservatives.

  8. Signing a petition is not the same as voting for someone.

    By Signing a petition you are simply allowing that person on the ballot..I encourage everyone to sign petitions since it’s part of our democratic process.

    The voter then decides upon those on the ballot and hopefully they have found out about each canidate by then.

  9. Oh good to hear.

    Karen Tirio and Chris Jenner and the taxpayers can surely benefit from another Conservative, and common sensed board member.

    Especially one who can scrutinize the budget, spending.

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