County Board Discussing 721 Pages at Tuesday Committee of the Whole Meeting

Jack Franks

Jack Franks

After cancelling all McHenry County Board committee meetings for the first two and a half weeks of December, Jack Franks is dumping 721 pages of county business onto the Board’s Committee of the Whole Agenda.

But, if you look for the member packet there, you won’t find it.

You have to look at the December 20th Board meeting for that information.

Want to take a look?

Here is the link.

Expect much discussion of the new Rules that Franks desires, plus the committee selections.

After all, only the following Committee on Committee and Temporary Rules Committee members had meaningful input on both subjects.

The place where you can find the link to listen to the meeting, which starts at 11 AM Monday, is here.

Franks appointed the following nine people to this Temporary Rules Committee:

  • Robert Nowak
  • Jim Heisler
  • Joe Gottemoller
  • Chuck Wheeler
  • Paula Yensen
  • Mike Skala
  • Michelle Aavang
  • Larry Smith
  • Jim Kearns

Committee on Committee members:

  • District 1 – Yvonne Barnes
  • District 2 – Jim Heisler
  • District 3 – Joe Gottemoller
  • District 4 – Chuck Wheeler
  • District 5 – John Jung
  • District 6 – Mary McCann
  • Chairman Jack Franks

The committee bowed to all of Franks’ recommendations for committee chairmen and vice chairmen.

A very large part of the packet is a re-authorization of all the Department of Public Health regulations, plus additions.

What do you want to bet that not two of the Board members have read them?

These certainly should be sent to the Public Health Committee for discussion.


County Board Discussing 721 Pages at Tuesday Committee of the Whole Meeting — 32 Comments

  1. So, let it be known, Cal Skinner wants frequent meetings with as little reading as possible because the alternative – an effective county government – is just too much change for his tiny little mind to comprehend.

  2. This reminds me of what House Speaker Mike Madigan used to do at the end of the session–dump 500-1,000 page bills on us with an hour to read them.

    The result was that members did not read them.

    Effective county government should include a thorough review of the Public Health Department rules.

  3. Lake county and other counties seem to work just fine using this same process.

    Cal you just seem to have a problem with anything franks does good bad or indifferent.

    Get a life as you are
    Living off pension from state and seem to have a problem with anyone else who is doing the same.

  4. How meaningful is a vote if people do not have enough time to read the materials on which they are voting.

    Generally something would be introduced one meeting, and voted on two weeks later.

    That allows two weeks of review.

  5. When am I getting my 10% reduction in property taxes that were PROMISED?

    I just received my assessment…..despite two foreclosures in my neighborhood, my own assessment INCREASED.

    Jack, you promised a 10% reduction in property taxes, the voters are sticking you to it! Sounds like the taxes will be increasing….yet again.

  6. Lake County, and the other “big counties” do not have a Aaa bond rating either.

    Illinois and “other counties” are not working “just fine”. Illinois is in deep trouble.

    It isn’t even deniable. In fact, as I talk with elected officials from other counties they also realize how screwed up Springfield and the state are.

    We have problems that we need to correct here in McHenry County and we will ALL work together to correct those issues.

    Things will be changing on the McHenry County Board – it is all up to those of us with a vote to do what is best for the Taxpayers of McHenry County.

    I read the 721 pages yesterday and AGAIN today.

    I have questions – especially on the rules – and I have reached out to many on the board.

    Thanks to everyone who took the time to call or meet.

    We have as starting point.

    See you in about 14 hours.

  7. It sounds like you’re doing your due diligence, Andrew.

    When do we get our 10% tax cut?

  8. The first two posters (excluding Cal) are shills and nitwits of the highest order. Pay them no mind, because they don’t have any.

  9. Is the tone of the comments by ‘Moderate’ and ‘Stand4truth’ an indication of their IQ ore their political loyalty?

    The scary part is they probably vote.

  10. Cal and his lapdog, Mark, want a slow, ineffective government.

    Yet, they want said county government to decrease taxes 10% on day one.

    But give the board two
    weeks to review the proposed changes.

    They can’t stand to see a more conservative Dem leading the change we need to see.

    They are obstructionists.

    Pure and simple, and we need to see them for who they are.

  11. An effective government is when those elected know and thoroughly understand the role they play in the life of each resident they serve. Something the Springfield crowd lacks.

    The old saying… tell them one thing… while we do the opposite… should be permanently put to bed. Instead, voters have just opted for the latter.

  12. Taxpayers, citizens, board members, and everyone should have at least two weeks to deliberate a measure.

    Introduce an item one meeting.

    Vote on that exact item two weeks later.

    That’s a basic transparency measure.

  13. The most effective government is a benevolent dictatorship.

    McHenry County voters elected a dictator but he is definitely not benevolent!

    The root of our problem is that in most cases the only type of person who tends to run for office is either a narcissist or a wimp who has been encouraged to run for office.

    There are a few exceptions on the County Board – too few.

  14. Where was it said county government should decrease taxes 10% on day one.

  15. What are you even talking about Ersel?

    The people saying one thing and doing the opposite are Mike Walkup and Cal Skinner.

    Cal lambasts double dippers, yet supports his disabled buddy, Walkup, running for two offices.

    Cal lambasts people with pensions, yet the only reason he can support his blogging habit is bybdaid pension.

    Walkup said one thing, but did the opposite when he claimed on direct mail to be a farmer, lawyer, and at the same time collect disability while running for two offices!!!

    And you of all people avoid the truth that your role in the life of each resident is now that of arm-chair-quarterback!

  16. Ms. Schuster has been shedding light on changes Jack Franks has been making to the way the County Board operates.

  17. Really, Mark?

    Can you copy and paste everything again.

    I must have missed that…

  18. As a McHenry County taxpayer I will strongly object to Mr. Franks hiring two or even one ‘assistant’ at cost to taxpayers of $100,000 to $200,000 per year.

    I will object to even stronger degree (requiring greater public outcry in self-defense of taxpayer-civil-liability) if the job opening of ‘assistant’ to Franks is not advertised to the public at large on recognized websites, and interviews of all applicants regardless of race creed or color are not conducted over a reasonable period of time after reasonable publication.

    If new public money jobs are allocated without applicant protocols adhering to Federal Hiring Practices (EEOC guidelines) we in the County are at risk of applicant lawsuits—millions of dollars of taxpayer money at risk to applicants who have been discriminated against for the open positions.

  19. As I have pointed out repeatedly, Mike Walkup initiated the inability of a person winning a district seat and the County Board Chairmanship to collect both salaries.

    That would have resulted in a single dip at the County Board level.

  20. That is unsubstantiated talk.

    Franks does not reply to email inquiries in writing.

    But we taxpayers (Woodstock 4.6% PROPERTY TAX RATE, McHenry County 3.66% median property tax rate)can’t survive if we don’t get ahead of tax-wasting events before they happen.

    If Franks does not hire new personnel devoted to his personal desires in office, this is not a point requiring taxpayer vigilance.


  21. Pressure county board members that no votes should take place until the public has had a chance to review the exact proposal for two weeks.

    That is a basic board transparency measure.

    Four weeks would be better.

    For example, the exact item would be on an agenda, and the exact proposed verbiage would be in the agenda packet, and discussion would ensue at that meeting among board members about the agenda item.

    Two weeks later, at the earliest, the board would vote on the item.

    The public could speak about the item at both of those meetings.

    The verbiage would not change at either meeting.

    If the verbiage changes, the vote would not take place for another two weeks.

    The public always has two weeks to consider changes exactly as they are voted on.

  22. Many have pointed out repeatedly the Walkup has refused to give up his pension whilst you attack other candidates for taking one.

    I know there’s a word for that, but can’t remember what it is…

  23. And Mark,

    When has you actually ever gone to a meeting to voice concerns?

  24. Typical Attorney BS!

    its called inundate them with BS!

    then you baffle them with more BS!

    so the weak minded ones will give up easily …

    and throw in the towel put the nose ring in and walk with the corruption gods…

  25. Does anyone know if Franks is hiring personal assistants VAT public expense), and if so is he hiring them without public posting of job position openings?

  26. There are lots of words for Moderate, but most of them end up being tantamount to stupid.

  27. Uh huh, Mike – you haven’t said if you will forgo your salary and pension god rthe supervisor job.

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