Dems Christmas Party

From the McHenry County Democratic Central Committee’s web site:

Celebrate the season and help your community

Our tradition is to take a break from the regular Party meeting in December.

It’s been a tough year for Democrats, but there is still reason to (show all)

Wednesday, December 21, 2016 at 07:00 PM · $15.00 USD · 13 rsvps [as of Saturday afternoon]
Village Squire Crystal Lake in Crystal Lake, IL

People are asked to bring a donation for the Crystal Lake Food Pantry.

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There does not appear to be a Republican Christmas Party this year.


Dems Christmas Party — 16 Comments

  1. Will Hillary be there ?

    I want a selfie with the woman

    who blew over $1b dollars to humiliate herself and her party.

    Watch out for the Russian spies, Comrade.

  2. **Maybe because the Republicans realize it’s a Satanic holiday?**


    Too amazing.

  3. Since you think you are so smart and witty with your snide remarks: Prove it’s not, alabama.

  4. Just like a liberal tries to get you to disprove the negative.

    It is Christ birth that we celebrate and if that is satanic then the bible and all that christianity stands for would be the same.

    Cindy you have to answer at the gates of Heaven but by the sounds of it you would not make it that far.

  5. I think she is referring to the winter solstice but I could be wrong.

  6. Read that HRCs “holiday” party was so sad guests were looking for the casket.

    They said the Russians may have drugged the eggnog and stole the presents.

  7. Jose the idiot cannot read.

    The Bible clearly states in I Corinthians 10:21 that you are completely wrong!

    Honoring demons is something forbidden, yet few will research what they do willingly in honor of Satan because of their righteous indignation.

  8. I watched the video; was interesting but I’m pretty sure everyone here knows our Christian holidays have roots in pagan ones.

    In Europe there are very old High Crosses from early Christian times with symbols believed to have pagan roots.

    None of this means that we don’t celebrate the Virgin birth of Jesus when put up a tree in our house.

    Much of our everyday life has roots going way back.

    Many of the sayings we use have pretty horrific beginnings such as “rule of thumb” etc.

    Some of us would think you are advocating throwing out the infant baby Jesus “with the bath water.”

    To paraphrase Scrooge, maybe let me celebrate Christmas my way and I will let you do the same.

    I’m pretty sure I’ve opened Pandoras box but I’m not trying to be disrespectful.

  9. Where is the Republican Christmas party?

    Or are the ‘leaders’ too lazy this year to hold one?

  10. The Republicans don’t need a Christmas party.
    We’ve been celebrating since Nov. 8th!

    Christmas is our family time, and time of reflection and gratitude.

  11. Ah yes bring cash!

    for the F.P who is spending a ton of $$ (from where who knows, there is not transparency there or on line) to renovate an expensive bldg.

    they purchased, so now they are asking us to re-fill the food bank…

    why don’ you just take your truck over to the Nunda township and get your food donations from them!

    enough is enough already!

    they even ask at Jewel food stores when does it end !!!

    no mo Free Cheese get these people jobs! …

  12. **Since you think you are so smart and witty with your snide remarks: Prove it’s not, alabama.**

    Oh, Cindy.

    Does this mean that you don’t go to Christmas services at your church?

    Because its satanic?

    Christmas itself is a Christian holiday that celebrates the birth of Jesus.

    The *celebration* Christmas has grown and taken some traditions from other holidays/celebrations.

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