School Board Candidates for April Election

12-19-16 School Board Candidates for April Election

Here are those who have filed for school board in every district but 300:


**SIMULTANEOUS FILING – 8:00 a.m. December 12, 2016
*** SIMULTANEOUS FILING – 4:00 p.m. December 19, 2016

[Richmond-Spring Grove] NIPPERSINK SCHOOL DIST 2

  • Pierre Langlois (Full Term) 10002 Fox Bluff Ln Spring Grove 60081
  • Gary Kriz (Full Term) 3438 Forest Ridge Dr Spring Grove 60081


  • Kristine Hester (Full Term) 509 Essex Rd Fox River Grove 60021
  • Laura Byrd (Full Term) 601 Barberry Trl Fox River Grove 60021
  • Stephen Pickering (Full Term) 100 ½ Grace Ln Fox River Grove 60021
  • Sara Brubacher (Full Term) 218 Foxmoor Rd Fox River Grove 60021


  • **James Barrett (Full term) 3310 Chellington Dr Johnsburg 60051
  • **Steven A. Link (Full Term) 3216 Talismon Ct Johnsburg 60051
  • **Cathy B. Neiss (Full Term) 3414 Chellington Dr Johnsburg 60051
  • **Thomas J. Oeffling (Full Term) 5013 Hickory Ln McHenry 60051


  • **Matthew Stauner (2 yr term) 2316 Delore Dr McHenry 60051
  • **Matthew Stauner (4 yr term) 2316 Delore Dr McHenry 60051
  • Amanda Geyer (Full Term) 5112 W Greenbrier Dr McHenry 60050
  • Kimberly Qualls (Full Term) 213 S Valley McHenry 60050
  • Patrick D Miller (2 yr Term) 7407 Deerwood Trl McHenry 60050
  • Paul Santopadre (Full Term) 2925 Arbor Dr McHenry 60050
  • Jan Riemann (2 yr Term) 1212 S Lily Lake Rd McHenry 60051
  • Erik John Sivertsen (Full Term) 5402 W Flanders Rd McHenry 60050
  • Hugo J Mercado (Full Term) 1707 Brentwood Ln McHenry 60050
  • Janet M Szymkowiak (2 yr Term) 1417 N River Rd McHenry 60051
  • Kevin Christopher McConville (Full Term) 5303 Fountain Ln McCullom Lake 60050
  • Mark R Jaeger (Full Term) 7506 Timber Trl McHenry 60050


  • Anita M. Mitchell (Full Term) 7013 Hennig Dr Marengo 60152
  • Timothy Aubry (Full Term) 21201 Ratfield Rd Marengo 60152
  • Rick Nordmeyer (Full Term) 7304 S Hwy 23 Marengo 60152


  • Shannon M. Combs (Full Term) 10014 Center St Hebron 60034


  • Julie Jette (Full Term) 1201 Ardmore Dr Cary 60013
  • Robert Bridge (Full Term) 497 New Castle Cary 60013


  • **Bob Anderson (Full Term) 5515 E Lake Shore Dr Wonder Lake 60097
  • Angela Hartfield (Full Term) 6604 McCullom Lake Rd Wonder Lake 60097
  • Randall Funk Jr (Full Term) 7108 Salem Rd Wonder Lake 60097
  • Mellody S Ahrens (Full Term) 7209 Mohawk Dr Wonder Lake 60097


  • Steven W. Sebastian (Full Term) 3609 Fawn Trl Crystal Lake 60012
  • Ryan M. Noonan (Full Term) 3217 Carrington Dr Crystal Lake 60014
  • Sherry Bennett (Full Term) 5612 Jay Dr Crystal Lake 60014
  • Anna Olas (Full Term) 2200 Crystal Cir Crystal Lake 60012


  • Betsy A. Les (Full Term) 6508 Oakwood Manor Dr Crystal Lake 60012
  • Eileen Palsgrove (Full Term) 134 Center St Crystal Lake 60014


  • **Diana Bird (Full Term) 21415 State Line Rd Harvard 60033
  • **Richard D. Crosby (Full Term) 7405 Maxon Rd Harvard 60033
  • **Kristina Duber (Full Term) 11409 Lawrence Rd Harvard 60033
  • **Melinda L. Shafer (Full Term) 20911 Dunham Rd Marengo 60152


  • **Pat Signore (Full Term) 9004 Wildrose Ln Marengo 60152
  • **Todd Volkening (Full Term) 10816 Genoa Rd Genoa IL 60135
  • Linda J. Dujmovich (Full Term) 216 School Ct Marengo 60152
  • Scott Fillmore (Full Term) 204 W Van Buren Marengo 60152
  • Jodie Kanaly (Full Term) 421 W Prairie St Marengo 60152


  • **Jason Blake (Full Term) 75 W Paddock Ln Crystal Lake 60014
  • **Ron Ludwig (Full Term) 5817 Shadowood Dr Crystal Lake 60012
  • **Nicole M. Pavoris (Full Term) 199 Mont Clair Dr Cary 60013
  • **David Secrest (Full Term) 3511 Lindsay Ln Crystal Lake 60014
  • Ann Somers (Full Term) 181 Stonegate Rd Trout Valley 60013
  • *** Donna Kurtz (Full Term) 75 S Walkup Ave Crystal Lake 60014
  • *** John Pletz (Full Term) 7405 Manor Rd Crystal Lake 60014
  • *** Scott Vetter (Full Term) 740 St Andrews Ln #8 Crystal Lake 60014
  • *** Raphael J. Kamner (Full Term) 282 Corrine Ave Crystal Lake 60014


  • **Pat Arnold (Full Term) 3609 Main St McHenry 60050
  • Arne Waltmire (Full Term) 5202 Shorehill Dr McHenry 60050
  • Giuseppe Veneziano (Full Term) 3201 W Bretons Dr McHenry 60050
  • Timothy Hying (Full Term) 2107 Olde Mill Ln McHenry 60050
  • Michael Lovitsch (Full Term) 5109 W Greenbrier McHenry 60050
  • Gary Kinshofer (Full Term) 220 Loch Glen Ln McHenry 60050
  • Ronald Fischer (Full Term) 1616 Margaret Ct Lakemoor 60051


  • **Michelle Graham (Full Term) 2473 Brentwood Dr Spring Grove 60081
  • David Thomas (Full Term) 1701 Beech St Spring Grove 60081
  • Joe Keim (Full Term) 8312 Appaloosa Ln Spring Grove 60081


  • **Lesli Melendy (Full Term) 9693 Compton Dr Huntley 60142
  • **Paul A. Troy (Full Term) 260 Winslow Way Lake in the Hills 60156
  • Donald Drzal (Full Term) 190 Wright Dr Lake in the Hills 60156
  • Michael J. Fleck (Full Term) 11280 Fitzgerald Ln Huntley 60142


  • John Wyrostek (Full Term) 650 Courtney Ln Marengo 60152
  • Richard Czepczynski (Full Term) 1315 N Page St Marengo 60152
  • Gregory S. Wright (Full Term) 208 S East St Marengo 60152
  • Barbara Dochterman (Full Term) 22108 OConnell Marengo 60152
  • Jude Castro (Full Term) 711 Doral Dr Marengo 60152


  • **L. William Nattress III (Full Term) 2104 Greenview Dr Woodstock 60098
  • Carl Warren Gilmore (Full Term) 1502 Moraine Dr Woodstock 60098
  • John D. Parisi (Full Term) 803 Northampton St Woodstock 60098
  • Barbara Gessert (Full Term) 810 Gerry St Woodstock 60098
  • Susan Handelsman (Full Term) 4513 Sunnyside Rd Woodstock 60098
  • Suzann Schroeder (Full Term) 800 Butterfield Rd Woodstock 60098
  • Jacob J Homuth (Full Term) 12404 Cooney Dr Woodstock 60098
  • Karen L Kockler (Full Term) 9223 Dirkshire Dr Woodstock 60098
  • Bruce Farris (Full Term) 13813 W South Street Rd Woodstock 60098
  • *** Jill Ferrarini (Full Term) 2106 Serenity Ln Woodstock 60098


  • Paulette Gitlin (6 yr Term) 662 Margaret Dr Woodstock 60098
  • *** Scott Summers (Full Term) 20605 East Brink St Box 430 Harvard 60033

= = = = =
Does anyone see any employees of school districts or their relatives in the lists above?

If so, please tell us what you know in the comment section.


School Board Candidates for April Election — 13 Comments

  1. A huge THANK YOU to Cal for publishing information about candidates!!

    I say this because so much information is kept from the Public by the MSM.

    Example: Yesterday all I saw published by the MSM was the protests against Trump and mention after mention that two members of the Electoral College had chosen to not vote for Trump.

    Crickets about the FIVE, that is correct, FIVE electors who refused to vote for Clinton!

    We live in a time when we have to count on ‘citizen’ reporters to get information.

    Those citizens are people like Cal, Susan, Paul Serwatka, Mark and other who post actual information via the internet.

  2. If people want to know how to REALLY impact property taxes, THIS is how to do it.

    There are two main reasons why our property taxes are so high:

    (1) The General Assembly has dumped responsibility for taxation on local taxing bodies so it can continue to reward friends of the ruling Party while balancing it’s budget (this, however, was dependent on continued growth which stopped happening hence the current crises);

    (2) Local School Districts whose boards are loaded with teachers and union friendly people who cave in to teacher and administrator salary demands and other expenditures.

    County government has very little to do with our property taxes.

    It just collects the money and distributes it, while paying for certain services which have devolved to counties for historical reasons (ie. county owned road maintenance, court system, public health, zoning in unincorporated areas).

    You will not get significant property tax relief by focusing on the bill collector.

    Sending people to a General Assembly where they will have no power doesn’t accomplish much either.

    You need a citizen movement to take over the local school boards, one at a time.

    It. Has. Started.

  3. Nippersink School District 2 (Richmond, Spring Grove)

    Pierre Langlois – Incumbent. Accountant at James Hamlin & Company (CPA firm)

    Gary Kriz – Incumbent. In Management at Powervar (power conditioning products).

  4. Nippersink is an elementary school district.


    Fox River Grove Elementary District 3 school board candidate:

    Kristine Hester (Kristine E Heiding) is a Choral Director / Music Instructor at Cary Grove High School in Crystal Lake High School District 155.

    Salary History

    2015 – $82,156, tenth year teaching

    2014 – $75,028, ninth year teaching

    2013 – $72,590, eighth year teaching

    2012 – $71,308, seventh year teaching

    2011 – $64,705, sixth year teaching

    2010 – $36,678, fifth year teaching

    2009 – $53,685, fourth year teaching

    2008 – $43,356, third year teaching

    2007 – $46,009, second year teaching

    2006 – $42,834, first year teaching.

  5. Fox River Grove Elementary District 3 candidate:

    Laura Byrd is an incumbent that was appointed to the Fox River Grove Elementary District 3 board in November 2015 to replace Tim Hatfield, whom had resigned from the board.

    Also goes by Laura Enstrom Byrd, address record of A. Laura Enstrom Byrd Thomas, another record Laura Ann Enstrom Byrd Thomas, and on the CPS website it is L. Enstrom Byrd.

    Salary History

    2015 – $90,077

    2014 – $88,311

    2013 – $85,499

    2012 – $89,942, 20th year teaching

    2011 – $85,034, 21st year teaching

    2010 – $81,723, 19th year teaching

    2009 – $81,769, 18th year teaching

    2008 – $89,286, 17th year teaching

    2007 – $73,778, 16th year teaching

    2006 – $6,100, 15th year teaching

    2005 – $69,299, 14th year teaching

    2004 – $62,814, 13th year teaching

    2003 – $67,541, 11th year teaching

    2002 – $50,217, 10th year teaching

    2001 – $50,129

    2000 – $47,336

    1999 – $44,201


    2013 – 2015 Better Government Association salary database and Open the Books widget.

    2002 – 2012 ISBE TSR; the years teaching skips around, the year 2006 has low salary, and salary fluctuates up and down in other years, all for unknown reasons.

    1999 – 2001 Champion News.


  6. Mr. Walkup failed to mention the number one problem in Illinois:


    They approve school bond after school bond.

    In addition:

    When teachers don’t get their way, they strike – parents bitch and the Board caves in.

    Arbitrators support the unions 99 percent of the time.

    The VOTERS approved Valley Hi.

    The VOTERS approved the Senior Tax.

    The VOTERS approved the public sector pension guarantees.

    The VOTERS approved the election of the County Chairman at large.

    The VOTERS just chose Jack Franks over Mike Walkup.

    On and on and on.

    Pay attention folks! As long as we have DUMB voters, the madness will continue.

  7. It’s not that they are dumb, Cautious, but they don’t acquaint themselves with the issues and candidates before they go and vote.

    Most of the people I was talking to door to door one week out from the election didn’t even know that they were going to be voting on Chairman of the County Board, or what the County Board is or what county government is and does how their taxes are set etc.

    They think if they have watched TV and decided who to vote for for President, they have done their job. Then they have to guess their way through the rest of the ballot.

    This makes them susceptible to demagogues who lie to them.

    When they continue to be lied to, they stop believing anything and everything.

    Its’ too much trouble to do the research to ferret out the truth.

    I did an informal poll of independent voters prior to the election and found that two weeks out, only one in twenty were aware of the Chairman’s race and one week out it was one in ten.

    Even people who had voted in the Republican Primary for the office didn’t remember that they had voted for Chairman.

    It’s sad, but a product of our modern society.

    The more information we are exposed to, the less we know.

  8. CUSD 300 (Community Unit School District 300) Candidate Listing

    Anne B Miller, 907 Scott St, Algonquin, IL 60102

    David J Scarpino, 187 Barn Owl Drive, Hampshire, IL 50140

    Kathleen Burley, 3 Regal Court, Algonquin, IL 60102

    Leslie LaMarca, 1124 White Pine Tr, Pingree Grove, IL 50140

    Nicole Beyer, 1212 Merrill Ave, Algonquin, IL 60102

    Mary McNicholas, 532 S 3rd Ave, Dundee, IL 60118

    Nicole Beyer T43N R8E ALGONQUIN

    Mary McNicholas T42N R8E DUNDEE


    CUSD 300 includes the following schools:

    Elementary Schools –

    Algonquin Lakes Elementary, Algonquin

    deLacey Family Education Center, Carpentersville

    Dundee Highlands Elementary, West Dundee

    Eastview Elementary, Algonquin

    Gilberts Elementary School, Gilberts

    Golfview Elementary, Carpentersville

    Hampshire Elementary, Hampshire

    Lake in the Hills Elementary, Lake in the Hills

    Lakewood School, Carpentersville

    Liberty Elementary, Carpentersville

    Lincoln Prairie Elementary, Lake in the Hills

    Meadowdale Elementary, Carpentersville

    Neubert Elementary, Algonquin

    Parkview Elementary, Carpentersville

    Perry Elementary, Carpentersville

    Sleepy Hollow Elementary, Sleepy Hollow

    Westfield Community School, Algonquin

    Wright Elementary School, Hampshire


    Middle Schools –

    Algonquin Middle School, Algonquin

    Carpentersville Middle School, Carpentersville

    Dundee Middle School, Dundee

    Hampshire Middle School, Hampshire

    Westfield Middle School, Algonquin.


    High Schools –

    Dundee – Crown High School, Carpentersville

    Hampshire High School, Hampshire

    Jacobs High School, Algonquin


    Alternative School

    Oak Ridge School, Carpentersville.


    Charter School

    Cambridge Lakes Charter School, Pingree Grove.



    Kane County Election Commission

    Candidate Listing

    2017 Consolidated Election

    to be held April 4, 2017

  9. Resources for School Board Candidates


    The Better Government Association has a Schools Database that contains recent public school district collective bargaining agreements, administrator contracts, payroll, and budgets. > Tools & Data > View All > Illinois Schools Databas

    Anything not up to date, one could obtain from the school district website, contact the school district, or submit a FOIA request to the school district.

    Helpful documents not the BGA website include the most recent Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) / Audit Report.

    That’s found on the school district website.


    On the website, if one clicks on Illinois on the map, scroll down, there are several school district options:

    – Public School Employee Salaries

    – Public School Employee Pensions

    – Public School Spending

    – Public School SNAPShot Reports


    The Illinois State Board of Education and NCES websites have mountains of data.

    The EMMA MSRB website has information about bonds.

  10. No one has mentioned what are the best choices for our children to receive the best education.

    What candidates will provide our children the best schools, the best teachers, and the best opportunities.

    Education does not equal a business transaction; a child’s educational success should not be measured in dollar signs.

  11. A child’s educational success is actually promoted by the schools in dollar signs.

    The district wants more money to provide the best.

    We have heard that for decades.

    Every Principal and every Superintendent says they have the best teachers.

    There you have it.

    The best is everywhere.

    A child’s educational success is not mentioned in collective bargaining agreements.

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