Twenty Lawyers Want on the Bench — 4 Comments

  1. It would be interesting to note any campaign contributions coming from these candidates, and the firms from which they come, to members of the Bench who make the appointments.

    It sure appears a couple of firms do some conspicuous campaigning and fundraising for members of the McHenry County Circuit Court Bench.

    So what’s the return on investment?

  2. It’s nice to see that the overwhelming majority of the candidates come from private practice.

    Private practice lawyers are generally more competent than their publicly employed colleagues, and they are not able to serve a short amount of time on the bench and then retire with a cushy pension.

    There’s something basically wrong with this state’s ridiculous pension reciprocity laws that allow an employee to use his or her years of service at a much lower paying public sector job towards a pension at a far more lucrative job.

    Robert Beaderstadt served eight years as a judge, and receives a pension of ~$65k/yr in addition to the pension he receives for his prior employment at the State’s Attorney’s Office.

    It’s no wonder why every two bit lawyer with a public sector job tries to become a judge.

  3. I found Michael Covney’s wallet on the train. Anyone have a phone number for him?

    Call me with it.

    I don’t follow this blog. 708-710-1556

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