WSJ Summarizes Illinois’ Downward Spiral

12-24-16 WSJ Summarizes Illinois’ Downward Spiral

Illinois state’s future is spiraling downward.

This moving van headed west from Crystal Lake.

This moving van headed west from Crystal Lake.

The following is an excerpt from a Wall Street Journal editorial explaining why:

According to the Census Bureau, Illinois now leads the nation for the steepest population decline.

Between July 2015 and July 2016, Illinois lost some 114,000 people in net migration to other states, with total population decline of 37,508 (including births and deaths).

For the third year in a row it was the only state to have lost population among the nine in its Great Lakes and Mid-America region.

Illinois’ future is spiraling downward.

The numbers are especially worrisome for the state’s tax base because the average person moving out of the state earns some $20,000 more than the average person moving in.

According to IRS data for tax year 2014 (filed in 2015), the average income of the taxpayer leaving Illinois was $76,824 while the average income of the new arrival was $56,689.

That gap is widening and the differential can be traced to policy decisions as the state staggers under pension debt and an entrenched Democratic-public union machine in Springfield. […]

The Census data show that Illinois’s net migration losses since 2000 are equivalent to the net losses in the 10 next largest U.S. cities after Chicago.

The 2011 tax hike has partially expired, but Democrats are trying to shake Mr. Rauner down for a repeat. He needs to hold firm to stop the state’s population exodus.


WSJ Summarizes Illinois’ Downward Spiral — 5 Comments

  1. What is the response of the little liar and nineteen County Board members?

    Raise property taxes!!!

    Who put together the proposal to raise taxes?


    The County keeps approving Conditional uses to expand landscape related businesses (they pay AG property tax) located in the County while increasing property taxes on manufacturing business which actually pay higher wages!!

    It is starting to appear more and more that the STAFF of McHenry County leads the Board and the newly elected Chairman around with the same type of leash used to train hard to train dogs!

    Commonly referred to as a choke collar!!

    They are choking the taxpayers who are voting with their feet!!!

    Merry Christmas!

  2. The out look could be a tad brighter!

    A large earthquake with the strength of 8.1 on the Richter scale hit the Middle East.

    Two million Muslims died and over a million were injured.
    Iraq, Iran and Syria were totally ruined and the governments asked for help to rebuild.

    The rest of the world was in shock.

    Great Britain sent troops to help keep the peace.

    Saudi Arabia sent oil and monetary assistance.

    Latin American countries sent clothing.

    New Zealand and Australia sent sheep, cattle and food crops.

    The Asian countries sent labor to assist in rebuilding the infrastructure.

    Canada sent medical teams and supplies.

    The new American President, Donald Trump, not to be outdone, sent two million replacement Muslims.

    Way to go President Trump, sweet and practical at the same time!

  3. Why will you NEVER hear ANYONE from any media outlet in Illinois
    confront Madigan about this matter ?

    Why is that ?

    Yet there are people on this blog who insist that Illinois can,
    should or will be saved from the insidious machine that destroys all.
    Fools all.

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