Andrew Gasser Sets Fundraiser for Road Commissioner — 32 Comments

  1. Jesus Christ, pick one font, maybe two.
    Don’t use Impact – that’s for internet memes and high school slide shows exclusively.


  2. Gasbag gasser thinks he has what it takes to run a highway department.

    I dont think he will be able to over the fact that this job is not for sissies, he will actually have to work and get in the trenches with the boys.

    This is not the person I would have choosen to run against Bob MIller.

    Alot of hot air comes from Gasser and the fact that he lives in mommy’s basement collecting a government funded disability makes him look like the same person who lives off welfare.

    He has alot of time on his hands to meddle and cause discontent in the Republican party.

  3. Although the sentiment is right – PLEASE do NOT use our Lord’s name in vain.

    I am totally offended by that kind of flippant usage!

    We have a rich and diverse language.

    There is no need to be so vulgar.

  4. BTW Moderate, it is probably not Andrew’s fault.

    Your beef is with the uneducated graphics person that designed the piece.

  5. Algonquin Township Republican Primary Election

    February 28, 2017

    The following are 4 year terms.


    Township Supervisor: Charles A Lutzow Jr vs. Ellen M Brady (Mueller)

    The incumbent Dianne Klemm is not running for re-election.


    Township Clerk:

    Karen Lukasik vs. Melissa A Sanchez – Fischer

    The incumbent Charles A Lutzow Jr. is running for re-election as Township Supervisor.

    Melissa Sanchez – Fischer is an incumbent Trustee (not running for re-election as a Trustee).


    Township Assessor:

    Richard S Alexander (no competitor)

    The incumbent Robert R Kunz Jr. is not running for re-election.


    Township Highway Commissioner:

    Robert J “Bob” Miller (incumbent) v Andrew Gasser


    Township Trustees (vote for four maximum) aka Board of Trustees

    Terence G Ferenc

    Daniel J Shea (Dan Shea) – incumbent

    Melissa L Victor

    Rachael Lawrence

    Russell W Cardelli (incumbent)

    David Chapman

    Scott Taillet

    note 1: Incumbent Melissa Sanchez – Fischer is not a candidate for re-election as a Township Trustee; rather is a candidate for Township Clerk.

    note 2: Incumbent Larry Emery is not a candidate for re-election as a Township Trustee.


    The general election will be held April 4, 2017.


  6. All the sudden everyone is a professional typesetter.

    Of all the abysmal graphic design work passed around for local elections, this is the example that you choose to decry? Really?

  7. Actually, Publius I was a typesetter (for a short time) and a graphic designer, especially when I owned my own business in the printing industry.

    I wasn’t decrying anything – just pointing out that Moderate was kind of right for once in their miserable history of postings.

  8. Gasser might want to look at fixing his web page if he wants people to donate online. I’m getting a “Page Not Found” message.

    I wasn’t planning on donating, I just wanted to see if he had any explanation as to why he thinks he is qualified for that job.

  9. gas bag gasser cannot run a website and gas bag gasser, the dirtiest of gassers, cannot design a fund raiser flier and gas bag gasser is a horrible county board member. gas bag gasser cannot get county board members to agree with him.

    josewhales is right because gas bag gasser is disabled vet who gets disability and is a fat ass who lives in his mommy’s basement. gas bag gasser you are a looser! no one likes gas bag gasser just talk to other county board members.

  10. A disabled vet who gets disability? Hmm.

    Let the rock throwing begin!

    How picayune a person do you have to be to begrudge a veteran that volunteered to defend YOU!

    Not only are you a moron, but you seem to like to bite the hands that give you the freedom of choice to continue being a moron.

  11. haha the gas bag gasser’s website redirects you to chinese viagra.

    Could you imagine this ass hat running the township roads and website?

    gas bag gasser is a phoney!

    this is a direct reflection on his leaderhsip and decision making.

  12. Just proves what a complete idiot Dirty really is.

    Web attacks are commonplace these days.

    IF you were truly rerouted to a site like you claim – then YOU HAVE THE VIRUS – not Andrew.

    If that makes you laugh like a hyena…then…

  13. Andrew you aren’t qualified to do that job, it’s more than just throwing $$$$$ here or there to keep the whiners quiet.

    The fact no one else that were qualified wanted to run should of told you something.

    You just hit a home run with your referendums, you should of stayed with that approach to saving us tax $$$$ instead of side tracking where it really will not change out tax $$$$$.

  14. Yep. Looks like ol’dirty pants just caught a case of the dreaded internet clap.

    I went there and it was to get tickets and make a donation, and my software caught the problem.

    Dirty needs to get rid of the 1982 software he’s running and join the rest of the world.

  15. I think Andrew Gasser is more than qualified to do this job.

    Andrew Gasser is exposing all the nepotism and backroom deals here in McHenry County that have ruined the Republican Party in Illinois.

    I believe Andrew Gasser will improve the transparency inside the road district.

    I believe Andrew Gasser will put all of the contracts online.

    I believe Andrew Gasser will empower those employees inside the road district to do a more efficient job.

    This is a $4.5 million dollar budget with a total of eleven people in the office.

    Seven if you do not include the Miller family.

    After seeing the comments from Jose, Dirty, and Nob I am even more convinced that Andrew Gasser is the right man for this job.

    After the last two tax votes we certainly know he is not afraid to stand up when it isn’t popular to do so.

    He is also not afraid to use his own name and I for one am thankful for that.

    Olivia Rodriguez

  16. Wasn’t Bob Miller who is using Andrew Gasser’s map of roads in Algonquin Township because his map was out of date?

    That is call complacency.

    Wasn’t Bob Miller who has spoken out against the Non-Dedicated Roads resolution on the county board while Nick Provenzano, Andrew Gasser, and many others fought for it?

    That is called self-interest.

    Wasn’t Bob Miller who was against township consolidation?

    That is called personal job protection.

    I seem to remember Mr. Gasser educating and informing the board on the use of “Prescription” and the need to ensure the highway commissioners and McDOT understood the intent of the resolution.

    Andrew Gasser has proven he can manage budgets and people.

    He will make a great road commissioner.

  17. But does he know anything about plowing snow or repairing asphalt?

    I can’t picture Gasser out in the heat or cold doing hard physical labor.

  18. Gasbag please run.

    Bob will beat u so bad u will never run again for nothing.

    Don’t forget Dave mcsweeny is pushing gas bag to run.

  19. Mcsweeney the Weenie is the puppet master behind gasser.

    He thinks he is going to run McHenry county like Madigan runs Springfield.

    No thanks Weenie you Madigan want to be.

  20. Well let’s reflect on the sum total of Andy’s accomplishments while on the county board and that would be ZERO he can not even convince 12 other people that an idea he has is worth voting for .

    He is a complete idiot who just loves to hear himself pontificate about his mothers high taxes.

  21. Olivia Rodriguez, Andrew has no field experience, he can’t learn that by reading a book.

    Even a PE in Civil needs field work to get their licence from the State.

    The $4.5 mil budget is actually less as almost half the Road fund is levied and then given to the municipalities by law.

    Four Millers on the payroll, yup but not hid, and the last hire was over 12 years ago.

    Old news that now could cost Bob the election, reap what you sew I guess.

    “I believe Andrew Gasser will empower those employees inside the road district to do a more efficient job.”

    I believe his election will cause a major attitude problem with the employees that will hurt service.

    If the leader doesn’t know the job, how can they empower a more efficient Job?

    Dan Marshall, the Miller’s oppose the NDR resolution because it’s political nonsense that isn’t even funded properly and not inclusive.

    $8 mil is not even close, $50 mil if all are done may even be to low.

    I suppose the fact that Alg and Nunda Twh’s have always helped NDRs with $$$$$, equipment, and labor means nothing right?

    I suppose that most of the NDRs that get the $8 mil first, McHenry Twh where no assistance was offered, and are in Nick Provenzano’s area means nothing either right?

    No Pandering by Nick and Andrew, just being good gov elected right?

    The Consolidation and elimination attempts townships have all been poor jokes, and more about power grabbing than saving us a dime.

    Perhaps you forgot that state laws needed to be changed, there was going to be a tax increase for some, and there was not real plan with fairly complete numbers and facts.
    No real plan, just HOPE, kind of like the President that got elected in 2008 and 2012.

    I personally welcome any well done plan with fairly solid numbers that will save us $$$$.

    I support Andrew and Paul’s referendums, I wish they were binding, as that is the big picture most seem to not understand, controlling taxes and levies by us.

    Andrew has no field experience, he is not qualified to do a job that requires that.

    He’s on a tangent, not the main path to tax savings, spare us the political nonsense please.

  22. Thank you Mr. Gasser.

    Finally someone is willing to stand up to Bob Miller, the family club and all their cheerleaders.

    Vote for Andrew Gasser.

  23. Dirty Gasser, Hats off to you for telling it like it is my friend!

    It’s good to see people who aren’t afraid to see it for what it really is and take action.

  24. Would never go to this but which is it?

    Ticket price up top says $35/$50 person/couple.

    Bottom says $50/$75 person/couple.

  25. “I believe his election will cause a major attitude problem with the employees that will hurt service.”

    You shouldn’t believe for a second that the other employees of the Algonquin Township Road District don’t resent that the sons in law of the boss have always stood in the way of them advancing, no matter how good of a job the employees do.

  26. Given Bobby “Booby” Miller’s abysmal record of being work-shy, nepotistic, foul-mouthed and and an all-around skunk in human form …..

    Gasser looks like George Washington!

  27. Publius, Advancement to what, it’s not like the county or cities with multi layered positions?

    I’m sure there is some of that of course, but it pals in comparison to the problems of getting a new boss who wants to get rid of your job/townships.

    Add in the lack of knowledge in directing work activities, Problems Houston!

    Not a great time to work there or McHenry or Nunda township road departments.

    All part of life if you work for the gov, every four years a little anxiety.

    Hay Ricky, explain work-shy, I’ll be waiting some examples?

  28. Nob you are right but the problem isn’t Houston its McHenry County and that dirty gas bag gasser! If gas bag gasser is elected our roads will go to hell! If gas bag gasser is elected he says he will ‘drain teh swamp’ what does that mean?

    could you imagine fat ass gasser trying to do labor? LOL he would have a heart attack!

    Remember, Franks best buddy on the board is gas bag gasser. Gas bag gasser is helping Franks implement his plan. Gas bagger gasser, is destroying the most conservative republicans in the county.

  29. Your attempt to make Andrew Gasser Jack Franks’ good buddy is humorous.

  30. DG, thx for agreeing with me, but the fat ass comments are over the top IMO.

    Please leave me out of your comments if they aren’t civil!!!!

  31. Not all LaHood’s are Republicans and No I will not be voting for you .

    I’m a union worker with little trust in your party.

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