Write-In Opportunity for Harvard City Council

If you live in the northwest part of Harvard and want to get involved in the political arena, this could be your year.

That’s because no one has filed for Alderman in Ward 2.

Ward lines in the City of Harvard, Illinois

Ward lines in the City of Harvard, Illinois

There will be contests for the council in Wards 1 and 3, as you can see below:

Mayor, four-year term

Mike Kelly, no opponent

City Clerk, four-year term

Lori Moller, no opponent

1st ward, four-year term

  • Chuck Marzhal, incumbent
  • Jay Schultz
  • Lisa Haderline

2nd ward, four-year term

No candidate

3rd ward, 4-year term

  • Raul Meza, incumbent

3rd ward, 2-year term

  • Bob O’Halloran, incumbent
  • Tami Herrerra

4th ward, 4-year term

  • Carl Opper, incumbent

The deadline for filing as a write-in candidate is February 2nd.


Write-In Opportunity for Harvard City Council — 5 Comments

  1. Harvard Ward 2 is in Chemung Township.

    Chemung Township Precinct 2 Republican Precinct Committeemen Bill Matteson is in Harvard Ward 2.

  2. One of the biggest financial problems facing many local municipalities in Illinois is police, fire, and Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund (IMRF) pensions.


    Harvard has a Police Pension Fund which is categorized as a “Downstate” police pension fund.

    Looking at the Illinois Department of Insurance, Public Pension Division, 2015 Biennial Report, covering the period 2013 – 2014, dated October 1, 2015:

    Harvard Police Pension Fund

    Item – April 30, 2005 – April 30, 2014

    Unfunded Liability – $2,080,335 (63.3% funded) – $4,618,227 (65% funded)

    Active Participants – 16 – 18

    Inactive Participants – 4 – 7

    Average Active Salary – $54,558 – $82,477

    Total Salary – $872,922 – $1,484,579

    Internal Rate of Return over 10 years was 5.53%

    Payroll Growth Rate over 10 years was 5.90%


    The report indicates the Harvard Fire Protection District Pension Fund (the Fire Protection District is a separate property taxing district from the City) was dissolved.

    That was a Downstate Fire Pension Fund.


    More recent information would be in the current Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) / Audit Report on the City of Harvard website.

    That along with the two collective bargaining agreements, budgets and other financial information for the City are on this section of City website:


  3. Other Good sources of information about local property taxing districts:

    Illinois Comptroller Data Warehouse

    Better Government Association Salary Database

    Better Government Association Pension Database

    Better Government Association Public Safety Portal

    Better Government Association Collective Bargaining Database

    Open the Books Widget

    Open the Books SnapShot spending report

    more on Open the Books

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