McHenry Dems Stay on Ballot

Despite a challenge by McHenry County Republican Party Vice Chairman Steve Rooney to the petitions of McHenry Township Democrats, the McHenry Township Electoral Board ruled that that party’s representatives will be on the April 4th ballot.


McHenry Dems Stay on Ballot — 3 Comments

  1. The Dems (never-Hillary types), having to sit in court alongside the Repubs for these proceedings may be finding common cause against these tyrannical independent candidates (former republicans) officials who are now the sitting electoral board (jury).

    Tyrannical IS the proper description.

  2. Sickness in McHenry Township begins with the current rats infesting township government.

    It’s really creepy ….

  3. Yea, Rickey, The Rats all got to go starting with your creepy mother.

    You rotten son of a

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