Skillicorn Criticizes County Clerk’s Chief Deputy’s Challenge of Tax Limit Referendum Petitions

A press release from State Representative-Elect Allen Skillicorn:

McHenry County Clerk office fights property tax freeze referendum

Allen Skillicorn

State Representative-Elect Allen Skillicorn’s property tax freeze referendum effort has been challenged by McHenry County Clerk Chief Deputy Linda Fitzgerald.

“McHenry County property taxes are way too high.

“Working families and seniors are being forced out of their homes because of skyrocketing property taxes,” Skillicorn continued.

“I find it troubling the Clerk’s office would work against property relief.

Mary McClellan

“McHenry County Clerk Mary McClellan has already denied our FOIA requests concerning this referendum challenge.

“I have to ask, what is Clerk McClellan and Chief Deputy Fitzgerald hiding?

“We will be appealing with the Attorney General’s office.

“Let’s be crystal clear, the interests that oppose this referendum want to hike our taxes.”


Skillicorn Criticizes County Clerk’s Chief Deputy’s Challenge of Tax Limit Referendum Petitions — 28 Comments

  1. I find it troubling that our Clerk’s office is full of crooks with an agenda.

  2. Skillicorn is suppose to follow the law he is breaking the law by attempting to pull the wool over people.

    He is trying to take credit for putting a referendum on the ballot that does not have any binding affect.

    He does not follow the law in putting it on the ballot and is critiquing a citizen who cares about wasting resources and doing the right thing.

    Shame on you Skillicorn

  3. Cal you are wrong in saying this is a tax limit referendum this is advisory with no effect what so ever.

  4. Self-labeled, self-aggrandizing and seemingly self-absorbed Skillkorn not following rules with a non-binding petition??

    Way to make a first impression.

    [[feverishly shaking head in disgust]]

  5. You are correct.

    The referendum is advisory, but even advisory referendums can put pressure on tax districts.

  6. Skillicorn’s effort is an attempt to start somewhere.

    I think everybody who doesn’t have an agenda understands that.

  7. This is a post from pablo

    The laws are made by legislators in Springfield.

    The law requires a circulator to obtain 8 percent of the signatures of the last governor race.

    That means it would have required more than 7000 signatures for the petition to be able to be put on the ballot.

    Skillicorn only obtained 92 signatures and the objection says that 26 of them are not good.

    The objection also says that the notary is deficient and he failed to follow the statutory requirements.

    This seems to me to be a complete disregard for our laws.

    This is understandable why she would challenge

  8. s4t: please tell me what exact law is Skillicorn breaking?

    You keep posting, but don’t list a statute.

  9. The ruling Elite wants all your money not just some of your money.

    They want all your money and they want it all the time; what part of this haven’t you figured out yet?

  10. Those folks who think Mary is ‘Just doing her job’ also probably are still waiting for Lying Jack Franks to cut their taxes by 10% on his first day in office.

    Do the rest of us a favor and keep holding your breath on that tax cut thing.


  11. Seems to me that the Republican Establishment in McHenry County isn’t serious about doing anything our property taxes.

    Property taxes that are driving people out of the state.

    Property taxes that are forcing honest, hard-working people to leave the state they grew up in, raised their children in.

    Does the Deputy Clerk, or whoever challenged this petition understand that reality?

    It appears they don’t.

    For an advisory referendum to allow the people of McHenry County to vote on something this important and for it be removed from the ballot is very obviously the act of special interests and government cronies.

    A childish act.

    A selfish one.


  12. Don’t you think expecting a non-binding advisory question to have an effect on your taxes is a bit of wishful thinking too, Wizard?

  13. when do these people Stop wasting my Tax dollars and again she is involved!

    in yet another tax wasting issue…

  14. @Joe

    I’ll be on record as agreeing with Cal who posted here at 9:44am as follows:

    “The referendum is advisory, but even advisory referendums can put pressure on tax districts.”

  15. Better face reality about property taxes.

    U-haul is running some specials.

  16. Obviously Skillicorn is caught with hand in cookie jar and wants to blame anyone but himself for failure to follow the law.

  17. The County Board could simply pass a resolution and have the advisory referendum added to the ballot.

    Is this the pressure Skillicorn intended by filing a petition with an inadequate number of signatures?

  18. Since Jack put forth almost the same legislation in Springfield, maybe if requested he’d put it on the county board’s agenda.

  19. I knew she was bad news when Jacko Franks aka the “Little” Liar had his 150 union goons do robocalls for her against Provenzano…. but I didn’t know she was THAT corrupt!

  20. Obviously Skillicorn is caught with hand in cookie jar and wants to blame anyone but himself for failure to follow the law.

  21. Yea OK but we will just sit back while our state legislatures get away with bloody murder with no accountability.

    Allen is not even sworn in yet he will lead the way with no accountability whatsoever.

    This just proves it.

    No accountability Allen Skillicorn

  22. LOL. So Skillicorn only turned in 66 good signatures out of the necessary 7500+?

    And he didn’t even follow basic notary requirements?

    And he’s blaming the Clerk’s office?


  23. LOL, He hasn’t been in office a day and he has been served twice by the sheriff.

    Way to GO Skillicorn!

    What a Disappointment you are Allen.

  24. AH, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha..

    The Clerk doesn’t make the law, however you want to chastise her for following the laws our legislators Like skillicorn put in place?

    You Mr winter are the ultimate tool and can join your friend skillicorn in a jail cell as his cellmate.

    I love that you cannot see this for what it really is because you lack the brain cells to complete a simple thought process.

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