Anti-Madigan Protesters

Poster from a demonstration against the re-election of Democrat Mike Madigan as House Speaker for the 17th time.

State Representative Allen Skillicorn posed with this anti-Mike Madigan for Speaker demonstration today before he was sworn in.


Anti-Madigan Protesters — 3 Comments

  1. Today, the first day of the 100th General Assembly (2017 – 2018), every Democrat with the exception of Scott Drury (Highwood in Lake County) voted for Michael Madigan as House Speaker.

    Scott Drury voted present.

    Michael Madigan has been voted by the members of the State House of Representatives to the role of Speaker of the House during the following terms:

    1983 – 1984, 83rd General Assembly

    1985 – 1986, 84th General Assembly

    1987 – 1988, 85th General Assembly

    1989 – 1990, 86th General Assembly

    1991 – 1992, 87th General Assembly

    1993 – 1994, 88th General Assembly

    1995 – 1996, 89th General Assembly, Republican Lee Daniels voted as Speaker of the House (Republicans held a majority in the State House during that General Assembly).

    1997 – 1998, 90th General Assembly

    1999 – 2000, 91st General Assembly

    2001 – 2002, 92nd General Assembly

    2003 – 2004, 93rd General Assembly

    2005 – 2006, 94th General Assembly

    2007 – 2008, 95th General Assembly

    2009 – 2010, 96th General Assembly

    2011 – 2012, 97th General Assembly

    2013 – 2014, 98th General Assembly

    2015 – 2016, 99th, General Assembly

    2017 – 2018, 100th General Assembly


    The 100th General Assembly is Michael Madigan’s 17th term as House Speaker.

    By the end of the 100th General Assembly, Michael Madigan will have been House Speaker for 17 General Assemblies, 34 years, from 1983 – 2019, with the exception of the 89th General Assembly (1995 – 1996).


    Note, the legislators are typically sworn in during the 2nd week of January, so the General Assemblies span a few days into a 3rd year.

  2. Illinois is no longer the Land Of Lincoln, now the Land Of Madigan.

    Some day I will escape this corrupt tax Hellhole, and never look back.

  3. its throw up time, there is no hope for this State anymore its clear!

    Good Luck to all the anti maddys… your gonna need it !

    keep you wallets on lock down!

    he is coming for whats left, I can’t wait till he starts to feed off his own…

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