Early Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Sign Battle

Usually, candidates complain about opponents stealing their signs.

Now, however, Algonquin Township Road Commissioner candidate Andrew Gasser is disturbed one of opponent Bob Miller’s supporters has put a Miller sign in front of a Gasser sign.

In his email advising of the impoliteness, Gasser says,

As we kick off the 2017 #DTS campaign I am asking for help with sign locations. I really would like more.

I have over 60 safely in the ground but more is better!

Sadly, and we knew this crap was coming, my opponent is already playing the childish games we have all come to expect.

When they go low we go high.

Attached is picture of a sign location I have used since 2012. Never once has any sign here had issues.

There is plenty of room to either side but this is just who they are.

They have over $420,000 reasons to want to win this election – we want to win because it would be better for our community.

There is no reason to get upset at these silly tactics of his.

This is why my campaign is OUR campaign.

We want to bring more people into politics, especially local politics, not discourage them.

I am walking everyday now. I would love to walk with those of you who would like to do so.

Finally, my fundraiser is tomorrow night and I hope you all can make it.


Early Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Sign Battle — 12 Comments

  1. How many Township meetings has Andrew attended before and after deciding to run for Road Commissioner?

  2. How do we know that this isn’t some sort of false flag stunt by one of Gasser’s supporters?

    The Miller sign looks like an old one that could have easily been stolen during a prior campaign, and Miller’s campaign would have absolutely nothing to gain by trying to block a large sign with such a small one.

  3. Actually this happened in Fox River Grove across from the train station and in Cary by Thorntons in addition to this.

    Its tacky – Like I said in my email this is not acceptable but we knew it was coming.

    We asked for permission at Spring Beach Inn and put up our sign only to have it torn down twice.

    It is what it is.

  4. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

    This is why no one “normal” wants to run for any political office.

    People do not have any respect for others or even a moral compass to follow.

    Totally juvenile behavior, which is why only juvenile brained persons would vote for someone with so little scruples.

  5. Andrew answered Billy Bob’s question, but not RealityCheck’s.

    Hiding something Andrew?

  6. He didn’t answer my question.

    There is no way that he could know the answer unless he did it himself, and I wasn’t suggesting that he did.

    Supporters sometimes do things without official sanction.

  7. *Full disclosure: I haven’t endorsed anyone, although I have tremendous respect for both candidates for different reasons.*

    If people base their votes off stupid petty things like this instead of actual issues of importance to the Hwy Commissioner position, that’s disappointing and sad.

    Debate about the things that matter, not about sign placement.

    Whoever did this is distracting from the real issues and concerns at hand.

    And we all know that respectable public servants like Andrew Gasser and Bob Miller would NEVER have approved of sign placement like this, so it’s irrelevant to the voting issues.

    Focus on what’s important, please.

  8. Ditto Rachael, silly political games are detrimental.

    More importantly is who has the qualifications and who doesn’t.

    Bob does, Andrew doesn’t.

  9. Who’s “WE” Andrew?

    Are you referring to you and your Mom?

    Everyone knows you live at home with your mother in her basement.

    Do you contribute toward the rent?

    I think the people should know who you really are since you are already an elected official and running for another office while doing so

  10. Andrew is capable of learning how to do the jobs paper work, but reading that Handbook is only part of the deal.

    Actual hands on knowledge is needed, the kind you get having worked with most of what is involved.

    No where is there info available that says Andrew has hands on experience in actually doing the job.

    That’s why he isn’t qualified.

    Maybe you really don’t know either of the candidates.

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