Term Limits for Leaders

“Term Limits for Legislative Leaders, 1800-SHAKE-UP”reads the sign used in Cal Skinner’s 2002 Libertarian Party campaign for Governor.

It took fifteen years for my third party suggestion that the problem with Illinois politics was the lack of new legislative leaders to bear fruit.

When Jim Tobin and I announced our candidacies for Lt. Governor and Governor on the Libertarian Party ticket in 2002, the sign in front of the podium in Jim’s office said,

Term Limits for Leaders

Now, I hear that Senate President John Cullerton has apparently passed a rule saying that Senate Presidents cannot serve more than ten years.

So, just as some Third Parties have influenced the content of national politics, while not winning, it seems that my idea has staying power.


Term Limits for Leaders — 3 Comments

  1. You do know Jack Franks was pushing this for as long as you, right?

    And before you go off on some tangent about his not sticking to his 3 term pledge, remember that you were county treasurer while drawing a state pension, so I’m pretty sure you would have stuck around Springfield as long as possible had a bigger check not been out there, and you voted for Lee Daniels every time his leadership bid was up, so the sign out front was just that: a sign out front.

  2. I’d be happy to see any document that shows Jack Franks advocating Term Limits for Leaders before the spring of 2002.

    I first noticed his support for the idea in 2015:


    Feel free to share anything earlier than that.

    I certainly was not drawing a state pension while I was County Treasurer from age 24-28.

    Perhaps you could make your final comment about Lee Daniels more clearly.

    In any event, I’d suggest you do better research before you write.

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