Jack Franks Skeptic Addresses Second Advisory Referendum to Cut the Size of the County Board

From the experience of

  • 1982 when voters passed a Constitutional Amendment to cut the size of the Illinois House by one-third and
  • the election of Joe Tirio as Recorder of Deeds on a platform of doing away with that elective office, it seems obvious to me that any referendum that does away with elected officials will pass.

At the Committee of the Whole meeting McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks blindsided County Board members at the end of the meeting with a proposal to put three referendums on the April 4th ballot.

This was exactly what he complained about when member Craig Wilcox tried to abate the multi-million Valley Hi tax re-imposed on citizens at the last meeting of the outgoing County Board in November.

But at least Wilcox’ proposal got discussion.

Franks’ did not.

One passionate commenter, “Cautious Voter,” wrote the following in reply to “Billy Bob:”

Billy Bob: The referendum would be the result of the ‘advisory’ referendum.

The advisory referendum was put on last year’s ballot in preparation for the takeover of the County by the “little liar”.

Now that the voters have agreed to reducing the size of the Board, the “Little Liar” is taking the next step to actually reduce the Board.

A smaller Board will have three distinct ramifications:

1. As mentioned, the “little liar” can use his campaign funds to get more people who will be subservient to the “little liar” elected.

2. Each Board member will have a staff and an office at the County Building – costs will go UP!

3. The taxpayers will have less representation and County Staff will have more power.

The “little liar” has already reduced taxpayer influence by cutting the number of meetings and the number of committees.

You will be told that his actions will reduce costs but I ask you:

Who gained more power with those actions?


Who lost representation?

The taxpayers.


Jack Franks Skeptic Addresses Second Advisory Referendum to Cut the Size of the County Board — 10 Comments

  1. Sorry to say but these plans of Franks have been in the works even before he officially ran.

    Don’t let him get away with things or McHenry will be run by the Democratic party.

  2. You people need lives.

    Tirio won because he ran as a Republican in this county against a candidate that had no campaign.

    Maybe they should reduce the size because there is NO REASON for 24 reps for a county of this size.

    AN office at the court house- are you insane?

    It isn’t like they have to do a lot of work- half of them don’t even read their packets.

    Is Col. Wilcox going to tell the State’s attorney that he doesn’t agree with his legal opinion again?

    Cuz that is who I take legal advice from- someone who has collected a guaranteed paycheck from the government his whole life, not the attorney with the legal training.

    Tax payers elect people to represent them.

    This is not government by consensus.

  3. @inish

    It is amazing to see that people that criticize the County Board constantly however they seem to be one of the only if not the only fiscally sound government entities in the County.

    One of 2 Counties in the state that has a AAA Bond Rating.

    Has lowered the amount of jobs by I believe close to 20% over the past 5-6 yrs.

    The turn over is quite high which is good for Tax Payers!

    This over all is a pretty good board.

    Now for the Chairman who you know has either his workers or someone else read Cals Blog.

    Flat out Jack Franks is a Bully!

    He is basically throwing everything at the Board all at once trying to confuse them.

    He is a true politician going up against avg. citizens.

    However, If the board can somehow band together he will fail.

    1st Step was to separate HR which failed.

    2nd put people in he can trust in the key positions.

    I.E. Finance, Transportation, PHHS(which failed), Now HR..

    Though the board has the final vote will they have the stomach to go up against Jack?

    Time will tell!

    Stand for something or don’t stand for anything!

  4. You think Jack has control issues you really do not understand the County at all.

    The staff (Ralph and Peter) has been trying to control everything done by everyone for a long time now.

    It has been slow but they now have the most control over all department and it is in place.

    Jack could not have hired those two people without Ralph and Peter doing their magic.

    You say how did jack hire well what about

    Ralph he hired employee who worked for the Recorders office when Tirio took office.

    The position was magically moved into the purchasing department into a position that was created for the liaison to new software person that did not work out.

    Lets be clear it is staff (Ralph and Peter) who are making it happen if you think it is Jack you dont know anything about anything.

  5. Josey?

    Your last line should have read “…if you think it is Jack you don’t know… Jack!”

    Missed your pun on that one. Otherwise, I agree with everything you said!

  6. Time to start thinking of how to impeach him now !

    what do we need to give him the Boots!

  7. First get rid of Ralph and Petey.

    Those are the ones pulling the strings here and THEY are unelected!

    That would render Jacko incapacitated (as in powerless).

  8. There is no impeachment process for a county board chairman.

    Jack Franks was elected to a four-year term.

  9. Cal’s absolutely right however it remains that there still is malfeasance misfeasance and nonfeasance.

    The simplest solution remains 13 votes saying no.

  10. Next Tuesday we will learn what direction McHenry County will take in the future.

    1. Become the fiefdom of the “little liar” (aka ‘chubby little butterman’)

    2. Continue as a fiscally ‘sound’ entity which has displayed to us who needs to be replaced in 2018.

    Call all the County Board members and demand they adhere to the rules passed for the conduct of the County Board Chairman.

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