Rauner Comments on AFSCME Strike Threat

A press release from Governor Bruce Rauner:

Statement on AFSCME’s Decision to Authorize a Strike Vote

CHICAGO – Illinois Governor’s Office General Counsel Dennis Murashko issued the following statement Friday on AFSCME’s decision to authorize a strike vote:

“Within weeks of our attempt to implement common sense changes like a 40-hour work week and zero tolerance for being intoxicated in the workplace, AFSCME has rushed to authorize a strike, putting Illinois residents at risk.

From their gathering spot on Clay Street, the AFSCME demonstrators walked to the Woodstock Square for their demonstration.

“It is disappointing that AFSCME refuses to respect the state labor board’s bipartisan ruling and work with us to implement a contract that is fair to taxpayers and state employees alike.” 


Drug Testing: http://www3.illinois.gov/PressReleases/ShowPressRelease.cfm?SubjectID=3&RecNum=13954

Workplace Safety: http://www3.illinois.gov/PressReleases/ShowPressRelease.cfm?SubjectID=3&RecNum=13902 

Volunteers/Day of Service: http://www3.illinois.gov/PressReleases/ShowPressRelease.cfm?SubjectID=3&RecNum=13891


Rauner Comments on AFSCME Strike Threat — 3 Comments

  1. Two reasons why Illinois is in such bad shape, UNIONS AND MADIGAN

  2. Two reasons why people are fleeing Illinois, GOVERNMENT UNIONS AND MADIGAN.

  3. Too bad they can’t all be fired and replaced.

    That’s the problem with unions they always go too far.

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