People Showing Love to Tortured CL Teen

Commenter Mark offers this follow-up to the horrendous treatment of a special needs 19-year old from Crystal Lake by four black youths in Chicago:

Go Fund Me

“Let’s Show the Chicago Victim Love” campaign

Statistics to date:

  • $179,400 contributions from 5,809 people in 11 days.
  • 35,000 Facebook shares.
  • 416 Facebook comments.

In update 10 there’s a picture of some home made cards he received from children.

Update 9 indicates the Chicago Bulls are providing a VIP experience.


People Showing Love to Tortured CL Teen — 18 Comments

  1. When suburban white kids hang out with hood city kids, it occasionally means they’re on drugs.

    I sincerely hope well wishers didn’t give a drug user the ability to buy enough drugs to kill himself.

  2. Pretty sure that rawdogger is wrong.

    IF this is a special needs child, nothing you said could be further from the truth.

    The parents are really stupid for letting a situation like this get started.

    Real parents don’t drop their kids off to be picked up later by who knows what when they are NOT special needs.

    I smell fake and set up from the git go.

  3. It is my opinion that this situation was totally preventable
    were not for the lack of common sense on the part of his parents
    who, by the way, should be held responsible for their negligence
    in this matter.

    Literally, he kid was EXTREMLY fortunate to escape
    from these animals with his life.

    I hope he makes a full recovery and his so called “parents” are not
    allowed to squander all the money that people so generously contributed.

  4. The initial court filing states the victim is an 18 year old white male with Schizophrenia and ADD from Streamwood with relatives in the Crystal Lake area, who was dropped off at a Streamwood McDonalds on New Years Eve to spend time with a friend whom he knew from an alternative school in Aurora.

    The case evolves from there including betrayal by his friend.

    The victim’s sister is in charge of withdrawals and banking for the Go Fund Me fund.


    The initial court filing on the Chicago Tribune website is a good source of consolidated information about the case.

    Chicago Tribune

    Read the Initial Court Filing on Facebook Live Attack (Graphic Language)

    January 6, 2017

    Contributed by: Brandon Howard, the Chicago Tribune


    For more information, click on the Go Fund Me Link above, then click on the 10 updates on the Go Fund Me site.


    There is a comprehensive set of links in the “CL Teen Tortured in Chicago” post on the blog.

    That can be accessed by clicking on “Torture” in the “Posted In” list of keywords above, then clicking on “CL Teen Tortured in Chicago.”

  5. Now you’ve cranked him up again.

    Mark, PLEASE STOP!!!!!

    You are being used.

  6. Mark, just a point for clarification.

    None of those involved were/are his friend(s).

    In fact and clesrly, all were his PREDITORS.

  7. You want to do something good or positive, Mark.

    Direct people to the go fund me for the Spanish family in Lake In the Hills.

    They need money to bury that poor deluded family!

    That is showing love.

    Yelling to foment race wars is NOT showing love.

  8. Anyone out there realize that regardless of abilities, once a child turns 18, ‘Katy bar the door’ unless you have him / her interdicted?

    Ever tried to do it?

    And, Mark, keep it coming!

  9. The victim thought the person he met at McDonald’s was his friend.

    He was his friend until that incident.

    The friend turned on the victim, when the mother kept contacting the friend to return the victim (her son).

    The victim said repeatedly afterwards, why did my friend do this to me.

    It’s not unusual for those with cognitive disabilities to have challenging lives, and those who attended alternative schools often have challenging lives.

    Then when one turns 18, or when the state considers one an adult and some aid ends, or when public school ends, those are major transitions for such people, typically moreso than those without such disabilities.

    It is often a constant balancing act involving judgement calls on independence & responsibility vs security.

  10. Questioning?

    YOU are a moron if you do not understand that you both are being used to foment racial hatred.

    Shame on you for encouraging this poor child to put us all in danger.

    ANyone can see that he can’t let this go. He has a real problem with this story. Shame on you for poking this bear.

  11. Mark,

    What you WON’T hear from the MSM and what you fail
    to understand is that this was a PREMEDITATED crime,
    a flat out kidnaping for ransom.

  12. And he just goes on and on.

    Can’t stop stupid idoctrination.

    Especially when he is being used and doesn’t or WON’T see it.

  13. There has been no indication this was premeditated.

    It seems the friend snapped when the mother kept calling the friend to return the son.

    The ransom amount was $300 or so, hardly seems like someone would have a premeditated kidnapping for $300.

  14. The ransom amount of $300 is included in the initial court filing.

    The Chicago Tribune website has a copy of the initial court filing document.

    The link is in a comment above.

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