Authority to Hire Jack Franks’ Two Democratic Party Patronage Workers

I filed a Freedom of Information request with McHenry County last week asking for

“documents that show the authority for County Board Chairman Jack Franks to hire Bridget Greenen and Oliver Serifini without formal approval from the County Board.”

Below is the reply:


Authority to Hire Jack Franks’ Two Democratic Party Patronage Workers — 12 Comments

  1. The county administrator shall perform his or her duties under the general direction of the Management Services Committee, SUBJECT TO APPROVAL BY THE BOARD.

  2. B.10.

    STAFF. The county administrator may employ staff to assist in the performance of these powers and duties UPON AUTHORIZATION OF THE MCHENRY COUNTY BOARD.

  3. Perhaps Cal should submit a Request for Review to the Public Access Counselor

    Sarah Pratt
    Public Access Counselor
    Public Access Bureau
    500 S. 2nd Street
    Springfield, Illinois 62706
    [email protected]
    FOIA Hotline: 1-877-299-FOIA (1-877-299-3642)

  4. County administrator Peter Austin went over the heads of the County board to give Lying Jack Franks his patronage hires!

    I think I smell his contract burning…

  5. Some house cleaning is overdue.

    The board can do it now or the taxpayers will do it next year.

  6. There aren’t any documents available Because neither of those people exist!

    Creepy Cal Skinner spelled their names wrong!

  7. Bridget Greenen = Bridget Geenen.

    Oliver Serifini = Oliver Serafini.

    Since the request was fulfilled, it would seem the FOIA Officer understood the request.

    One could ask the FOIA Office if that was the case.

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