John Hammerand Wins His Quest to Get a New Firm to Audit McHenry County

John Hammerand

Wonder Lake’s John Hammerand served on the Finance Committee for over a decade until Joe Gottemoller did not re-appoint two years ago.

Jack Franks didn’t see fit to make use of his accumulated knowledge either.

Hammerand has been campaigning for a new firm to audit county finances for years.

As he pointed out Tuesday night, the current firm bought (or merged with) the former firm.

This happened more than once, going back to the early 1990’s.

That led Hammerand to conclude that McHenry County needed a new auditor.

When a resolution came before the board to approve the current auditors, who are well into the current audit, Hammerand proposed an amendment that next year the county select a new set of CPA’s.

When a vote was taken, Hammerand’s amendment passed.


John Hammerand Wins His Quest to Get a New Firm to Audit McHenry County — 2 Comments

  1. Auditors should be replaced every five years as a matter of good public policy.

    They can be the best firm on the world; they still need to be replaced.

    Otherwise there is a very real risk that they become entrenched and too closely to the administration to be objective.

    They also need to know that every few years their work will be reviewed by someone new.

    Remember Dixon.

    Replacing the auditor periodically avoids conflicts of interest AND the appearance thereof.

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