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There were a group of people wearing Paula Yensen campaign buttons who spoke in favor of approving Democrat Jack Franks’ appointment of Paula Yensen, the only Democrat elected to the County Board, as Chairman of the Human Resources Committee at Tuesday’s night meeting.

Lou Anne Majewski

Before they spoke, however, former 16-year County Board member and GOP Precinct Committeeman Lou Anne Majewski commented.

She complained about Board Chairman Jack Franks having “created non-existent positions,” presumably referring to the Executive Assistant and Communications Specialist Franks hired without telling or gaining approval of the County Board.

Majewski revealed that when Yensen was asked if she would investigate “the patronage hires,”she declined to answer.

Ron Sloan, who lives in Crystal Lake, said he served on the Lake in the Hills Board with Yensen.

He described her as “a former teacher. She does her homework.”

He told the Board they were “crazy,” pointing out that the Committee on Committees voted 6-1 for Yensen to be Chairman of the Human Resources Committee.

Eileen Marhoefer, also a Republican Precinct Committeeman, spoke of the $150,000 liability Franks had created by hiring the two new employees.

Nick Chirikos

“These tasks have been performed without these positions,” she said.

Former District 1 Democratic County Board member Nick Chirikos spoke in favor of Yensen, as did Judy Gottlieb of McHenry.

Mary Mahady

McHenry Township Assessor Mary Mahady, a Democrat running unopposed, inquired about the “true motivation” of those opposing Yensen’s nomination as Chairman.

She noted that an argument being used was that Yensen had not served on the committee before, a requirement in the Board rules.

Mahady asked why the same objection had not been made to appointing Joe Gottemoller as Chairman of the Transportation Committee.

(Gottemoller later pointed out that as County Board Chairman he has served as an ex officio member of all committees.)

Ringwood Democratic Precinct Committee Marti Swanson also spoke on Yensen’s behalf, as did 2016 District 6 Democratic County Board aspirant Cathy Johnson.

Paula Yensen (D-Lake in the Hills)

But the most remembered speech was given by Yensen campaign worker Heidi Jackson, who lives on Hillside in Crystal Lake.

“In one finger she has more integrity, intelligence than any of you collectively,” Jackson asserted.

Jackson said Yensen was “over qualified,” that she would be wasting her time heading the committee.

“You are so hateful,” the Democrat, who worked six month’s on Yensen’s campaign said.

“You should be eager to have her as chair, so you could blame her for everything.”

After all of this Yensen withdrew her name for consideration.


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  1. Paula was smart enough to withdraw her name, I will give her credit for that.

    I can not trust any part of the Teacher’s Union . . . their bully tactics have affected our elections and helped bring Education down.

  2. The Jack Franks bully pulpit is being used not to lower property taxes 10% in every property taxing district in McHenry County, but to make changes without consensus.

    He’s exporting Michael Madigan House Speaker strategy and tactics to the McHenry County Board Chair position.

  3. And as we all know if your the BOSSMAN, Head Cheese, Big Pappa padrone, you are ultimately Responsible so you need to take the Fall ! consequences!

    I smell Labor Law issues…

    You want to know what’s NOT NICE to just appt. 2 outsiders or is it 3 positions that people here who LIVE in McHenry Cty. may would have liked to apply for !

    This is not Springfield!!!

    us Northerners do things different up here or did you forget Mr. Bossman?!

    just because we are the Last Rep Stronghold in this STATE does not mean your gonna just get away with your back slapping! when you feel like it, eyes are upon you!

  4. Observation given to me by a third party:

    The “little Liar” did a lot of ‘texting’ during the meeting – who is pulling his strings?

    Note that he allowed a lot of latitude during public comments insofar as personal attacks.

    Be advised, rest assured that if ANY conservative or Republican engages in this practice, the “Little liar” will at some point bring it back to haunt you.

    Oh, based on another comment relative to one of my posts, you may address me as ‘idiot’.

  5. Mark: In other words if a Board member (including the Chairman) is viewed texting during a meeting, we can note the date and time and FOIA the content of that text?

    Do you know if anyone has done so successfully?

  6. Illinois Policy Institute

    Court rules texts, emails sent during public meetings are public

    August 7, 2013


    FOIA Resources

    The Better Government Association in Chicago and Citizens Advocacy Center in Elmhurst assist citizens with FOIA requests.

    The Edgar County Watchdogs / Illinois Leaks has stories almost every day about local units of government breaking the law, not being transparent, giving the public the runaround, etc. and most involve obtaining documents through FOIA.

    The Illinois Attorney General Public Access Counselor website includes binding opinions from 2010 through current, in addition to other resources:

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