“Crook County,” the Movie

Terrence Hake’s book about Operation Greylord.

I wonder if college graduate readers get a kick out of stories about fellow graduates who make good.

I went to the second most liberal college in Ohio–Oberlin College.  Only Antioch was more radical.

That didn’t stop those on the conservative side of the political spectrum from having the largest political organization–the Young Republicans.  (Those on the liberal side of the spectrum split into many different organizations, e.g., Student Peace Union, NAACP).

Now I read in the Chicago Tribune that a movie will be made about the very courageous Downstate Judge who was assigned to a Cook County court room.

Judges Terrence Hake took down deserve to win a Crook County Blue Ribbon.

His name is Terry (Terrence) Hake and he graduated from Oberlin about ten years after I did.

The Tribune reports,

the announcement this week that “Crook County,” directed by the Oscar-winning Adam McKay of “The Big Short” fame, has finally been green lit.

This guy is a hero for those interested in honest government.

As the Tribune summarizes,

the early 1980s probe that saw 15 Cook County judges convicted and a total of 92 public officials indicted.


“Crook County,” the Movie — 8 Comments

  1. What gets me is with all the media we now have, dopes still think they can get away with it without anybody knowing.

  2. There have been questionable judges in McHenry County.

    Not to the extent of Greylord but corrupt just the same.

    And there is that SA…

  3. Sorry Mark but you are wrong on your numbers.

    You don’t really know who is Republican or Democratic.

    The Judges run on what ever ticket they think they will win on and the ones appointed are well you know, it’s who you know.

  4. My husband did not go to Oberlin but our son did.

    Terry is a graduate of Loyola University of Chicago.

    He then attended Loyola Law School as did our daughter, myself and my father who was a Cook County Judge.

    Terry is and was not a Judge but he was a man of courage and integrity.

    If there is a movie ultimately made I hope it captures his character.

  5. Thanks for the correction.

    I’m remembering the judge from Southern Illinois.

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