McHenry County Women Attend Anti-Trump Rally in Chicago

Here are some photos shared by a Crystal Laker:

There is a certain irony to quoting Susan B. Anthony, because she opposed abortion.

Helen Ready’s song is certainly a rousing classic.

Lincoln’s statute must have been an inspiring stop.

“There’s no pill for electile dysfunction,” the sign on the left says.

“Our Bodies. Our Business. Our Rights,” reads one sign.

The Friend of McHenry County Blog wrote,

The best sign but I could not get a picture said “Melania, blink 4 times slowly if you are held captive against your will.”

This was an awesome experience but very friendly and, in spite of the unexpected crowds, the police were decent and the marchers were respectful to them.

People of all ages, many men, many pink hats.

Some signs.

Many causes.

“This is what democracy looks like.”


McHenry County Women Attend Anti-Trump Rally in Chicago — 27 Comments

  1. More Liberal hysteria starring the useful idiots of the Left.

    NOW – National Organization of Whiners has returned !

  2. Too bad this is NOT a democracy.

    These loons are the results of failed education policies for decades.

    Emotional reactions from total lunatics, makes one proud to be of the same sex?

  3. No way should protesters be allowed to shut down streets and block traffic because they think they should be heard.

    As they are arrested put them all in the same cell and forget about them.

  4. Just a bunch of noisy and vile libtards ……. pro-abortionists, the LGBTQ crowd, ultra-feminists, welfareites, most of the faculties of the rotten colleges and univs around, democratic ward heelers, illegal aliens and their abettors, the entire Jan Schakowsky/Duckworth/Preck-wrinkle/Durbin staffs; BLMer’s, every anarcho-radical in the city, Brian Sager and his ‘husband’ and every unitarian-universalist who still gets the emailed newsletter.

    Thank God they’re not in power, otherwise most of McHenry Co. would be relocated to various ‘Reducation Centers’ on Isle Royale and in the Montana mtns.

    Hey, Cal, show ALL their nice signs!

    like these:×1024.jpg

  5. Can anyone name one human right Trump is !

    The didn’t allow any pro-life organizations.

    Such a ridiculous lot!

  6. If these stupid women think they don’t have rights and are being unfairly treated then by all means MOVE to another country and see all the rights you have.

    No one is keeping you here.

    Go home and bake some cookies or clean your house.

  7. Cindy, I would guess a good amount of these women and some me, are Teachers.

    I sure hope they picked up their trash.

  8. I wish they’d march every week and I could get my wife to go.

    Be nice to have peace for one day a week.

  9. anotherwatcher?

    I was a teacher for maybe six months.

    I was also state champion in archery in 1961.

    You want to bash all the archers, too?

    Seriously, get a real life you moron; and quit worrying about trying to put me down in every post you make.

    Stop trying to use me as an example of how stupid you can be.

  10. You could also look at this in this way:

    In one day, Trump got more Fat women out walking , than Michelle Obama did in 8 years.

  11. I like that, voter!

    And in two days, Trump has accomplished more than the last four presidents combined!

  12. The rights of nearly 400,000 females are trampled upon each year in this country because it is legal to kill them before they are born.

    Abortion is the antithesis to women’s rights, yet abortion is the cornerstone of this movement.


  13. Semper? I don’t think you read that right.

    Shawn is definitely AGAINST abortion according to what he said there.

    You made a comment that made it seem like he was the twisted.

    lol Careful what you write.

    Some nitwits in here could take it wrong.

  14. I love how you feel the need to bash protesters who are voicing an opinion you disagree with and then make such bigoted and debasing comments. @ voter you are a pig.

  15. Inish?

    I don’t think that is an opinion.

    Use yours eyes and your brain instead of letting the propaganda flow through you.

    I think that voter actually spoke the truth.

    You are a progressive nitwit when you tip your hand by using their bywords like ‘bigoted’ and ‘debasing’.

    (Plus you had to add the normative name calling. What a great tell!)

    You have been outed!

  16. anotherwatcher?

    How could that possibly be, when I put Denise in her place almost daily over her stupid posts?

    Duncan Denise is gone out to pasture as far as I know; unless she is now using the moniker ‘Moderate’.

    She’s that stupid – but I don’t think she’s that progressive.

    Or are you just calling me stupid?

  17. Observation:

    Sharia is quite demeaning to the female gender and elevates the male to total control over the female.

    Yet, we had several speakers at the rallies (Chicago, Boston, D.C.) putting Islam on a pedestal.


    Don’t even try to convince me that there are moderate and radical Muslims.

    There is but one bible all Muslims use and the words do not change because we have some people who want to believe devout Muslims can coexist with Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus. Doubt me? Read the book.

    If they could coexist, we would have had P.E.A.C.E. in Northern Africa almost two thousand years ago.

    In addition I am also very confused that the majority of those involved in the gatherings last Saturday are extremely anti-capital punishment but wholeheartedly support killing the unborn.

  18. I was at the march; no one mentioned “Sharia Law”

    The lack of knowledge, compassion, and intelligence of some McHenry County residents if amazing.

    How can you say the horrid, untrue things you have written here.

    Very demeaning to women.

    I feel sorry for your wives, daughters, granddaughters. McHenry County hasn’t been able to move out of the 1950″s

  19. Margaret, what is demeaning to women is having them bring their kids along and what you are doing is teaching them to protest.

    The next thing we’ll see are kids in first grade coloring their protest signs during art class and gathering in the playground demanding more recess time.

  20. Margaret pro abortion Sanger?

    The fifties would be an awesome era to head towards.

    There were some sane people back in those days.

  21. People called the suffragettes, war protesters, civil rights marchers in the 50’s/60’s and all those disabled people climbing up the steps of the capital whiners too.

  22. How American are you when you don’t support the president?

    I could not stand obama but accepted him as the leader even though he sucked.

    I wonder what is the limit for illegal immigrants in the people’s heads that think they should just keep coming.

    At what point is it enough?

    o we have to reach a point that America is a third world country?

    How patriotic is a person that leaves there country hurting instead of staying to make it a better place in the future?

    The war going on in America is against white people and the sad thing is there are many whites fighting against there own kind.

    The kkk numbers are so small they are praticly non existent.

    They say there are so many nazis but tell me when is the last time you met a nazi.

    And they say whites are privileged, we’ll tell me when you wake up every day to go to work and pay your bills and have to worry about these protesters or there children that are gang members doing harm to you or the ones you love, breaking into your home, stealing your car or robbing you how privileged do you feel.

    I’m not saying that all protesters and there children are bad but read the news and check the numbers the left does have much larger numbers of those type of people.

    It’s not ok to protest because we want our borders protected, you may get less of a hand out or none at all, you fell somebody should subsidize or fully pay for your health care when you are able to work, when thugs no matter the race get killed by police when they put themselves in danger buy there own actions.

    What we should be protesting is the lack of judges keeping dangerous people locked up, people getting handouts without expectations of them, how much property taxes are, the cost of a higher education, the cost of heath insurance, the lack of not harsh enough sentences for crimes committed with a gun and illegals entering the country.

    Those are the things that are affecting us all.

    Besides the majority of the protesters are out there because the media has feed them so much garbage or its Facebook cool.

    If you protesters think it’s bad here go live in another country and see How Great it realy is in America.

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