Democratic Party Chairman’s Association Poll Ignores Jack Franks

There was a time with State Rep. Jack Franks was pumping for the Democratic Party nomination for Governor.

Indeed I thought that might be his goal when he decided to leave the Illinois House to run for McHenry County Board Chairman.

He could argue he had won in a Republican County.

But, maybe he was just trying to get out of the long drive the Springfield for his part-time job there.

Driving from Marengo to Woodstock for his current part-time job is certainly an easier trip.

Now comes outside evidence that the Democratic Party’s County Chairman’s Association has not included Jack Franks in the straw poll of potential gubernatorial candidates.

Jack Franks

From Capitol Fax:

The candidates included in the first straw poll are (in alphabetical order):

  • State Senator Daniel Biss
  • Congresswoman Cheri Bustos
  • Congresswoman Robin Kelly
  • Chris Kennedy
  • State Senator Andy Manar
  • Alderman Ameya Pawar
  • J.B. Pritzker
  • State Senator Kwame Raoul
  • City Treasurer Kurt Summers


Democratic Party Chairman’s Association Poll Ignores Jack Franks — 12 Comments

  1. Perhaps the sh–shows that are called county board meetings knocked Franks off the list?

  2. Jack’s metastasis to McHenry Co. had nothing to do with a future run for Governor …. he was toast.

    But it had everything to do with keeping his wife, if not happy, placated.

  3. Swordfish:

    Are you trying to say that our current and illustrious County board chairman is pussy whipped?

  4. Pam Althoff has already announced this is her last two years.

  5. Id, no need for vulgarities.

    Someone’s ‘playtime’ got curtailed.

  6. Jack’s activities are hardly unusual or even something anyone but his wife would care about.

    Jack just doesn’t raise enough money.

    He has no broad appeal in his district, among Democrats or anything resembling statewide appeal.

    He’s politically, morally and financially worthless.

    He can’t get nor will get support for any statewide run.

  7. Jack kinda reminds me of blago.

    Rod does not seem to be important to anyone.

  8. Cal Skinner, and maybe Jack Franks, are the only two people around that think that Jack Franks is a viable candidate for Governor.

  9. Why would a politicians character matter.

    Some of the worst human beings on the planet hold or have held public office.

  10. Heh, heh …… for once I have to agree w/ Alabamasnake.

    The delusional liar Jacko and, PERHAPS, his pseudo-Republican chauffer, Jeff Lichte, are the only people who think Lyin’ Jacko will be Guv someday.

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