Hultgren Goes After Abortion

Congressman Randy Hultgren introduced legislation to disclose whether or not an insurance policy covers elective abortion.

Here are his comments:

“Majorities of Americans—women and men alike—agree that no one should be forced to pay for someone else’s abortion. This legislation takes provisions that have had bipartisan support for decades and makes them permanent,” said Rep. Hultgren. “This week, Americans from across the country plan to march in protest of the unjust Roe v. Wade decision which has resulted in more than 55 million of unborn deaths. Defending and protecting the most vulnerable in our society means ensuring no tax dollars go to end their lives.”

 Background on H.R. 7

  • Makes the Hyde Amendment and other current abortion funding prohibitions permanent and government-wide, including in insurance plans covered under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The Hyde Amendment is the protection against taxpayer dollars being used to fund most abortions and abortion coverage through government programs.
  • Until a new plan year begins, the bill ensures full disclosure, transparency and the prominent display of the extent to which any health insurance plan on the exchange funds abortion.


Rep. Hultgren is a member of the Pro-Life Caucus in the House. Previously, he wrote an op-ed on why Americans should not be forced to pay for abortion. Click here to read the piece.


Hultgren Goes After Abortion — 4 Comments

  1. while your add it stop the B.control pill that we are forced to pay for we never got breaks like these freebies

    they can go buy condoms over the counter why should we be forced to pay for prescriptions no one pays for ours!

    add that to your list.

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