Illinois Senate Republicans Apparently Blocking Negative Tweets

At least I think that is what the following shows:

The day before enough Senate Republicans are expected to vote to hike state income taxes more than Pat Quinn and his Democrats did.


Illinois Senate Republicans Apparently Blocking Negative Tweets — 14 Comments

  1. Sometimes I wish Cal would censor more, given the many moronic and childish comments that some people post and which add zero value to a debate.

  2. Looks like they’re getting ready to jack up the state income tax big time
    and don’t want anybody to know what’s about to go down.

    Time will tell.

  3. JoseyWhales, Cal’s doing you a favor seeing you’re such an illiterate you make yourself look ridiculous most of the time!

    This blog isn’t a govt run website! Grow another braincell to keep the one you have company!

  4. I feel quite certain that any censoring Cal does is likely being done as a favor to the person posting to protect the ‘poster’ from a possible lawsuit.

    Remember, anyone who posts here with an anonymous ‘handle’ can be identified by a subpoena.

  5. Re: “Trump is doing something similar with the EPA.”

    You may want to read the actual detail of what Trump did.

    There is a difference between stopping government employees from using social media while at work and stopping taxpayers from accessing what public sector employees have posted in social media.

    BTW the Dept. of Ag in D.C. has instituted a policy similar to the one now in use at the EPA.

  6. Allen Skillicorn blocks people that disagree with him too.

    Dan Duffy did the same thing.

    Lots of folks do it, but from my experience is has happened MUCH more with conservative elected officials.

    And yes, while Cal doesn’t block people, he has definitely deleted comments, and not because of “offensive” content or anythinh like that.

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