Lakewood Village Board Meeting

From Lakewood Village Trustee Paul Serwatka:

Reporting on Yesterday’s Village Board Meeting

Reporting on our January 24th village board meeting – This was a very short meeting with two items to call to your attention.

  • Appointment of a new trustee, Jason McMahon, to our village board
  • Recognition of several Lakewood Police Officers

Appointment of a new trustee

Resident Jason McMahon was sworn in as a new village trustee after being appointed, by President Smith, to fill the position vacated after Ken Santowski’s recent resignation. This appointment will serve to fill the remainder of Ken Santowski’s term of just over two years, ending in April of 2019.

Jason McMahon was formerly appointed, by President Smith, as Chairman of Lakewood’s Planning and Zoning Commission.

Short biography of Jason McMahon.

As with all such appointments, this appointment was made “with advice and consent of the board” and all members, myself included, voted in favor of Jason McMahon’s appointment to our Board of Trustees (See note below).

It is no secret that Jason and I had a bit of a public falling out back in April of last year. This, after I voted against the appointment of Jason and six others to fill all seven positions on our Planning and Zoning Commission.

As I explained then, my NO vote was NOT to say that he and the other six individuals seeking appointment weren’t completely capable, competent and honest people – it was only to say that I had no way of determining this.

You can read about this, in detail, as posted on McHenry County Blog, along with Jason McMahon’s rebuttal in the comment section – by clicking HERE.


Prior to Jason’s official appointment, I made it a point to speak with him regarding his thoughts/views on a few critical issues…

In our conversation, Jason assured me that he was opposed to the TIF District and the risks it imposes upon Lakewood residents, as well as being opposed to subsidizing the Sportsplex and the idea of a new multi-million dollar Village Hall. He also shared in my concerns of property tax increases, in general.

All of this considered, and taking Jason at his word, I chose to support his appointment, hence my vote in favor of.

Recognition of several Lakewood Police Officers

Six Lakewood Police Officers were presented with awards for Distinguished Service. Most notably was the “Life Saving Award” awarded to Sgt. Mike Roth for his role in saving a non-breathing individual due to a heroine overdose.

Click Here For Board Packet

I will be following-up regarding our Winter Road Conditions in the next day or so.


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  1. And what business does HE own?

    They all like to say they’re business owners but don’t provide what type and what business!

  2. I would be happy to meet face to face with anyone that has questions.

    I find face to face meetings are much more productive and civil.

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