Oliver Serafini Emails Prior to Working for Chairman Jack Franks

Emails that popped when I asked for those from Jack Franks new irregularly hired “Communications Specialist,” a former employee of House Speaker Mike Madigan.

Jack Franks’ third suggestion for single-member districts.


Oliver Serafini Emails Prior to Working for Chairman Jack Franks — 14 Comments

  1. We have some very ‘nice’ people on the McHenry County Board and many working for McHenry County.

    Many of the ‘nice’ people are very naive and can be easily ‘used’ by what I consider immoral politicians.

    Those same ‘nice’ people are, in my opinion, being screwed over and ‘used’ by the “round mound” and other Progressives.

    When these ‘nice’ people get screwed over, we, the taxpayer, pay the price.

    We need the Board members, who have a spine, to stand up, take control and ‘lead’ their fellow Board members.

    We need those Board members holding the “round mound” to the rules passed by the Board and adhere to the contract for the Administrator.

    What the Administrator did by hiring the two ‘staffers’ was insubordination and illegal use of taxpayer dollars.

    The Administrator ‘robbed’ money from Transportation to support one of those new hires.

    I see zero evidence that those jobs were ever advertised.

    Where the positions not advertised because the positions were not approved by the Board?

  2. Questioning,

    Do me a favor.

    Please Google who is on the Human Resources committee and then tell me how you think procedurally the board should approve positions.

  3. Response to my McHenry County Dept. Of Human Resources FOIA request asking written protocols for hiring and posting jobs:

    Dear Ms. _______,

    McHenry County does not have written rules for hiring practices as they relate to publicly posting job openings and conducting applicant interviews.

    McHenry County’s protocol is when an appointed department head is ready to fill a vacant budgeted position they notify Human Resources and Human Resources posts the position on our website and various other websites.

    Human Resources then collects the applications electronically and forwards those applications to the departments.

    The departments review the applications, interview candidates, and offer a position.

    Human Resources then conducts background checks and schedules physicals if needed.

    The department notifies Human Resources who they are going to hire and when.

    We do encourage Elected Officials to follow the same process as the appointed department heads but they are not required to do so.

  4. Internal Support Committee is de facto in charge of human resources until hr committee is created.

    Austin set that in motion when he started discussing hr matters at the last IS meeting.

    Internal Support:
    Stewardship/liaison for matters pertaining to:
    -and other matters-

  5. In my opinion, the citizens of this County should insist the elected board establish written protocols for posting job openings and conducting interviews.

    This would protect us against costly discriminatory hiring practices accusations.

  6. Moderate is real good at getting others to prove him / her wrong.

    Questions for Moderate: Can you show me where the Administrator has the authority to fill a job without advertising it?

    Can you show me where he has the authority to move positions from one department to another without board approval of a modification?

    Can you show me where he has the authority extend an offer of employment to someone to fill a position which does not exist in the budget?

    As noted above, HR reviews the applications, interviews candidates, and offers a position.

    Based on the emails, where was the involvement of HR in the hiring of the two assistants?

  7. Jack has virtually no powers as Chair and he knows that.

    Why else would he attempt to change Board Rules in not one, but two sections to give him executive powers?

    Unfortunately for Jack McHenry County is not Springfield.

    There is actual work that needs to get done at the County and Mr. Austin has a duty to ensure operations continue in a timely and efficient manner.

  8. County has been sued before for hiring practices and will be again I’m sure.

    Last time it cost the taxpayers a lot of money.

  9. You can find ‘Moderate’ kneeling in the above-linked photo!

  10. They need to be held to the same rules regulations they impose the private sector!


    No exceptions

  11. Excerpt from one of the above emails:

    January 21, 2015

    From: Mike Iwanicki, Superintendent, McHenry County Veterans Assistance Commission

    To: Dave Strowmatt, Superintendent, Montgomery County Veterans Assistance Commission

    Subject: Illinois Association of Counties Veterans Assistance Commission (IACVAC)

    “It turns out that Oliver is moving to Chicago as part of the Speaker’s staff.”



    That is reference to Oliver Serafini moving from the staff of then 63rd District State Representative Jack Franks, to the position of Program Specialist in the House Democrat staff of House Speaker Michael J Madigan.

    After that position, Mr. Serafini moved to a non-profit (Alzheimer’s Association), and was then a rubber stamp hire by McHenry county government (the hiring administrator informed Mr. Serafini via email that Mr. Serafini would be receiving offer letter, in the very same email in which the administrator emailed the job application to Mr. Serafini. Thus Mr. Serafini was told he would be receiving an employment offer letter from the county, before Mr. Serafini completed much less returned the job application).

    During election season, in Illinois, it is common for Program Specialists to be temporarily released from their state government job, receive pay from a political campaign which often also pays for their state benefits during that interim period either directly or through in kind contributions, and then after the campaign, to resume their state government job as a Program Specialist, or sometimes move on to another government or non profit job.

    That was the case for Mr. Serafini, who has worked on several Democrat campaigns.


    So the Jack Franks – Michael Madigan connection continues:

    – They hired the same employee (Oliver Serafini)

    – Jack Franks voted in each of his nine terms as State Representative for Michael Madigan for State House Speaker (#1 position in the State House of Representatives)

    – Jack Franks PACs contributed to Michael Madigan PACs.

    – Michael Madigan PACs contributed to Jack Franks PACs.

    – more.

    So although Jack Franks often attempts to distance himself from Michael Madigan and the Democrat establishment in Springfield, the two have several ties.

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