Feb. 28th GOP Township Primary Elections

Three of the largest townships in McHenry County are holding  primary elections on February 28th to select Republican candidates for the April general elections.

In all three townships–Algonquin, Grafton and Nunda–the Republican Primary is likely to pick the same people who will be elected in April.

Here is what the ballots will look like:

The only incumbents running for re-election are Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller and Township Trustees Dan Shea and Russell Cardelli.

Incumbents in Grafton Township running for re-election are Assessor Al Zielinski (as a write-in candidate), Road Commissioner Tom Poznanski and Trustee Daniel Ziller, Jr.

The only write-in candidates I can find in any of the townships are in Grafton.

Besides Zielinski for Assessor, two candidates have filed for Township Trustee:

  • Matthew Cooper of Lake in the Hills
  • Linda Moore of Huntley

I have no idea why there are write-in spots for any other ballot contests.

Incumbent Nunda Township officials running for re-election are Supervisor Kelvin Lee Jennings, appointed Assessor Mark Dzemske, Road Commissioner “Iron” Mike Lesperance and appointed Trustee Karen Tynis, elected Trustees Mike Shorten and Edward Dvorak.


Feb. 28th GOP Township Primary Elections — 19 Comments

  1. Re: “I have no idea why there are write-in spots for any other ballot contests.”

    The Clerk likely sent the ballots to the printer before the Write-in deadline.

    She’s a lawyer and knows more than anyone else – just ask her.

    I wonder if she cares that many votes will be wasted because of invalid write-ins?

    If any of the results are close and there were no valid write-ins for the race but people wrote in invalid names, the lawsuits will begin – at taxpayer expense.

    Did the Clerk do it to create business for lawyers?

  2. You do not have your facts straight why don’t you ask the clerk as I did.

    There is a logical explanation and it has nothing to do with being a lawyer

  3. The deadline for filing as a write-in is this coming Thursday, February 2nd. Therefore, no knows today, January 31st, if there are write-ins for all the offices up for election.

  4. Is that the deadline for independent candidates or all candidates?

  5. Does a write in for assessor have to file their qualifications with their write in form?

  6. Correction: That is the deadline for write-ins for the Consolidated Election on April 4th.

    The ballot here is for the Republican Primary on Feb. 28.

    The write-in deadline for that election is already passed.

  7. What the heck is this “Ellen M. Brady (Mueller)” stuff?

    Is that her stage name?

    An alias of some sort?

    Does she have split personality?

    How can she get away with it?

    What prevents a Samuel Brown(Smith)(Jones)(Williams)(Miller)(Johnson)(Garcia) ballot entry which covers the most common surnames???

  8. OMW you would have to request a copy of Ellen’s Statement of Candidacy to see how she filed.

  9. She’s from the City of Crystal Lake city council.

    They are proven nitwits.

    So she’s gone.

  10. Ask the Clerk?

    Are you serious?

    Don’t you realize the Clerk is the one who has screwed up the last elections, then displayed the wrong forms on her website that Candidates used and got all their filings challenged, costing us taxpayers thousands of dollars to defend???

    Contact the State Board of Elections!

    ………….or your local plumber ……………your grocer……………… your barber……………ANYONE but our current Clerk!

  11. If you knew what you were talking about you would be dangerous.

    This election has nothing to do with county clerk and filings and papers you should be talking to clerks like Lutzow of Algonquin and Angela of Nunda and Marsha of McHenry and Katherine of Grafton

    if anyone screwed up and cost thousands of dollars it was their responsibility to provide and collect documents for this election.

    You are a moron and spew nothing but $hit out of your pie hole.

  12. No question the TWH clerks were most at fault, but the County clerk website had/has problems with the election packets.

    I sent no one, whoever you are use your own handle/nickname.

    Please and THX.

  13. Nob once again you don’t know what you are talking about get your facts straight otherwise sit down and listen and maybe you would learn something.

    The County Clerk does not pass out packets in this election as previously stated it is township clerk

  14. Name calling solves the problem?

    It is the candidate’s responsibility to educate herself / himself as to the requirements to run for office.

    County political parties would do themselves and the public at large a great service by offering assistance when someone plans to run for office.

    Of course that would require they assist everyone who applies and both parties have a reputation for choosing who they help while ignoring other potential candidates.

    The County Clerk cannot afford to staff the office to assist potential candidates – she needs that money for the large screen TVs requested by the “round mound”.

  15. Josey, I mentioned a problem on the website and faulted the Twh dudes for not catching it as they were down loading the forms, that is the facts.

  16. Just got a robo call from the mayor. He was endorsing Brady. That locks it for me. Voting AGAINST her for sure!

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