Roskam, et al, Seek Iranian Sanctions

A press release from Congressman Peter Roskam:

Roskam, Zeldin, Lance, Lamborn Intro Iran Sanctions Bill

Washington, D.C. —Today, U.S. Representatives Peter J. Roskam (R-IL), Lee Zeldin (R-NY), Leonard Lance (R-NJ), and Doug Lamborn (R-CO) introduced the Iran Nonnuclear Sanctions Act of 2017 to target the Islamic Republic’s support for terrorism, human rights abuses, and ballistic missile program. The lawmakers serve as Co-Chairs of the House Republican Israel Caucus.

This legislation incorporates aspects of the QASSAM Act, authored by Rep. Roskam during the last Congress to push back against the illicit activities of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

Rep. Roskam released the following statement:

Peter Roskam

“Iran has made a mockery of the international community with its missile program, support for terrorism, and human rights abuses.

“Just this past weekend, the Islamic Republic conducted a ballistic missile test in violation of the U.N. Security Council.

“The United States will no longer stand idly by and allow the Mullahs to flout international law and threaten the peaceful coexistence of nations with its reckless, belligerent behavior.”


U.S. Senators Marco Rubio (R-FL), Todd Young (R-IN), and John Cornyn (R-TX) introduced similar legislation in the United States Senate.

The Iran Nonnuclear Sanctions Act would:

Impose new sanctions against Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and Mahan Air, an Iranian airline that has helped the IRGC to spread terrorism and militancy;

  • Create a new Treasury Department watchlist for entities in which the IRGC has an ownership interest of less than 25 percent;
  • Expand current sanctions and imposes new sanctions against Iran for its egregious human rights abuses, while also mandating full transparency to Congress on all American citizens detained or kidnapped by Iran and U.S. government efforts to free them;
  • Impose new sanctions against persons that knowingly aid Iran’s ballistic missile program;
  • Mandate new sanctions against entities owned 25 percent or greater or controlled by Iran’s key ballistic missile organizations, including the Aerospace Industries Organization, the Shahid Hemmat Industrial Group, or the Shahid Bakeri Industrial Group;
  • Require a presidential certification that persons listed in U.N. Security Council Resolutions are not engaged in activities related to ballistic missiles and requires the imposition of sanctions if that certification cannot be made;
  • Impose sanctions on persons involved in sectors of Iran’s economy that support, directly or indirectly, Iran’s ballistic program; and
  • Codify current prohibitions against Iran’s direct and indirect access to the U.S. financial system, while also streamlining and strengthening the requirements for the president to remove Iran or any other

Summary courtesy of Senator Rubio’s office.


Roskam, et al, Seek Iranian Sanctions — 24 Comments

  1. Maybe BO could send them more of our tax money, that worked out well.

  2. I hear Iran is a beautiful country with a very high standard of living.

    Stop trying to make every country in the world your bogeyman!

  3. Cindy, Who gives a rats ass if you think Iran is a “beautiful country with a very high standard of living”

    Well La – Di – Frickin – Da !

    Guess you don’t care that Iran just made a missile strike on our allies!

    OR that they’ve been found to be supporting Houthi rebels in Yemen!?

    Iran’s taking over more of Iraq even after we threw three trillion dollars there!

    They’re worse than the boogey man!

    They are ISIS, State Sponsor of Terrorism that wants to obliterate the likes of YOU and may destroy this world!

    Buy a frickin’ newspaper, stop acting the foo!

    Start worrying about your own country!

  4. Iran did not make any missile strike.

    Temper, please get back on your meds.

  5. I am geting perturbed by your comments to me, Semper.

    You are not funny.

    Your personal attacks are unbecoming for such a screenname.

    I am positive you know nothing about the Marine Corp.

    Shame on you for usurping their fidelity phrase and besmirching a time honored tradition.

    Audrey gets the intent of what I was saying.

    They are good people; and you are being set up to hate.

    Clearly you cannot understand what was posted because your smart aleck reply tells how stupid you are.

    There is no ISIS.

    Just as there was no Alquaeda.

    You are a fool and I am ashamed for the Marines in my family that you picked that name to foment tripe.

    Fools like you are what is destroying this world.

  6. Something else that really bothers me.

    People like Semper are all up in arms over bogeymen.

    Yet, we are being soft-killed.

    They have poisoned the air, the food and the water.

    What are you doing about that?

    That is what is destroying lives.

    What have you done about those three life sustaining items that are killing you?

    No, you read the Communist proaganda newspapers and listen to your programming devices like teevee.

    And you happily and gullibly take the poison that will be your demise all the while screaming about how other countries are going to kill you.


  7. Cindy,

    Link please to who the 911 attacker was that ran for President.

  8. According to this, only 25 members of the House of Representatives get more money from pro-Israel groups than Peter Roskam

    The main reason Iran is hated by beltway people is because their central bank is too independent for the globalists’ liking.

    If Iran really wanted to “wipe Israel off the map” they could accomplish it without nuclear weapons.

    Israel is smaller than New Jersey.

    Pakistan has nuclear weapons too, and Osama Bin Laden was hiding there, so this bluster about how Iran poses a unique threat is garbage.

  9. I wonder if your opinion will change when Israel reduces the Iranian facilities in question to rubble.

  10. The point really isn’t about whether Iran or Israel is mightier, the point is that nuclear weapons are not necessary to inflict a lot of destruction in small densely populated areas.

    Sure, it’s more efficient, but not necessary.

    And since Israel seems to violate international law all the time, and if Iran poses such a threat to them, why do they not reduce the Iranian facilities in question to rubble?

    Maybe it’s because they want the U.S. to fight their battles for them, kind of like how they label anybody an anti-Semite when they refuse to give Israel even more foreign aid (which is already over 3 billion dollars per year).

    Israel prefers Assad be removed, even if it means ISIS taking over in Syria.

    Peter Roskam supported arming Syrian rebels.

    One has to ask does he lack foresight that much or is he just a total shill?

  11. You disgust me Semper.

    ISIS is USis.

    How stupid are you that you don’t know that our own corrupt CIA invented all of these terrorists and they hire merceneries to carry out all these false flags?

    You are a fool.

    Plus, you think you can read some kind of real news in a paper!!!!!!

    What paper would that be that you read?

    LMAO And they quote from the LA Times.

    Now there’s a REAL paper!!!!!

    Get a clue.

    You have been had!

    Still buying the propaganda and agitprop?

    You are a HUGE part of the problem.

    Get rid of that screen name.

    It does not befit a moron.

    Change your name to CIA shill because that’s what you are.


    whoo hoo the loon is hoppin mad and red in the face!

    You love wielding the name calling to others, even elderly citizens who what to help you with your social problem.

    what’s the matter, not enough attention at home?

    husband still out ‘golfing’? (in the middle of winter, heh hehe, I don’t blame him.)

    Maybe he escaped to Iran because he heard it was lovely this time of year.


  13. My husband has NEVER golfed in his life.

    You lunatics that are David Brock lovers should learn that Saul’s tactics are not going to marginalize the truth seekers.

    Your pathetic sad lies will not get you anywhere but Hell.

    You don’t rattle anyone’s cage but your own.

    Only really stupid people follow Satanic liars.

    (And I don’t knee slap and party over that knowledge like you duped droolers that think you smell victory!)

    My people perish for lack of knowledge connects directly to you fools.

  14. Cindy,

    You have yet to provide evidence on the “911 attacker who ran for President.”

    Who was this person?

    What is there name?

    This should be really easy to verify.

  15. You are an idiot, Moderate.

    You cannot add up two plus two.

    You throw evidence away and say you don’t see anything.

    Stop thinking attacker and start thinking planner.

    There is no help for you if you simply refuse to see.

  16. Cindy,

    I literally quoted you, “911 attacker who ran for president.”

    Who is it?

    Or, would you rather I ask, “Who’s the 911 planner that ran for president?”

  17. You have no idea what literally means, if that is your claim.

    You did NOT literally anything.

    Show me the post and I will apologize for repeating your word; because that was not my word.

    You are a goofball that will reside in Hell for eternity because you have chosen the wrong side.

    God is outing all the evil and you are still choosing to go with evil.

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