Governor Names Leslie Munger Deputy Governor

A press release from Governor Bruce Rauner:

Munger Named Deputy Governor

Former Comptroller brings vast experience in business, human services

CHICAGO – Governor Bruce Rauner on Friday announced that former Illinois Comptroller Leslie Geissler Munger has been named Deputy Governor, bringing a unique mix of business, human services and government experience to assist in addressing financial challenges facing the state and its nonprofit organizations.

Bruce Rauner

“Leslie’s vast business, human services and government experiences make her uniquely qualified to serve in this important role,” Governor Rauner said.

“We are thrilled that she has agreed to return to public service and bring people together to find long-term solutions for our state and its residents.”

Prior to serving as Comptroller, Munger was a brand management executive with Unilever HPC/Helene Curtis where she led the $800 million U.S. Hair Care business and prior to that she did brand marketing for Procter & Gamble. She previously led recruiting at McKinsey and Company, Inc.

Munger is also a 20-year volunteer and former board member with a nonprofit serving intellectually and developmentally disabled adults.

She knows from experience about the challenges facing human services organizations and prioritized their state payments during her time as Comptroller.

As Deputy Governor, Munger will add her voice to the state’s budget discussions and work with nonprofit leaders to address their challenges and increase their financial security.

Leslie Munger

“I love Illinois, I was born and raised here, educated here, and my husband and I chose to raise our family here,” Munger said.

“I am excited to use my skills and experience to help get our state back on track, and I am grateful for the opportunity to work to bring financial strength to state government and ensure that Illinois lives up to the promises it has made to our human service organizations.”

Munger earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, and her M.B.A. from the Kellogg Graduate School of Business at Northwestern University.


Governor Names Leslie Munger Deputy Governor — 12 Comments

  1. So Rauner wastes money padding his “staff” and no one is up in arms?

    Hypocrisy at it’s finest.

    She’s costing us $135,000 and she’s bringing others with her – who and how much?

  2. Just read that she’s bringing TWENTY THREE people with her – at our expense.

    I’ll wait here for the outrage to start.

  3. As more “home for sale” signs await the coming of spring …..

  4. I expect all those ripping on Franks, to be all over Rauner on this!

    Or is this another case of Republicans get a pass?

  5. Patrick, you do not get to see the communications directed at Rauner and others within the GOP.

    Cal provides a forum which is primarily pro-conservative with a libertarian lean but most ‘dirty laundry’ is laundered elsewhere.

  6. What happened to Sanguanetti?

    And Wait, I thought they were getting rid of the Dep. Gov position?

  7. I’m not saying that I agree with this hiring, because I don’t, but Munger is replacing someone who made $198k a year, and Rauner’s staff payroll is smaller than Quinn’s was.

    I don’t see what this has to do with Jack Franks, though. Chairman of the McHenry County Board is a part time job, and Jacko’s predecessors didn’t have any full time staff.

  8. It looks like Cal deleted my comment. How fortunate that I save everything:
    It’s NOT corruption and cronyism if BRUCE RAUNER does it!

    Bruce Rauner has TRIPLED his personal income since becoming Governor. And he hired a taxpayer-funded $105,000-a-year ‘chief of staff’ FOR HIS WIFE. And Bruce hired TWENTY-THREE of Leslie Munger’s out-of-work insider staffers, after she lost her Comptroller election, and gave them all NEW State Government positions.

    Now, Bruce Rauner has hired Leslie herself as ‘deputy governor,’ while still keeping his political crony Evelyn Sanguinetti in her do-nothing, $6 million-a-year-budget, taxpayer-funded ‘Lieutenant Governor’ office.

    Because Bruce Rauner is Drainin’ the Swamp of Cronyism for YOU – and fillin’ it backup up for HIM. GO RAUNER!!!!!!!!!

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