CL Attorney Convicted of 2011 Filming Teenage Girl at LifeTime Fitness

James Zeas

James T. Zeas, who practices in Crystal Lake and lives in Lake Barrington ended up being taken into custody after McHenry County Judge James Feeterer found him guilty of child pornography.

He filmed a teenage girl which she was changing into her swimming suit.

You can read Chicago Tribune reporter Amanda Marrazzo’s story here.

Here is the press release from the State’s Attorney’s Office:


Patrick D. Kenneally, McHenry County State’s Attorney, announces that James Zeas, 48, was found guilty of Child Pornography after a bench trial heard by the Honorable Michael Feeterer.

The evidence introduced at trial showed that in June of 2009, Zeas took three children to Lifetime Fitness in Algonquin, Illinois to go swimming. Zeas then secretly placed a video camera in the family bathroom and recorded a young teenage girl changing out of her swimsuit.

Zeas kept the video on his computer where it was discovered a few years later.

Zeas will be sentenced on March 29, 2017 at 1:30 p.m.

This case was investigated by the Algonquin Police Department and was prosecuted by Kate Lenhard and Sharyl Eisenstein of the McHenry County State’s Attorney’s Office.


CL Attorney Convicted of 2011 Filming Teenage Girl at LifeTime Fitness — 9 Comments

  1. so according to the Tribune…the video was shot in 2009..

    He had it on his laptop and his wife found it in 2011…

    and used it against him in a divorce in 2015…

    so she was aware of it for 4 years..

    she should also be charged with possession of pornography …

    why just him?…

    but my main question is where is the NWH while all this is going on?..

    think they should hire an Investigative reporter?

  2. Communist newspapers don’t hire investigative reporters.

    The reporters they do have can’t even spell or follow the who, what, where, why synopsis.

    Other than that, congrats on being able to even read the Tribune.

    It is blocked on most computers unless you pay up.

  3. There are many “inconvenient truths” in McHenry County, and in the political world in general.

    So many stories that take place within McHenry County never see the light of day because
    of the embarrassment it would cause the politicians as well as law enforcement.

    And yes, the LIBERAL media outlets are coconspirators.

  4. Attorney James Zeas is a bright, moral and an honest lawyer.

    His wife is going through a 10 year divorce and wants it all: a house worth over 1 Million and 401K investment over 1 Million.

    Best way to do it conveniently is to indict him on a charge where the law is holy grail: child pornography!

    That way, he will rot in jail for a long time and be disbarred, his Grand Victoria Casino mafia case cancelled and his teenage daughter will not get to see him.

    With this going on, truth is stranger than fiction!

    How very convenient.

  5. Bright, honest and moral.

    What a joke!

    You must be the Russian woman who started dating Mr. Zeas when you were 6 months pregnant with another man’s baby.

    Mr. Zeas was my lawyer in a case and I filed several complaints with ARDC.

    He had a crooked notary who would accept payment to notarize anything put in front of him.

    He forged my name with the Cash Dash program in Illinois and stole $1800 from my dead mothers money.

    He is without question the biggest piece of crap I have ever met.

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