Bob Miller Exaggerating Endorsements

Bob Miller has a very impressive endorsement list of political insiders on his website.

He also claims to be endorsed by every mayor in Algonquin Township.  

Pretty much the same guys who endorsed Democrat Jack Franks over Republican Mike Walkup.

If any of the mayors and village presidents have cut their levies by 10%, I hope someone will identify them in the comment section. (Franks also attends Miller’s fundraisers.)

Miller sent out a mailer and also took to social media this weekend to promote his endorsements.

Miller also has endorsements on his website.

The only problem is that Miller is not endorsed by all the mayors or presidents.  

A Friend of McHenry County sent a link to the audio of the last Village of Barrington Hills meeting.  The pertinent discussion begins at roughly 5 minute and 20 seconds.

Village President Marty McLaughlin made it very clear that neither the village nor the president is endorsing anyone.

Miller is being challenged by McHenry County Board member and Algonquin Township Republican Party Chairman Andrew Gasser.


Bob Miller Exaggerating Endorsements — 8 Comments

  1. Enough Miller antics, family empires, exclusive (family) hires, exorbitant salaries, “significant” friends…

    Go Andrew Gasser!!

    FAKE NEWS: NO ONE is qualified for the job, only BM.
    Alternative Facts: SAA

    Support Andrew Gasser.

  2. Where’s his crime family’s nepotistic endorsement mailing!

  3. That First comment of knowing all the mayor’s talk about cutting your throat ! Ha… LOL… I would not be bragging about that since most have / trying to raise our taxes!… way to lose some votes!…

  4. No official endorsements from BH, how about personal Martin?
    Politics is such a fun game of with hold facts at will, right Cal!

  5. Nob, if I heard the recording correctly, Mr. McLaughlin stated:

    “…As far as endorsement goes, I think they listed Barrington Hills and me, personally, as an endorser of one of the candidates in Algonquin Township. Um. Actually I am NOT an endorser of ANY candidates in ANY townships. Um. I am endorsing the voter to choose who best should represent them, so I think it was a little unfair to be listed as an endorser of a specific candidate, and I want to make sure that our residents are aware that not only did I not endorse, but that I wouldn’t do so…”

    This portion begins around 5:15 into the recording.

    It appears that Mr. McLaughlin has indeed not personally made any endorsement.

  6. Maybe Mr. McLaughlin shouldn’t be talking about political endorsements during official government meetings?

  7. Rachael, I could be wrong, but there seems to be some talking out of both sides of the lips going on.
    A common practice by those playing political games, just saying.

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