Internal Support Committee Discussing Hiring and Rules

Look at the agenda for Wednesday’s 8:15 meeting agenda below:

Go to New Business, item 8 and you will read:

“Discussion on the County Board Rules, Electronic Voting Rules and Electronic Voting Training”

What you won’t find after the work “discussion” is “and action.”

So, Yvonne Barnes’ committee can discuss the Rules, but it can it make a recommendation for action to the County Board?

And if such a motion is passed, would County Board Chairman Jack Franks rule it out of order?

Would then a majority of the County Board vote to overrule the Chair?

[I loved that motion while I was in the Illinois House during the 1970’s.  I even succeeded once while the Democrats were in control.]

One of Jack Franks’ changes in committee structure eliminated the Human Resources Committee, merging it with the Internal Support Committee.

This Committee on Committees decision was reversed by the full County Board, but members have not been selected and approved for the reconstituted Human Resources Committee.

Now, go down to the section on Administrator Peter Austin where “hiring practices, salary administration policy, vacancies and job descriptions” are found.

Again, there is nothing on the agenda that says any action will be taken.

I hope I am misinterpreting what will happen at the committee meeting.

Maybe the agenda is adequate to allow the frustration bubbling under the surface about Jack Franks’

  • rules and
  • three patronage hires–Executive Assistant, Communications Specialist and Parliamentarian–

to reach the Board floor.

In any event, if you wish, you can listen to the meeting, the first part of which will be approval of a bunch of resolutions.

Over on the right-hand end of this Meeting Portal page will be the word “audio.”

When the meeting starts, there will be the word “audio” on the right-hand side of the February 8th entry. Click on it and you will be able to listen to the meeting.

The button does not show up until about the time the meeting begins.

Your comments on the meeting would be welcomed.


Internal Support Committee Discussing Hiring and Rules — 54 Comments

  1. Are you able to add comments audio verbally? from off site opt in? or do you physically have to be there ?

    Just wondering to see just how tech savy jacko really is…

  2. Under Item 6.5 the ad hoc committee rule should be discussed.
    No more allowing Franks to appoint a committee of his choice to do his bidding!

    I also do not see under Item 8.1 any mention of a needs study that should have been conducted for the 2 patronage positions, along with county administrator’s contract and job description. Those were mentioned and requested in the last ISF committee meeting.

    Where are the liaison assignments that were also requested???

  3. I’d love to see the Board grow a spine and start overruling Franks. He’s been getting by on bluff and bluster, and it’s time to put him in his place.

  4. Will the State’s Attorney Office be giving their opinion on matters Ms. Barnes requested?

    Perhaps an opinion should be requested on censuring the Chair, with regards to him taking power that has not been granted to him (and his inappropriate behavior at meetings.)

    “Censuring a trustee allows a local governmental body to warn the trustee about his or her inappropriate behavior and helps to distance the local government from the improper conduct.”

  5. He is attempting to play three-dimensional chess while the board is stuck learning checkers.

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  13. Seems like they are going put together a resolution on electronic voting for board rules in a newly scheduled meeting this Friday in the afternoon.

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  34. Members of the Internal Support & Facilities Management Committee:

    Chairman – Yvonne Barnes, District 1

    Vice-Chairman – Jim Heisler, District 2

    Donna Kurtz, District 2

    Michael Walkup, District 3

    Kay Bates, District 4

    Michael Rein, District 5

    Michele Aavang, District 6


    The Human Resources “Committee” currently has no members.

    The only other mention of human resources in the above County Board committees link appears in one sentence under the “Internal Support & Facilities” Committee:

    “The Internal Support & Facilities Committee attends to suggested changes to Human Resources as it pertains to the liaison departments, reviews the Purchasing Ordinance, IT (generally), technical maintenance contracts, County liability insurance programs, building security (except for the Government Center) and investigates new technology opportunities.”


    The HR power struggle continues.

    Jack Franks v County Board.

  35. Typo, the Internal Support and Facilities meeting in the comment above was February 8, 2017.


    Who is the Parliamentarian hired for Jack Franks?

    The Jack Franks Communications Specialist / split time with Div of Transportation hire is Oliver Serafini.

    The Jack Franks Executive Assistant Hire is Bridget Geenen.

    The Serafini and Geenen hires were not posted, no one else was considered for the positions, the positions did not exist at the time of the applications (they applied for positions which did not yet exist), both had been paid by Jack Franks’ PAC, both had worked in Jack Franks’ Woodstock State Rep office, and Serafini had worked for Michael Madigan’s House Democrat organization.


    There was also an Internal Support and Facilities meeting on February 10, 2017 at 3PM.

    The meeting length was 1:19:19.

    The topic was electronic voting.

    Here is the audio for that meeting.

    The change to electronic voting was not fully vetted by the County Board; another rush job which is a Hallmark of Jack Franks.

    If Jack Franks wants it, it’s a big rush.


    Another Jack Franks change is the Committee of a Whole meeting is held only a few days prior to the full board meeting.

    County Board Members and the public are not given enough time to review documents / agenda packet of items to be voted on at County Board Meetings … a lack of transparency … even though Jacks Franks says he is bringing more transparency to the County Board.


    Jack Franks wants maximum power and control of the McHenry County unit of government and its board.

    He learned from Michael Madigan, who created power for himself in the State House by changing House rules and through other political maneuvers.

  36. I actually think Moderate is right. Mark is some kind of AI thing.

  37. The County Board Parliamentarian hired by Jack Franks is Nicholas Peppers (Nick Peppers), a Partner in the law firm Storino, Ramello, & Durkin, which is located in Rosemont which is in Cook County.

    The County Board Parliamentarian interprets the board’s rules.



    November 7, 2016 – The Supporters of Jack D Franks political action committee (PAC) reported receipt of a $1,000 contribution from Storino, Ramello & Durkin.

    November 8, 2016 – Jack Franks was elected County Board Chair.

    December 5, 2016 – Jack Franks took the Oath of Office for County Board Chair.

    January 17, 2017 – Jack Franks, during the Regular County Board Meeting, announces to the County Board his selection of Nick Peppers as the County Board Parliamentarian.

    The County Board Agenda, Agenda Packet, and Minutes for that meeting makes no mention of “Parliamentarian.”

    The County Board “Minutes Packet” for the January 17, 2017 Regular County Board Meeting does mention that Chairman Franks introduced Nick Peppers as his Parliamentarian, but does not mention that Nick Peppers is a Partner in Storino, Ramello, and Durkin.

    The following is from that Minutes Packet:

    “Chairman Franks introduced Nick Peppers as his Parliamentarian who will be present for Board meetings.

    Many Board members were opposed to this new hire and questioned if the Chairman had the authority to hire an attorney for this purpose when the State’s Attorney’s office has always been the Parliamentarian to the Board.

    After the Invocation there was extensive discussion about the new e-voting process.

    Many Board members declined to use the digital voting system as they felt it was against the present County Board Rules, there was no training and no vetting through committee on this issue as there were many questions to be answered.

    They also questioned whether the Chairman had the authority to put this in place without County Board authorization.

    ASA [Assistant State’s Attorney] Norm Vinton was present and was asked about using the digital voting and about Mr. Peppers as Parliamentarian.

    Mr. Vinton said he did not know Mr. Peppers and that ASA [Sarah] Dzurik was present as Parliamentarian. > scroll down to “Past Meetings” and select “see more” > January 17, 2017 > Minutes Packet


    McHenry County press release

    January 11, 2016

    “Louis A Bianchi, McHenry County State’s Attorney, is pleased to announce that Sarah Dzurik has joined the McHenry County State’s Attorney’s Office as an Assistant State’s Attorney in the Civil Division effective
    January 11, 2016.

    Ms. Dzurik received her Juris Doctor from the Duke Univerity School of Law, Durham, North Carolina, and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Notre Dame, Indiana.”


    Jack Franks passed up a County employed attorney with a JD from Duke and BA from the University of Notre Dame for a Partner in a law firm from which the Supporters of Jack D Franks PAC reported receiving a $1,000 contribution one day prior to Jack Franks being elected as County Board Chair.

  38. McHenry County Board

    Internal Support & Facilities meeting

    February 8, 2017

    Item 4. Presentation – 0:30 (30 seconds into the meeting).

    First some background information.

    At the January 17, 2017 Regular County Board Meeting, newly elected County Board Chair Jack Franks (took office December 5, 2016) introduced Nicholas Peppers (Nick Peppers), a Partner in the law firm of Storino, Ramello, & Durkin, as the County Board Chairs Parliamentarian.

    Some members of the public asked Yvonne Barnes the difference between the County Board Chair parliamentarian, and the County Board Parliamentarian.

    So Yvonne Barnes, the Chair of the Internal Support & Facilities Committee, asked the Assistant State’s Attorney (who had been the County Board Chair & the County Board Parliamentarian until the election of Jack Franks), to speak about that.

    Norm Vinton from the Civil Division of the State’s Attorney’s office spoke.

    Several questions ensued.


    Lots of questions about Serafini & Geenen hires.

    They are on flex time, meaning they work off site, seemingly quite a bit.


    Seems like the Board has been getting the runaround from Administration in terms of the Administration posting the documents desired by the Board in a timely fashion for Board meetings.


    What a mess.

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