Andrew Gasser’s New Blog Entries

The Algonquin Township Highway Commissioner’s race is by far the most heated race in an off year cycle in at least 20 years.  Driving through Crystal Lake and Algonquin you cannot turn with out seeing signs for the race.

Last week the challenger posted two new links on his blog pointing out the cost difference between Algonquin Township and the other townships inside McHenry County.

You can see Gasser’s blog here.


Andrew Gasser’s New Blog Entries — 55 Comments

  1. I think the addition of traffic counts to these figures would be relevant to determine true costs, otherwise the comparisons may be misleading.

    Obviously, the more heavily trafficked roads would require more maintenance.

  2. Its interesting that the top 5 in Cost/Mile also happen to be the top 5 in EAV. In fact, if one were to create a similiar chart of EAV by Township, with only a couple of exceptions, the chart would be identical.
    The graph is completely inverted. The smaller townships should have a much higher cost/mile versus the larger townships due to economies of scale (or the lack thereof). The larger townships have the luxury of spreading fixed costs over over a larger base. However, this is not what we are seeing.
    This suggests that township costs are not driven by size (i.e. miles), but by the ease in which larger townships extract a much larger levy, on a relative basis, simply due to the fact that the township’s share of a tax bill is so small that it doesn’t hit anybody’s radar.
    They spend more money because they can.
    Instead of having the lowest cost/mile ratio due to the leverage power of size, we see the highest cost/mile because the revenue is there to spend on people and under-utilized equipment/vehicles.

  3. Coffey doesn’t know what the hell she is talking about! We are in serious danger of getting a tea bagger like gasser in charge of the most ethical, honest township organization in McHenry County.

    Gasser is dangerous. Gasser is not a Repiblican he is an anarchist who we really don’t know. We do not know who gasser is and I have heard bad things about him. Look, Gasser is garbage and we need to empty the trash.

  4. People are questioning this Blog . . . someone is using it as their personal play ground, when does Cal get back?

  5. I’ll just keep watching, and reposting this, as long as we have anotherwatcher.

    We know Andrew was the ONLY Republican County Board Member to speak out against pensions and was castigated for it.
    We know Andrew is the ONLY Republican County Board Member to refuse all benefits and embraces term limits.
    We know as Chairman of the Algonquin Township Republican Party Chairman the party has brought in so many new people, including myself, to become more active in the party.
    We know that under Andrew’s leadership as the Township Party Chairman reformer candidates won every election but one.
    We know Andrew worked his ass off for Bill Prim in the 2014 primary.
    We know Andrew is the most accessible county board member often posting his personal contact information on this blog and on his website.
    We know Andrew has made many Republicans uncomfortable with how they have acted over the past few years.
    We know Andrew was the only Republican who thought it was a conflict of interest for Anna May Miller to be the Chairman of Transportation while also being employed by the Algonquin Township Highway District.
    We know that Andrew is a pretty passionate guy and is not afraid to tell you what he thinks.
    We know Andrew has three children from two marriages.
    We know two of Andrew’s kids are over 18 and one is a minor.
    We know Andrew lives with his disabled mother.
    We know Andrew has had wheelchair ramps installed throughout his house because of his mother.
    We know Andrew is a pro-life conservative.
    We know Andrew works hard for the people and causes he believes in.
    We know Andrew has helped more Republican candidates inside and outside of McHenry County than anyone else from precinct committeeman to Governor.
    We know Andrew was responsible for the 2014 pep rally where three gubernatorial candidates spoke.
    We know that Andrew has real issues with Chris, Christina, and Eileen.
    We know Andrew helped coordinate precinct walks inside and outside Algonquin Township and McHenry County.
    We know Andrew volunteered for Governor Scott Walker during the recall election.
    We know Andrew is an honorably retired US Air Force officer.
    We know Andrew also served in the US Navy as an enlisted person.
    We know Andrew maintained the (then) state of the art fighter F-14 Tomcat.
    We know Andrew worked on advanced systems and was an instructor in the Navy.
    We know Andrew was an instructor in the Air Force too.
    We know Andrew served one tour of duty on the ground in Afghanistan.
    We know Andrew isn’t afraid to stand up for what he believes in even when he is in the minority.
    We know Andrew is a horrible politician.
    We know Andrew has health issues with his stomach.
    We know Andrew has worked in Washington DC on space policy issues.
    We know Andrew has had papers on space policy published.
    We know Andrew is a pretty smart guy who can get distracted.
    We know Andrew is completely AGAINST eminent domain.
    We know Andrew grew up in Fox River Grove.
    We know Andrew graduated high school in 1990 from Cary-Grove.
    We know Andrew does not like football.
    We know Andrew does like soccer.
    We know Andrew is very protective of his children.
    We know Andrew has two sisters who live in Algonquin Township.
    We know Andrew builds teams and surrounds himself with good people.
    We know Andrew has built some bad teams in the past.
    We know Andrew has built some good teams in the past.
    We know Andrew was the first one to bring up McHenry County pays the 29th highest property taxes in the United States.
    We know Andrew will be an excellent highway commissioner.
    We know Andrew Gasser.

    Andrew you just need to come clean on the whole Chris and Christina thing. Everyone knows about it and I know you won’t talk about it, but you should. It would explain a lot of their drama and everyone can move on. It won’t stop it all but most rational adults will simply walk away. Then again, we all know those two or three people who just live off the drama, innuendo, and gossip.

    No one can deny Andrew isn’t a positive force for the local Republican Party. He has helped so many people. He gives time and money to those he believes in. Andrew isn’t perfect either. Sometimes I wish he would just sit back and breathe. Sometimes Andrew should just trust his friends more. If some want to spread gossip about Andrew and his second wife that is their right but we don’t need that in the Republican Party and I hope they leave. When you hear it you should stop it.

    We need to end the nepotism in our county.

  6. yetanotherwatcher, keep posting this . . . many people watching and waiting to see what you will do next. Sorry we do not need a bully, as much as you try, your true problems with identity are coming out. Sad!!!

  7. This just is unbelievable that NUNDA is near what McHenry Cty is!!! in costs!… absolutely absurb! this waste has to stop!

  8. How sad, and a little funny, is it that Andrew Gasser (pretending to be yetanotherwatcher) lists several dozen “good” things about himself as “things we know” and not one of them qualifies him to be road commissioner.

    Andrew, we know that you couldn’t care less about nepotism. If you did, you wouldn’t support Trump. You want this job because it pays far more than your current job and it gets you off the Board and away from Jack who scares the hell out of you. Step aside and let Bob Miller continue to work for the people of Algonquin Township.

  9. Some Townships run very expensive recycling programs, bingo games, food pantries,bus systems, yoga classes, and oh yes! Some township road commissioners LOVE those expensive toys YOU pay for!!

    Want to know why?

    Y’all keep electing the same people!!!

    This year do not vote for any incumbent!!

  10. Joe, just under 68 center line miles, plus about 30 miles of Non Dedicated Roads that Alg Twh does partially support.
    The chart above doesn’t tell the whole story of course, all the facts related to costs would hurt Andrew’s talking points.
    A better measurement would be square miles or yd2 of pavement as compared to costs.
    The more urban the Twh the wider the streets, more intersections, more signs, some curb, storm sewers, sidewalks, tree trimming, and other services not offered in the more country twh’s.
    Square miles of road plus the urban extras, plus recycling and Senior bus service not offered by the smaller Twhs.

  11. outwiththeold, Andrew Gasser, ready for you to post your long list again. Did you know when you tell a story and omit all the facts, it is a LIE? It is called lying by omission.

  12. I have no lists and don’t know what you are talking about, as you don’t either.

  13. I find it disturbing how many people hide behind a sobriquet. I’m also disturbed by the increasingly harsh, vitriol laced rhetoric that is being used in some of these comments. Please keep to the truth, base your comments on facts and be civil. Much can be gained with civil discourse. And Please use your Real name.

  14. We all what changes in our life’s But look at the County Board Level That like a new Circus in town
    with Jack Frank.
    Andrew has stated how much money we are paying on a MILLER TAX and I don’t see that on my tax bill
    is this something that was made up ???????????????
    We need to fight school taxes !!!!!!!! Just think a PE Teacher in District 155 make over 100,000.00 Dollar a year
    Have a blessed evening

  15. OK – I’m going to submit this one more time – first time it was not published.

    The figures in this chart could be misleading, because traffic on the various roadways has not been considered.

    Obviously, the more traffic on a roadway, the greater expense it would be to maintain.

    This must be considered in order to make sense out of the costs as stated.

  16. Thank you, Jonathan, we need factual info.

    Like I have heard many times,these kind of reports and stats can be manipulated.

    I ask, how is it that Mr. Gasser (the Nepotism foe) is such a strong supporter of Trump?

    I, personally, am happy to have the Trump win, but do not understand the duplicitous behavior.

    Can you explain that, Mr. Gasser???

  17. Are not most, if not all, of the Algonquin township roads sleepy, little residential streets off the beaten path?
    Are they vastly different in their requirements for service/repair/replacement from the other roads in the County?
    Can someone please provide a sound argument (or at least semi-believable) as to why this township’s cost/mile is about a Thousand Percent higher than many of the other townships in the county?

  18. Coffey, you drive down some of those roads on the way home or cross Rawson Bridge, sleepy would not be a proper term would it.
    Most of the main road were up graded over the years on lane width and have a extra five feet for bikes and pedestrians because of safety concerns related to the amount of traffic.
    Northwood Acres sub by Three Oaks school, Saddle Oaks sub off Three Oaks, those Township roads are wider than most of the Village roads to the south, have curb, sidewalk, storm sewers, detention ponds, street lighting, lots of signs.
    Lake Killarney has curbs, and others here and there do also, and most are wider and have more intersections than the less urban west part of the county.
    Ya can’t compare urban roads cost per mile to country roads cost per mile.
    The extra services offered/requested by the more urban minded residents has to be accounted for.
    Earlier you talked about EAV, rather look at the chart shown in this story:
    That shows tax rates for each township, it’s more telling than EAV.
    I’m not sure what the other township road districts rate is for sure, but I believe Alg is 1.5% about.
    That would be one of the lowest in the county.

  19. You need to ask Nob, until Cal gets back expect anything or everything. Some posts just disappear.

  20. Crystal Lake Ave., Rawson Bridge Rds, Silver Lake Rd, Pingree. E Main and many more arterial routes as well as many sleepy subdivision streets. And a reminder the Algonquin Township shares the Road District $ with the towns that are part of it. Nunda decided not to share this year.

  21. When people post their opinion, they should say so.

    The Mrs. may have posted an opinion – not a fact.

    Nunda Road District taxed its residents to the tune of $257,889.73 which was sent directly to municipalities by the County Treasurer.

    The Township has no input relative to this transfer.

    It is determined by the County Clerk.

    The statement: “Nunda decided not to share this year.” is total BS.

    I would support the statement that the total amount of tax levied by the Nunda Road Disrict – $3,282,574.59 AND by the Algonquin Road District $4,049,030.71 is absolutely disgraceful!

    Alden Township levied $171,990.89 last year. Of that amount $21.87 went to Harvard.

    Coral Township levied $300,612.72 (

    In case you are wondering how many road miles per township based on the January 2017 Motor Fuel Tax Allotment numbers:

    Alden 36.87
    Algonquin 56.81
    Burton 15.33
    Chemung 33.21
    Coral 56.29
    Dorr 34.17
    Dunham 44.14
    Grafton 26.74
    Greenwood 43.82
    Hartland 41.3
    Hebron 37.45
    Margengo 36.21
    McHenry 98
    Nunda 98.41
    Richmond 35.59
    Riley 47.05
    Seneca 41.54

    The reimbursement total for the above townships for Jan. 2017 was $90,331.96.

    Remember, that money is in ADDITION to property taxes!

  22. Now let’s look at Property tax levied per road mile – AFTER DEDUCTING WHAT WAS TRANSFERRED TO MUNICIPALITIES:

    ALGONQUIN $51,156
    DORR $32,509
    NUNDA $30,736
    MCHENRY $28,511
    GRAFTON $26,607
    GREENWOOD $21,369
    CHEMUNG $14,454
    RICHMOND $13,631
    MARENGO $11,220
    BURTON $9,154
    DUNHAM $6,728
    SENECA $6,393
    HARTLAND $5,961
    HEBRON $5,419
    CORAL $5,186
    RILEY $4,827
    ALDEN $4,664

  23. Levy per mile is based on the 2015 tax bill which you paid last year.

  24. Cautious voter, this was taken from Andrew’s site:
    Those numbers don’t match your numbers.
    Your MFT road miles differ, not all Twh roads meet MFT standards?
    The chart above based on road data is a straw-man’s argument, per sqft, sqyd, sq mile of road plus accounting for other more urban services is more accurate.

  25. Someone tell little Andy that just because he poses on a big truck wearing work gloves, doesn’t mean he’s qualified. Someone could have a whole lot of fun with that! Andy and his handlers (phony newspaper purveyor Dan Proft, for example) think that the voters are stupid. We aren’t.

  26. @Audrey?
    SMART voters will vote Andrew Gasser….gloves or no gloves…haha

  27. Riiiggghhhttt, “smart” voters will vote for a guy who has absolutely no experience, is quitting his term at the Board in the middle because he’s scared of Jack Franks, runs around posing as several alter egos to talk himself up, makes silly, childish videos of himself actin officious and thinks posing on a big truck will fool people into believing that he’s actually driven one in a work situation.

  28. Gee, Cindy, which part do you “beg to differ” with – that because Andy posed on the big truck, that means he’s qualified” or that the voters are dumb enough to vote for little Andy?

  29. I LIKE the Tea Party Guy. The only hope we have to lowering costs in this crazy county is to vote for Tea Party Candidates!

  30. People vote for the Tea Partier who screams “TAXES” the loudest, regardless of their qualifications or fitness or desire to serve. That’s the Tea Party! That’s why you get guys who you “like” who have no qualifications to serve but extensive records of foreclosures, fraud, assaulting police, assaulting their wives, mortgage fraud, “accidentally” shooting people, etc., etc., etc. The “Tea Party” in this area has been cultivating power for several years now and nothing has changed for the better. Gasser has been on the McHenry County Board for two years now and nothing has changed! And he can yell “Jack Franks” all he wants to but the fact remains that the board is ridiculously weighted on the GOP side and has been forever. They must take the blame for the state of the county.

  31. Audrey is a fool that is laboring under the misapprehension that there is any such thing as a Tea Party. Your vitriol is being wasted on non-existent bogeymen. Idiocracy can take the blame you want to throw.

  32. Andrew’s deal is Tea in Space, ya and he’s way out there for sure.
    Almost all the taking points from both sides are debatable, some truth some BS.
    This election gets down to pinching your nose one way or the other.
    Nepotism vs not qualified, experience vs BO type of HOPE.

  33. I would bet any money “Audrey” is Bob Millers daughter (whose son works for Bob along with the rest of the family)

    Nob, you’re an ex-township guy so you’re biased.

  34. Bob son doesn’t work for Bob, and I worked for a Village for 30 years.
    Yup, I’m bias against candidates that aren’t qualified to do the job.

  35. Here’s a FACT. Algonquin Township is one of the most expensive to run. Miller can say its one of the least taxed because it is spread out over more people as it’s the most populated. Imagine how inexpensively it could be run if you didn’t have all those highly overpaid family members sucking off the township budget, and had a highway commissioner who didn’t buy big expensive equipment just to sell the things in a few years.

    Who is buying the equipment used for cheap? What is their relationship to the highway commissioner? Are those that buy these paying well under what others would pay for that equipment? Are those buying, also donating to Millers campaign or endorsing Miller? or related???

    Its the most expensive township to run. Andrew Gasser would get to the reasons why and correct that. VOTING GASSER!

  36. Thank you Camp Lake. That can only mean that we will be done listening to Audrey’s bravo sierra once the election is over and they are swept into the dust bin of our sad history. (Maybe Nob will shut up, too.)

  37. No way Cindy we’ve heard Andrew and many others misrepresent the facts, I’m not even equal time.
    Besides I give you something to vent about every day.
    We’re Pals.

  38. If someone with any real experience in roads would of run, then I’d get out of the way, but that isn’t the case.
    You can’t learn from a manual, field experience is needed in this position.

  39. I do support Andrew’s referendum, sure I been giving lip service for years now on just that issue.
    His work on the county board has been ok, but now he’s on a tangent that is taking away his efforts in regards to actually controlling levies.
    He’s lost his focus.

  40. Sorry Camp, not related to the Millers in any way. I didn’t even meet the man until recently. And, again, none of this makes Andy Gasser in any way, shape of form, qualified to do the job he wants simply because it pays a lot of money.

    Stop electing inexperienced people who are running simply because they dangle the right red meat in front of you. You are screwing yourselves over and over again.

  41. Audrey? Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black? (over and over)

  42. Nob, who doesn’t support a referendum that says property taxes are too high? But he hasn’t done a single thing to bring taxes down in McHenry County even though he’s been in office for two years.

    He has no experience that would qualify him to be street sweeper, let alone road commissioner.

    He can’t hold down a job in the real world. What makes you think that he could withstand the pressures of the job he’s asking to be hired for?

    Andy is nothing but a hollow shell that is good only at lying about others and their qualifications.

    Andy doesn’t care about the people who elect him. If he did, he’d stick with his current elected position and actually try to get things done.

    On the Board we’re protected from his incompetence because he’s watered down by the rest of the multitude of people on the Board. Road Commissioner is the boss – responsible for making sure that are roads are well kept and safe and that our money is not being squandered. Gasser is simply not up to the job.

  43. Audrey, why would you ask me a question to justify Andrew?
    Reread my stuff you’re not comprehending what is obvious.

  44. People need to do research on candidates and what is needed.
    The 155 School Board election is coming up. A real chance at lowering your taxes.

  45. I just love how the millers are now trying every tactic to steal more money from our township, how could anyone actually support or believe anything they say, they’re all crooks ,they are not and have never been a advocate for anyone but them selves ,

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