McHenry County Abortions Down 36% Since 2007

In statistics released by the Illinois Department of Public Health are found that of the
39,856 abortions in 2015, 361 were on McHenry County women.

The long term trend shows a significant reduction in abortions.


  • 2014 – 392 abortions
  • 2013 – 444
  • 2012 – 486
  • 2011 – 442
  • 2010 – 483
  • 2009 – 506
  • 2008 – 562
  • 2007 – 564
  • 2006 – 531
  • 2005 – 486

Other information in the report for 2015 follows:

  • None were for young women under 19 years of age.
  • 103 were from age 20-24.
  • 96 were from 26-29.
  • 62 were aged 30-24.
  • Less than 50 were married.
  • 296 were unmarried.
  • 205 were 4-7 months into the pregnancy.
  • 111 were 8-11 months along.

Another question asked include whether the woman had previous live births.

The answer to that one is 192 had and under fifty had not.

317 had not had previous miscarriages.

233 had had previous abortions.

There is no organization providing abortions in McHenry County.

There are two organizations providing ultrasounds and counseling with the goal of convincing women to give birth to their babies:

1st Way Life Center in Johnsburg

Informed Choices in Crystal Lake





McHenry County Abortions Down 36% Since 2007 — 44 Comments

  1. Are teenagers and young adults even having sex nowadays?

    Stuck in their parents basements without jobs and on the computer many hours a day; abstinence does work!

  2. Actually much of this decline is due to Planned Parenthood Counseling and access to contraceptives. That is a win win.

  3. Right on the mark, DMAC57. And yet, there is a continued attack on Planned Parenthood based on BS recordings, and ignorance.

  4. 316 were 4 or more months along…how can they live with themselves?

  5. A lot has to do with organizations like First Way of McHenry County.
    The butchers of Planned Parenthood who got caught selling baby body parts have a special place in hell waiting for them.

  6. There is a mountain of proof offered which shows PP only ever and always counsels pro abortion. They’re business model and eugenic roots depend upon abortions. Abortion is their most profitable pursuit. They’re abstinence counseling, adoption counseling and contraceptive counseling are near non existent. Any drop in abortions is cultural/societal in cause and has nothing whatsoever to do with PP and its racist pro abortion agenda/pursuits.

  7. Priest, all you are doing is repeating lies that have been proven false over and over again.

    DNMCA57 is absolutely right. Access to contraception is what is driving the abortion numbers down and Planned Parenthood plays a big role in proving contraceptives to women who otherwise do not have access to contraceptives.

    Contrary to your claims, Planned Parenthood is a non-profit organization. Second, abortion services account for only 3% of what PP does.

    Spreading these lie does nothing to stop or lesson the number of abortions.

  8. Audrey, you well know that the 3 percent figure is misleading and incorrect. Just a little bit of research reveals that.
    How you can be so cavalier about am organization that has been caught selling baby parts and hiding behind inventive accounting just turns my stomach.
    If you can live with yourself then that is on you. History will paint a very dark picture regarding our slaughter of the innocents.

  9. No CP, I don’t know that. But if you have some of that “research” please share it here.

    PP does not sell baby parts. And it does not hide behind inventive accounting, whatever that is.

  10. As far as the “Live Action News” page posted above, “Market share”? Now that;s what I call “inventive accounting”!

  11. PP is the creepiest organization in Illinois …yet Franks supports it!

    What does that make him?

  12. Audrey, planned Parenthood counts every service and then divides the number of abortions to come up with 3 percent.
    If your company sells 500 garbage trucks and 500 fuzzy dice for the windshield, is 50 percent of your business selling fuzzy dice? That is the math PP used.
    Yes the videos don’t lie. PP sell’s baby parts and uses inventive accounting to try to hide the profits.
    This is a truly sick organization.

  13. Wow Audrey is really stupid to believe that baby parts aren’t being sold. Probably ignorant on sex trafficking, too. There are very evil things going on all around you. Wake up to the real world. You are a stunningly ignorant sheeple.

  14. And the Queen of the idiots has spoken her doublespeak. Only progressive Marxists are that stupid.

  15. Re: Nationwide trend

    Could it have anything to do with the legalization of same sex marriage?

    How about the three-fold increase in homosexuals displayed by millenials?

    Is abortion a racist form of birth control?

    By association, does that make PP racist?

  16. Arkansas is considering disqualifying gender as a reason for abortion.
    Apparently female babies are aborted much than male babies.
    Just wondering what all these PP friendly ladies think about that.

  17. Most articles I’ve read on the subject focus on either increased access to contraception or stricter statewide abortion laws. To Xout’s point there is evidence than millennials have less sex than Generation Xers though. They use less drugs too. So much for being degenerates…

  18. Your opinion on women choosing to abort much more females than males when gender is known is what.

  19. CP, actually those videos do lie – hence the indictment for fraud.

    Second, 50% of 1000 is 500. You know that that’s just math, right? So if PP performs 100 procedures and 97 of those procedures are pap smears and 3 of them are abortions, that would make the percentage of the procedures performed that are abortions 3%. Nothing tricky about that.

  20. Problem Audrey is that one woman may receive four or five services
    On an afternoon, four women receive a total of twenty services. Two women receive abortions. PP math says abortions were 10 percent of services given that afternoon. In actuality two out of four received abortions.
    I’ll concede the extreme example but that is how PP skews the numbers to make it appear that abortions are a very small part of their business.

  21. Comsidering that PP was INVENTED by Margaret Sanger to eradicate the black race – YES, absoslutely it is racist.

  22. No Cindy, PP was not “invented …. to eradicate the black race…” Lying is a sin you know.

  23. Never should have been filed in the first place. But, I suppose it is good news that someone finally figured it out. Thanks for that update. Still crickets from the leftards.

  24. 300 out of 300,000. This is a super important issue for McHenry County. Except that none of it was performed in McHenry County. It must be because we own all of the women in McHenry County. Ah, that makes it all the more relevant. Does Cindy = Ricky?

  25. Watching shows their true colors of being a wanna-be moron. It is a really important issue if you value where you will spend your eternity. Why is it that every one of you social justice warriors/liberals are so fascinated with uncovering the “real” Cindy? You are so ignorant that you cannot fathom more than one person having a bent for good versus evil?

  26. Cindy is a 70+ year old, obese, and presumably bed-bound internet troll who has voted in at least one election in the last four years. She has been married twice, is a retired library sciences teacher who probably worked in a private school or college because she has said she doesn’t have a Chicago Teacher pension, despite having taught in Chicago. She believes in 9/11 conspiracy theories, that Ghandi is in hell, MLK was the antichrist, the Bush family orchestrated 9/11, baby body parts are sold, there are organizations orchestrating a black genocide sand that we are in the end times. Except the only person in end times is 250 lb Cindy who’s poor life choices will soon catch up with her. She isn’t mentally ill either nor should she be compared to the mentally ill. The mentally ill don’t normally act out as much as Cindy does. What Cindy is, is lonely and sometimes the angriest of creatures are the loneliest. That’s Cindy everyone. She ought to be pittied truly. Pray for her.

  27. Never said any of those things. You have quite an imaginary life there, Moderate, old gal. The biggest fault you are leaning on is that you have absolutely NO reading comprehension. You make stuff up just like all the fake news sites that you frequent. I leave you to complete the hanging of yourself with your own rope. (Maybe she’s one of those ladies’ fiction writers that pens that hot steaming trash.)

  28. This is my favorite game: You never said what Cindy? That Ghandi is in hell? I bet you my life savings you posted that.

  29. Fun time is over. You have been outed. You have failed miserably at your character assassination attempt. I can only hope that you are not getting paid scale for your opposition research; because you are clearly not very good at it. You are a truly evil demon; but nowhere close to being up to your Father the “great” accuser. Demons love to talk smack. Let the people be aware that they have seen the power of Jesus taking down this entity. It is not often that you get to see spiritual warfare up close like this. Take heed. This is what we are all up against in this unseen battle before us. Put on your armor and trample the scorpions. Jesus gave you all the power; now use it!

  30. “Problem Audrey is that one woman may receive four or five services”

    So? Still just procedures which is what you’re talking about, not the number of people. It doesn’t matter if one person comes in for 3 pap smears – that’s still three pap smears performed. Seriously, CP, it really is just math.

  31. Cindy, I want to formally apologize to you. Not because you’re right in your crazy, you aren’t. I’m apologizing because you obviously have “issues” of some sort and are very unhappy. I don’t like to see people suffering as much as you obviously are. I will not engage you anymore because it only enables your misery. Bless your heart.

  32. LMAO how stupid people just entirely always miss the point. Does anyone actually understand other people’s words anymore? Or does whatever garbage is in your head just blind you to reality?

  33. Apparently not, Cindy. You never miss the point. You understand all the words. You don’t blindly believe whatever is in your head.

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